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by Metroixer

Part 8: a wizard

Ditocoaf posted:

I'm just chiming in to reaffirm that I'm really enjoying this LP. I have vague memories of it from my childhood, but seeing the whole thing in action has been a blast. Not enough people comment, but I don't have much more than that to say at the moment, so I want to make sure you know that what you're doing is worthwhile!

Thank you! I wouldn't want to pressure anyone on posting. Speaking as someone who almost never posts on the threads he follows, I know the feeling. As long as people enjoy what's going on, then that's good.

12: a wizard


This transportation vehicle was designed to connect the levels together in RuptureFarms. Levels, or "Zulags", used CG movies of the Ball Car traveling down a corridor to the next destination. Operated by a complex series of relays and conveyor belts, Ball Cars connect the distant divisions of massive facilities with a system that's half elevator, and half inter office bullet train. As an added benefit, Ball Cars have security interlock features that ensure no unauthorized personnel can use them too reach sensitive areas.

ball cars are weird cause i have no idea how abe uses them