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Part 5: Fighting

Life is busy, but I got time.


I think its removed entirely in the sequel.

Yep! Only occurs in Oddysee.

FIRST OF ALL: I re-uploaded episode 8 with higher res. Here's the link:

SECOND OF ALL: have a new video, it's the scrabanian temple!

09: Fighting


The Scrabanian Temple

The desert temple pays homage to the once sacred Scrab. Built atop a tall rock-like formation the temple consists of adobe brick and stone. Decorative carvings and rock art adorn the surface. Large Scrab sculptures stand guard around the entire temple. The temple cannot be reached by foot, only via wind tunnel or air.

This is the nesting ground of the scrabs. The adobe brick walls are carved with decorative symbols telling stories of these great creatures. Chimelocks and flintlocks are made of steel.

Scrabs are sacred animals nearly hunted to extinction as Magog Cartel food products. These natural Beasts can be found from Scrabania to the vast wilderness regions of Mudos. Scrabs run free in deep valleys and protect the Scrabanian Temple. The crab-like claw/legs of these graceful creatures balance their massive jaws. The beak-like mouth is so powerful, they can snap bones in half with no problem. The Scrabs red-orange skin tones are reflective of the Desert climate and also show off their massive size. Territorial by nature, Scrabs will fight to the death.