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Part 6: Zap Em

Glazius posted:

This says... interesting things about the metaphysical roles of scrabs and paramites. Are they, like, reincarnations of Mudokons or something?

Nah, mudokons are just really tuned in with nature and consider scrabs/paramites to be sacred animals.

10: Zap Em


The embodiment of the spirit of the sacred beasts of Oddworld, the Shrykull is a divine creature of vengeance that enters the souls of Mudokons completing the Shaman's quest. The Shrykull stands outside the cycle of life. It is a dualistic god: Creation/Destruction, Fear/Love. Abe becomes a Shrykull for the first time once he receives the two hand scars from the Shaman Bigface.

I realize I don't talk about how the Shrykull operates from a gameplay perspective, but we'll be seeing it a couple more times in-game. I'll talk about it then, since this first time goes by really fast and a lot happens right after.