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Part 1: Welcome to White Space

Update 1: Welcome to White Space

Always a good sign when a game opens with a warning like a pack of cigarettes.

...Another good sign is when the game has to tell you that things are going to be alright. Name a game that has tried to comfort you and it ended well.

Two children crying with some ambiguous promise being talked about? My God... it truly is a JRPG.

Omori is constantly getting into arguments with people because he always sees issues in black or white terms.


Not a bad hangout. You got a cat, a sketchbook, a laptop, and some tissues. Replace the cat with a dog and its my room as a teenager.

Possibly, this is a game after all.

Only one tissue box? This boy doesn't have that many sorrows then.

Does anyone remember colored lightbulbs? I distinctly remember my aunt having a purple lightbulb in her living room as one of the hip new things to do and I loved it... because I was 5.

I'm going to post all of these off page in a supplemental update to prevent the page from just being 10 screenshots. Definitely take a look at them though... they are... a thing.

Hmm, I thought about hosting a poll to decide what we should do here (it's a very important decision); but I have decided to unilaterally choose "Do Nothing". My apologies to all the "Do Nothing" people who wanted "Do Nothing" to be our choice for this playthrough.

All in all, you're just like Omori - staring at a wall.

Let's check out the journal, surely we've got something interesting to say.

Well... at least he has friends!

And a warm lap! You can't go wrong with a warm lap!

*screen shakes*

Moving just a bit to the left and we find this... chef's knife. Probably not the best thing to give to a shut-in teen who seems to be as happy as a bowl of tofu.

Getting closer to the knife, we see this red wiggling arm. If you get too close to them, a little "!" appears above their heads and they chase you down. They're much slower than Omori so they can easily be outmanuevered in open ground... which is this entire space. If they do catch you, you just teleport back to "Omori's room".

With the knife in tow, there's nothing else to do here. The door now has a new option...

I've decided to overrule my past self and choose to open this door instead of do nothing. As loathe as I am to change my mind, the LP would be pretty boring if it was just 40 updates of staring at a brick wall desktop background.


Don't give me that, Hero! You only say that 'cause you were losing.


Kinda weird that the neighbor kids just have a party outside our white space room. Don't they know we're trying to train to beat cell?

Anyway, the lightbulb over Aubrey means she has a quest for us. So shes the priority to talk to.

Why would he do something like that? He's so immature... I mean, what did I ever do to him!?

Oh, I know! Can you find my Stuffed Toy for me, Omori? Pretty please?

After you've taken a quest from someone they get those dots above their head to signify that they have an active quest that you can ask them to remind yourself what they need. This quest is pretty simple though, let's explore the area real quick first.

Hell yes we would!


I swear theres more references in media to Stand by me than people ever talking about it.

Anyway, where could that stuffed toy be?

Of course, its the watermelon! How obvious! By the way, that thing next to Omori is a tentacle... why its there... I have no idea though we may find out later. MUCH MUCH MUCH LATER

Now that we have Aubrey's stuffed toy, the dots over her head have changed to a dark lightbulb to let us know the quest can now be turned in. A nice little way of tutorializing through gameplay rathern than just text dumps.

Is that...? Could it be...?

Hey, Kel! Look, it's my stuffed toy!

W-What the heck? Where did you get that?

Omori found it! Lucky for me, I've got some real friends!

Serves you right, Kel. You should know better than to pick on others.

But Aubrey started it... She was the one who was making fun of me for the mole on my...

On your... what?




Despite the looks of all of them, only Kel and Hero are related. Aubrey is just another friend like Omori. You can talk to all of the kids, but only Hero has something to say to progress things.

Mari and Basil invited us for a picnic at the playground! Did you want to go see them?

We could say no here, but uh that would defeat the point of playing the game so let's go see them!

Alright everyone... Let's go see Mari and Basil!

That seems like a fun little adventure for us, here in the game with only fun adventures!