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Off-World Interceptor Extreme

by Blind Sally, CJacobs

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The year is 1994. The 3DO is at the height of its power. The Sega Saturn and PlayStation are right around the corner and the Nintendo 64 is still a few years away. Yes, the 3DO is at the height of its mighty power. This king of consoles, this emperor of electronics, this suzerain of the television screen is about to have its hold on the console market secured by the release of a mighty, mighty video game. A game that is far, far ahead of its time. A game that predicted Let's Plays by, in effect, LPing itself while you played the game. A game so meta that its irony caused 3DO consoles to set fire. A game so caustic and acerbic that it then set fire to those games. A game so extreme that it was necessary to re-release it on the other major consoles with the subheading of "EXTREME" just so that its title would be more descriptive and accurate.

This game is, of course, the well-known and beloved OFF-WORLD INTERCEPTOR!!!!!

I played this game a bunch as a kid because I had no concept of what was good and bad. It's a good thing this game was rad as heck! I played the Saturn version a bunch--the aforementioned "EXTREME" version:

Sadly, I know longer own a Saturn or a Saturn copy Off-World Interceptor Extreme, so we'll have to make due with the PlayStation version:

Heck yeah! Look at that kickin' rad box art! This game IS art.

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