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Part 3: Lizard Spiders

07: Lizard Spiders


The massive forest temple sits atop a rock base and is mainly constructed from gigantic petrified wood timbers tied together with large thick ropes made from vines. Round tree poles act as columns and are decorated with ornate carvings. The temple entrance is constructed with the largest trees.

Mudokon technology is "primitive" only in that it relies on sustainable resources. Psychic energy, wind, water, and muscle power their machines, vehicles, and facilities, taking care to never leverage a resource that cannot be renewed. Mudokon craftsmanship can be quite advanced, even if the Mudokons have lost the knowledge that once let them rear massive temples and build world-girdling well system.

As I manually type these down straight from the Oddworld Artbook, I can't help but think Ballistic Publishing needs better editors.


Also Elum for best game dog. Horse. Thing.

Star Wars Camel Friend


You can get never Elum onto a screen with a portal because the engine wouldn't be able to handle it. In the alive engine Elum is very memory‐intensive, so much so that they needed to carefully script the areas and limit where he could be.

I always forget about this, and I wonder what it is exactly about Elum that makes him so complicated. I guess it's cause you can ride him, cause his interactions with Abe aren't any more complicated than those with mudokons or slogs.