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Part 49: Mini-update: The Travel Guides

Vertigo Ambrosia posted:

You know, maybe Kemu would be able to do the incantation in the snow if he wore something that covered his stomach.

Seriously though, I'm really ambivalent on Kamui. On one hand, it's not as fun to look at as the other areas (for obvious reasons), and Wep'keer in particular drives me nuts because since it's a giant swirl the map is completely useless so I get lost all the time and (spoilered, though it's not really a spoiler)  FUCK YOSHPET . But on the other hand, it's where the plot really starts to come together, especially if you keep up with the info scrolls, and has the weirdest yet coolest boss fight (with the best music).

I know you'll probably end up covering this later on, but is Kutone from a Japanese myth?

Your comment inspired me to finally go through the Travel Guides. I'll post them today, right now in fact!

As to Kutone, I'm sure it's in a myth somewhere. I haven't run across it, but I haven't been digging too deeply. The next Mythology Dissection is a ways off yet!

Mini-update: The Travel Guides

So, we've picked up quite a few Travel Guides on our journey through the land of Nippon. Most of them are just tutorial stuff, which I cover in my commentary anyway. For that reason, I've mostly ignored them. However, a few of them do contain some background information and world-building details, plus some foreshadowing. I realize I've been remiss in my LPing duties by not showing them off, plus, it's not hard! Here are the non-tutorial Travel Guides we've picked up (taken from The Okami World Wiki)

Legend of Orochi posted:

The hamlet of Kamiki lies nestled in the Shinshu Field of Nippon.
This village bears the burden of a sad and troublesome tradition.
Each year, on the night of the festival, the evil serpent Orochi
appears and a white-plumed arrow strikes the roof of a young maiden.
Orochi consumers the girl's soul, ensuring his vitality.
This continued for 100 years until Nagi slayed the fearsome serpent.
Even today, the villagers recount their sorrowful past:
"The full moon on the 15th night users in the 8-headed serpent.
The sacrifice is chosen by way of an arrow decorated in white."
Nagi engaged the beast in battle for the sake of his beloved Nami.
Until his heroic act put the tradition to rest, 99 girls had
been slain. This is a fact we must not forget.

Nothing here we haven't seen before. We picked this up at Tama's House in Shinshu Field.

Mother Tree posted:

In Kamiki Village, there grows a magnificent tree called Konohana.
Konohana has split its roots to form many trees throughout Nippon
in order to better protect and preserve the glory of nature.
Differing accounts shed little light on the tree’s true origin.
Some say that the tree was born when it sprouted from a dead god.
Others speculate that it was transplanted from a faraway land.
No story yet concocted can be considered the true version.
However, the sensation I get as I draw Konohana is unmistakable.
This is a plant that cannot be tamed by a mere brush.
The miracle of its existence is more than can be sketched.
One wonders what secrets lie behind its broad leaves.

Some information on Sakuya's tree, Konohana. Again, there's not much here we don't already know. In fact, we know more about the tree than the author of the Guide! We found this at the City Checkpoint

Land of the Gods posted:

It is said that a holy realm called the Celestial Plain is situated in
the heavens above Nippon, where we mere mortals dwell.
This legend is ancient, and no one today knows of or speaks of it.
However, I have been entrusted with the knowledge of this sacred place.
One day, I was visited by a man who wove for me a strange tale.
He said unto me, ”The Celestial Plain has met its end”.
He related the horrors of this destruction to me at great length.
His talk was unbelievable, but his eyes showed no reason to doubt.
I only wish I had the fortitude to recount his harrowing tale here.
I’m afraid my brush cannot bear the heavy burden of that sad fate.
It seems that the Celestial Plain was destroyed long, long ago…
The gods’ spirits, rendered homeless, still inhabit the earth.
I try not to think such thoughts when I gaze up at the sky.

Now, this is something we haven't seen before! It gives some background on the Celestial Plain, the realm of the gods (being where Amaterasu is ostensibly from). This was in Rao's chamber in Sei-an City.

Celestial Envoy posted:

When the spirits of evil rise up to infest this world, those
benevolent gods who guide us will find their strength drained.
Their power can only be sustained by the faith of humanity.
I, the legendary Holy Messenger, acting as the 6th Celestial Envoy,
have spent my years traveling and preaching to promote this faith.
Only my tribe can communicate with the gods and act as Holy Messenger,
spreading the words of the gods throughout the land.
If we fail, the gods’ power can never be restored and all is lost.
My brush is the tool I use to spread the divine message.
The path I have walked has been long and fraught with peril.
However, for the sake of the next to take on the mantle of Celestial
Envoy, I cannot rest for even a moment

Another scroll with some useful information! It seems these Celestial Envoys are responsible for maintaining the people's faith in the gods, and that the author of these Travel Guides is one of them! This Guide was on the Sunken Ship.

Northern Land posted:

The evil demons that flourish throughout the land…
No matter how many are defeated, their numbers do not thin, and
the burden they place on human hearts does not dissipate.
These foul fiends come from a land far to the north of Nippon.
From there they infiltrate our land and perpetrate nefarious acts.
The northern lands are feared as a breeding ground for evil.
For many years, Nippon has severed itself from the land to the north,
an unclean land where evil runs wild without restraint. However,
it is also said that all of creation originated in the north…

This one foreshadows Kamui. We've already seen for ourselves the things that the scroll describes, but it's still pretty neat! This one was in Queen Himiko's Palace.

Another Civilization posted:

Modern Nippon offers mysteries that cannot be easily explained:
Devices that even scholars in the capital are unable to decipher...
Stone artifacts that endow the wearer with special abilities...
They are thought to be evidence of a civilization beyond our own.
My great-grandfather spoke often of such matters.
He had traveled to the windy plains of Taka Pass for brush training.
While there, he noticed a strange light tracing an arc in the sky.
The light eventually settled in the area of Sasa Sanctuary.
Great-grandfather traveled there the following day. Where the light
had landed, he saw a mysterious symbol floating in mid-air.
It is not uncommon to hear such tales repeated here in Nippon.
Whether one believes in this otherworldly civilization or not,
it would seem that many among us certainly want to believe.
I am not ashamed to say that I count myself among their ranks.

Cool, this talks about the bamboo spaceship Kaguya arrived in! We'll find this one in the next video. I'm posting it now because it doesn't contain anything we don't already know about.

Tribe of the Moon posted:

After decades of internal debate, I have decided to write about
the man who spoke to me regarding the Celestial Plain's destruction.
I shall endeavor to should the heavy burden of that man's fate.
My brush shall act as a bridge to the shadowy past.
The man had identified himself as a member of the Moon Tribe.
The idea of life thriving on that desolate rock is mind-boggling.
Furthermore, their civilization had far surpassed our own.
Most of their ranks succumbed to death, but this man had fled.
He was silent on the topic of why his civilization was destroyed.
What business could the golden tribe of the moon have with us?
I gaze into the distance, knowing the answer cannot evade me forever.

This one is significant. It relates to some information we'll run across in the next video. I'll elaborate then. This Guide was in the cave behind Kamui's Mermaid Spring.

Actually, looking at the list, that appears to be all the Travel Guides in the game! My timing is good!