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Part 53: Supplemental Material #2

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There are a wide variety of enemies in Okami. Each of them is weak to a certain Brush Technique. Use that Technique when an enemy flashes upon death, and you'll get a Demon Fang. These are called Floral Finishers.

Here are the enemies we've encountered so far:

Green Imp

Your basic trash mob. Just beat on it until it dies. Power Slash makes it die faster.

Floral Finisher- Power Slash

Red Imp

Red version to the normal Green, carries a lute. Whale on it until it turns gray and blocks you with its lute, then Power Slash to cut the strings. Resume beatings.

Floral Finisher- Power Slash

Yellow Imp

Fat pain in the ass, uses a drum. Try to get behind it when it pops up from the ground. Do this, and it’ll be stunned for easy beatings. To make it easier, use Cherry Bombs. These things can take a LONG time to kill (until you get Cherry Bomb!), so try not to get frustrated.

Floral Finisher- Power Slash

Dead Fish

Flying fish, uses its fins as fans and throws them at you. Power Slash to knock it out of the air, then pound on it mercilessly. If it latches onto you, Power Slash immediately, else it will explode. Not nice.

Floral Finisher- Power Slash

Bud Ogre

Looks like a Bulbasaur that got beaten with an ugly stick, big time. It’s invulnerable to all damage while its bud is closed. Whack it around until it turns gray and you see the blooming obvious hint as to which Brush Technique you need. Bloom the bud to open it, and attack relentlessly. Make sure to Power Slash it too because that’ll take off a huge chunk of health. Also, like the Evil Trees, Bud Ogres sometimes throw their fruit at you. Power Slash the fruit to stun them, and proceed as above.

Floral Finisher- Bloom

Blue Imp

These imps can fly! They can also use their flute to shoot projectiles at you. I say, nuts to that! Power Slash (or Galestorm) to knock them out of the sky and use your beating method of choice. These guys aren't much harder than your typical Imp once you take away their air superiority.

Floral Finisher- Galestorm

Crow Tengu

The true form of The Cutters. Looks more like a crane than a crow, I'd say, but whatever! These are flying birds that swoop down on you and use their fans as projectiles. Knock them out of the air with your good buddy Power Slash (See, I told you it's useful!), and commence beatings. Once you have it, you can use Galestorm to ground them as well. Crow Tengus also carry a samurai sword (samurai birds, sort of cool, I guess). They can block you with it just like the Red Imps do with their lutes. The solution is the same: Power Slash.

Floral Finisher- Galestorm


This thing looks a lot like the Bud Ogre, and has a similar attack pattern. It’s invulnerable to all damage unless it’s stunned. You can stun it the same way as the Bud Ogre: blunt force trauma. These things are more evasive than Bud Ogres, though, so you’ll have to chase them around a bit more. Once it’s stunned watch out! It’ll fling boiling water out of its cauldron body. Safest thing to do is keep your distance and use (what else?) Power Slash. You’ll avoid taking damage, and take off a good chunk of its health while you’re at it!

Floral Finisher- Power Slash (yields two Demon Fangs!)

Black Imp

Oh, they come in black, too? This one uses a little hand-held drum, and is surrounded by flaming skulls. Sounds ominous; it isn’t. These guys are push-overs. Just hammer on ‘em until they die.

Floral Finisher- Power Slash (yields three Demon Fangs!)

Note: These guys are your best bet for farming Demon Fangs. Between Golden Fury and the Floral Finisher, you’ll get 4 Demon Fangs off them apiece! They show up in Shinshu Field at a pretty good rate after you’ve cleared the Moon Cave.

Ice Mouth

These ones can be tricky: they’re weak to fire, which might not be readily available. They’re invulnerable to damage while cloaked in ice. Either melt it away if you have a source of flame handy, or wait for the ice to fade. Either way, when the ice is gone, attack!

Floral Finisher- Inferno (yields two Fangs)

Fire Eye

These behave rather similarly to the Ice Mouths, only their element is much easier to deal with. Just whip out a Galestorm to put the fire out, and start pounding away.

Floral Finisher- Galestorm (yields two Fangs)

NB: Often, Ice Mouths and Fire Eyes will appear together. If this is the case, thank your lucky stars because they’re actually easier to deal with that way! You can use the flaming body of the Fire Eye to burn the Ice Mouth. Once the Ice Mouth is out of the way, you’re free to deal with the Fire Eye as normal.

Further note: Veil of Mist is indispensable on any wheel enemy. At the very least, it’ll disable their elemental cloak, allowing you to damage them with normal attacks. Often, it stuns them as well! Cherry Bomb is also very helpful, just hard to aim properly. Use Veil of Mist to help you plant one right in their track, BOOM!

Headless Guardian

These are the first of the second tier of enemies. Basically, they’re the next step up from Red Imps. Just like the Red Imps, they block your attacks with their weapon (a staff in this case). I think you know by now how to deal with enemies that do that!

Floral Finisher- Cherry Bomb (yields 2 Fangs)


These look like female versions of the Crow Tengu, carrying an umbrella instead of a sword. They’re still vulnerable to wind. Power Slash or Galestorm to knock them out of the sky. When you attack them, they’ll block you with their umbrella. Quickly whip out a Galestorm while their umbrella is still out to disable them. If you try to Galestorm them when their umbrella is not open, they’ll just ride the breeze like it ain’t no thing. Once they’re disabled, you’re free to rain the pain.

Floral Finisher- Veil of Mist (yields 2 Fangs)

Thunder Ear

Yet another wheel enemy, this one lightning elemental. Wait for the lighting to fade (or use Veil of Mist), and bring on the beatings!

Floral Finisher- Galestorm (yields two Fangs)


A possessed hermit crab with a shark head on the back end, usually appears with Saburo. Like his partner, he's protected by an armored shell, which will negate all damage. Fortunately, it's not indestructible. If the shell takes enough damage, it'll break. The tough part is getting in close enough to do that. This guy (as well as his little friend), is a giant pain in the ass. He's wicked fast, and he flings projectiles at you. Your best bet is to attack him from a distance with Rosaries, Rao's prayer slips, or just Cherry Bomb him in the face.

Floral Finisher- Thunderstorm (yields 4 Fangs)


Another evil hermit crab, this time with a sharks's tail on the back end. Usually appears with Jiro. Like her partner, her shell protects her from all damage until you break it. Unlike Jiro, Saburo prefers to attack close up, spinning into you with her bladed tail. She's also a pain in the ass. It’s best to keep your distance from her, if you can. Rosaries are helpful, as is Power Slash once her armor is broken. Personally, I recommend just blowing them both the fuck up with liberal applications of Cherry Bombs.

Floral Finisher- Thunderstorm (yields 4 Fangs)


What happens when Jiro and Saburo let their powers combine? You get this guy. Jiro forms the head, and Saburo the tail. He can only attack you while you're in the water, so stay out! While you're on dry land (or a Lily Pad), he can only attack you by belly flopping onto you. Power Slash that sucker: his belly is his weakpoint! You can also fling Cherry Bombs at him, which will stun him and do a goodly amount of damage. He's armored like Jiro and Saburo, and like them sufficient damage will break it. Just stay out of the water, and you should be fine.

Floral Finisher- Thunderstorm (yields 4 Fangs)

Note: If you're fighting Jiro and Saburo outside the Sunken Ship, Saburo will try to dig a hole and flood the arena. If she's successful, the two will merge into Ichiro. Kill her before this happens! If you can't manage that, at least try to break Jiro's armor beforehand, as Ichiro will appear without armor. Get to dry land ASAP or summon a Lily Pad and fight Ichiro as normal.

Thunder Doom Mirror

Our first mirror enemy. Functionally identical to the Thunder Ear. Just wait for the lighting to fade, then whale on it. Bombs help, if you can aim them right!

Floral Finisher- Power Slash (yields two fangs)

Wind Doom Mirror

Another mirror, this one wind-flavored. They're blinding fast and nearly impossible to hit... or they would be, if you hadn't just picked up your new best friend: Veil of Mist! Whip that sucker out and laugh as you beat this thing into submission. Bombs also help here; they do a lot of damage, but they’re not mandatory.

Floral Finisher- Veil of Mist (yields three fangs!)

Fire Doom Mirror

Like the wheel enemies, the mirrors come in all elemental flavors. This one is fire-type. Use the same tactics as the Fire Eye: Galestorm its fire away, and beat on it. These often appear with Ice Doom mirrors. Like the Fire Eye, you can use the Fire Doom Mirror as a source for Inferno and burn the Ice Doom Mirror.

Floral Finisher- Galestorm (yields two Fangs)

Ice Doom Mirror

The last mirror enemy: an ice elemental to complete the set! These are functionally identical to the Ice Mouth. If you've a source of flame handy (like a Fire Doom Mirror) you can burn away its icy armor. Otherwise, just wait for the ice to fade, and then attack, or use Veil of Mist for instant easy mode. Cherry Bombs are also a big help against them.

Floral Finisher- Inferno (yields two Fangs)

Bell Guardian

Another second tier enemy, this one an upgraded Yellow Imp. Pretty much the same attack pattern: it burrows underground; you whack it when it emerges. Hit it from behind to stun it, or just plant a Cherry Bomb and be done with it. These shouldn't give you any trouble. If you can handle Yellow Imps, you can handle these!

Floral Finisher- Power Slash (yields 2 Fangs)

Earth Nose

The last of the elemental wheel enemies, and yikes, these things are fast! You’ve no hope of hitting it that way! What’s a god to do? Veil of Mist, that’s what! Whip that sucker out and these things are push-overs.

Floral finisher- Veil of Mist (yields 3 fangs)

Halo Guardian

This guy is the Blue Imp’s big brother, and you can use the exact same strategy. Galestorm or Power Slash to knock them down and you’re free to pound them to a pulp.

Floral Finisher- Cherry Bomb (yields 2 Fangs)

Executioner Guardian

The last of the second-tier enemies, and the most powerful: related to the Black Imp. I advise beating these things quickly, as they can really put the hurt on you if you let them! Like the Black Imps, they’re surrounded by flaming heads, which they can toss at you from a distance. Power Slash them away and attack relentlessly.

Floral Finisher- Cherry Bomb (yields 2 Fangs)


The last of the wheel enemies, these things are composed of three weasels with sickles, each of which attack with a separate element: fire, ice, and lightning. Power Slash causes them to switch element, if you want one that’s easier to deal with (I recommend fire). Word of caution: do not use Cherry Bomb on them! Doing so will separate the weasels, and then you’ll have three enemies to deal with instead of one! Three very fast enemies, and those sickles hurt, trust me. Veil of Mist works just as well on these as any other wheel enemy (or any enemy), so use it!

Floral Finisher- Galestorm (yields 4 Fangs)


Chaos Mode

Blue Cyclops

A surprisingly tough flying enemy, and one with an odd attack pattern. Normally it just hovers placidly, hiding behind its mask. I recommend attacking it with rosaries, as you can still hit it from the ground with those. Power Slash doesn’t work on it, so don’t even try it. Important note: do not, I repeat, do not blow out its pipe. Resist the temptation to Galestorm something that’s on fire. Resist! When its pipe goes out (and it will on its own, too), the Cyclops enters chaos mode. It’s much more aggressive, hits like a truck, and is invulnerable to all damage. Those lighting arrows it shoots hurt. They hurt bad! Relight its pipe if you can, otherwise just dodge until it calms down and you can finish it off.

Floral Finisher- Waterspout (Deluge) (yields 4 Fangs)

Tube Foxes

These are a bit of an oddball enemy. Collectively, they’re a mini-boss, but individually they act as normal monsters, with a Floral Finisher and everything. (Bosses and mini-bosses do not have Flroal Finishers). They use the same attacks and attack animations as inkless Ammy and the Canine Warriors, with one exception. Sometimes, they’ll let out a creepy howl and start draining your ink. This is a giant dick move. Find the fox that’s doing that as soon as you can and smack it in the face. If you still have ink left, you can Power Slash it from a distance to put a stop to its shenanigans. Other than that, they’re nothing special.

Floral Finisher- Power Slash (yields 2 Fangs)

Red Ogre

Usually appears with a Blue Ogre. These guys behave much like Crimson Helm, so you can use the same strategy. They wear a mask that makes them invulnerable to frontal attacks. A Power Slash can break it, but it’s not strictly necessary. Use Veil of Mist, get behind them, and pound away. Thunderstorm does massive damage against them, so you’ll want to use that. Interestingly, you can also use them as a source for Inferno.

Floral Finisher- Thunderstorm (yields 4 Fangs)

Blue Ogre

Usually appears with the Red Ogre, and they behave exactly the same way. The only difference is their element is ice, not fire, meaning you can use them as a source for Blizzard, if you’re so inclined. Use the same strategy against them as you would against Red Ogres.

Floral Finisher- Thunderstorm (yields 4 Fangs)


These are the first of the third tier of enemies, the next step up from the Green Imp. That does not mean they’re any harder to handle, especially with our advanced weaponry. Just beat on it until it dies.

Floral Finisher- Galestorm

Blade Namagage

Another tier three enemy: the Red Imp and Headless Guardian’s big brother. Their blocking weapon is their spear. Deal with them the same way as you would their lesser brethren.

Floral Finisher- Galestorm (yields 2 Fangs)

Bucket Namahage

What’s this look like to you? If you answered, “Gee, Silver, that looks just like a Yellow Imp/Bell Guardian,” you’re absolutely correct! Just one thing to watch out for: they can attack you while they’re underground. Keep moving and jump a lot until they surface, and you can deal with them as normal (preferably with high explosives).

Floral Finisher- Cherry Bomb (yields 3 Fangs)

Umbrella Namahage

Oh, what’s this? Another third-tier enemy? And what’s this one related to? Take a guess. (Hint: it’s the Blue Imp!) Galestorm or Power Slash, blah blah, you get the idea. Next!

Floral Finisher- Galestorm (yields 2 Fangs)

Cannon Namahage

The last of the tier three enemies. By process of elimination, it must be Kaumi’s version of the Black Imp, and that’s just what it is! Use the same strategy you would against the Black Imp and Executioner Guardian. These guys bring nothing new to the table.

Floral Finisher- Galestorm (yields 3 Fangs)

Igloo Turtle

This is a Bud Ogre/Chimera in a snowy hat, and like the Chimera, they’re rather dodgy. Chase them around and beat on them (Rosaries work well) until they’re stunned. Now, take note of that tail. It’s on fire. I think you can guess what you have to do: trace a line from the tail to the icy dome, and it opens, revealing a little Namahage figurine. Beat on that until it gives up the ghost.

Floral Finisher- Inferno, (Fireburst)



Bull Charger

Half spider, half bull, all ouch. Nah, forget that last part. You can use the same strategy against these guys as you did against the Ogres: throw up a Veil of Mist, get behind it, and beat it to death.

Floral Finisher- Inferno (Fireburst)

Clay Soldier

We’re into the highest tier of enemies. First up, the top-tier Green Imp. Don’t worry, these guys are no kind of threat. Just use your beating method of choice until it dies.

Floral Finisher- Veil of Mist

Clay Samurai

Tier four’s version of the Red Imp. It blocks you with its sword, you Power Slash it and make with the murder.

Floral Finisher- Veil of Mist

Clay Drummer
Next up, the Yellow Imp’s eldest brother. Cherry Bomb it when it pops out of the ground, just like you would with the other members of its family.

Floral Finisher- Veil of Mist

Clay Flyer

Air superiority, even on a fourth-tier enemy, still isn’t that scary. Power Slash or Galestorm, your choice. Once it’s on the ground, you’re free to brutalize it.

Floral Finisher- Power Slash

Clay Shogun

The last tier four enemy, so it must be the toughest, right? Well, only if you find Black Imps and their ilk at all difficult. (I don’t.) If you can handle their lesser brethren, these guys shouldn’t present a challenge at all! Just beat them quickly, and you’re fine.

Floral Finisher- Veil of Mist


Aaaahhh! It’s one of those creepy statues from the Tsuta Ruins! It’s alive, and it’s here to get revenge for all the ones I smashed! Run for the hills! Run for your lives! Or just smack it in the face, because screw you, buddy, I’ll smash whatever I want to smash!

Dogus use a similar attack pattern as Blight. They can teleport up to you and slash you with their sword, or summon a circle of swords and fling them at you. Throw up Veil of Mist to dodge the former, and Power Slash the latter. Attacking it from behind or Power Slashing its swords will stun it, making it an easy target.

Floral Finisher- Power Slash (yields 4 Fangs)

Note: Dogus are also decent for farming Demon Fangs if you need more. They give more Fangs per kill than Black Imps (5 if you remember to pee on them), but take longer to kill. It’s up to you, really! Dogus show up in Kamui after you’ve passed through the Spirit Gate.


Chaos Mode

Great Tengu

Counterpart to the Blue Cyclops, fire flavored instead of water. Don’t get fire anywhere near it or it’ll enter Chaos Mode, which renders it invincible until it calms down. A quick Blizzard in the face will cool it off and prevent it from transforming. Most of Its attacks are fire-based, so I recommend equipping the Fire Tablet to make your life easier. With its attacks neutralized, all you have to do is beat on it until it’s dead, applying Blizzard as necessary. Rosaries are probably your best bet, but the ultimate weapons will make short work of it. I recommend the Thunder Edge. With Solar Flare, you run the risk of accidentally burning it. Of course, once you get them, the Tundra Beads are ideal, since they’re also ice elemental.

Floral Finisher- Blizzard

Okami Art Gallery

Here are some custom dust jackets for the Wii version of Okami. The original dust jacket has the watermark from IGN on it, indicating that Capcom just took their own official art from there and put it on the cover. Lazy. These can be printed out on an 8.5x11" sheet of paper and inserted in place of the boring, default dust jacket, if you're so inclined. I used one of these custom jackets for the OP's game image. That cover graces my own copy of Okami.

Have a few more:

Larger versions are available here, suitable for printing.

A Dead End Thrills series on Okami. Want to see scenes from the game in super high resolution? Look no further! (some pics may contain spoilers. Proceed with caution!)

Desktop Backgrounds

Amaterasu and Autumn Leaves

Divine Intervention

Amaterasu in Agata Forest

Early concept drawing of Kusa Village

Ammy Helps out at Harvest Time

Vs. Orochi

Amaterasu and the Gang

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Fanart Collection

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Amaterasu fighting some Fleamen, by yours truly.

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