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Part 2: Mari & Basil

Update 2: Mari and Basil

This being a JRPG, we've got our party and menu setup. This is our 4 person party for the rest of the game. I hope you like them (I do!) because they're going to be here a while. I'll go into what they do and how they flow into combat when we start getting actual fights. The menu at the top is pretty explanatory. Equip lets you change weapons or an accessory (only 1 slot!), pocket is where all items are (healing, battle, and important items), skills is where you pick which 4 skills you take into battle, and just try and guess what options do. It redirects to a local bakery with a discount on cookies. They're pretty good, I love the snickerdoodle.

Now then, let's go find this Mari and Basil people.

This snake gives us our allowance of 50 clams. And no, that's not a euphemism - currency in this game is literal clams. While a shame for the aquatic wildlife, it's still a more attractive investment option than bitcoin.


OH, YEAH!! FRESH AIR AT LAST!! Gotta love that nature. Well, let's go!

Help me up, guys! I'm stuck.

Only if you say please!

Kel, stop messing around and get me out of here.

Okay, okay... fine.

Hmph! Took you long enough!

Well sorry, princess...

Ah, we've got some freedom now. Well, some. If you go in any direction besides south then one of the kids stop you to say "Hey go south."

Also, this game features a lot of dialogue that likes to wave or do cool things like change font or things like that. I'll try and note when the game has wavy dialogue with bold tags around the words and italics when its a different font (when a screenshot has already displayed the new font). Just a way to keep it easier and not to have a billion gifs or screenshots.

Now then... southwards!




Oh, no! Not again... How could he?

Pshh, I'm not being mean! Aubrey's just being all whiny.

Well, Kel! You've just made a very convincing point. Now I don't know who to believe!



Sigh... Settle down, you two... Why does it always have to be like this?

Chin up, Hero! Look at you, being all responsible.

I really like that about you... hehe...

Come on, Mari! Not now...

Oh Hero, you know I'm just teasing. You're so cute when you get all flustered!


The game does a good job of introducing all the characters and letting you know where their place in the group is. You can also probably figure out their ages just based off a guess. Though everyone might be a slight bit older than how they come off. There's a reason for that we'll find out in about oh 30 hours.

While we were waiting for you guys, Basil and I were going through his Photo Album! Did you wanna join us?

Of course! After all... we're the ones in the pictures, aren't we?


Cmon, Basil! Take a picture of me!

You like to take photos of people acting naturally when they're not in front a of a camera, right Basil?

Yeah... There's something special about everyone living their own lives. Those are the moments I want to capture!

So like... we just have to pretend you're not there?

Haha... Yeah, I guess you can put it that way.

Sure, I can do that!

Did you want to show us your Photo Album now, Basil?

Ah, okay... but its nothing amazing.

Oh Basil! Stop doubting yourself! I'm sure they'll be great.

You're right, Aubrey. Sorry... I'll try to believe in myself more.


Mari is teaching everyone how to make flower crowns! Omori and Kel are holding Mari's example. So pretty...


Omori and Kel gave up and ran off, but Aubrey and I got the hang of it really fast!


Hero's still making his flower crown. It's taking him a little while, but he's getting it. You have to admire his persistence.


Everyone's eating watermelons. So juicy! Aubrey has some seeds on her face. Maybe someone should tell her


Kel drinking a bottle of Milk, his favorite! I shouldn't get too close or he might get my camera wet.


Mari had Hero take a picture of us. Everyone thinks a flower crown really suits me.


Hero leaning in for a smooch! Kel looks so annoyed. Ah, brotherly love...


We're having a picnic today! Mari wanted to take a picture of everyone. Say cheese!


After eating, everyone fell asleep, except Hero and Mari. I'm getting kind of sleepy myself.


Kel said he took a picture of himself on accident but I don't believe him...


All our feet in a circle! Can you guess whose feet are whose?

Some cute photos of the group. As an older brother I've definitely done the "Aww come here give me a kiss" to annoy the hell out of my little brother. Granted when he punched me back, I did not get any sympathy from anyone.

These photos are all so charming, Basil. You really know how to capture the moment!

Thanks... I didn't take all of them though. Mari likes to steal my camera sometimes.

Only sometimes!

Hey, I have an idea! Did you all want to come hang out at my house? I just finished planting some little sprouts and wanted to show everyone. Come on! They're really cute!

Yeah sure, that sounds fun! Let's go!

It's south of the playground, right?

Yup, that's the way!

Hmm... I think I'll sit this one out. You all go on and enjoy yourselves! But if you're ever feeling weary, you can always stop by one of my picnics!

I'll always have some refreshments ready... and you can even SAVE using my picnic basket!

Awww... Thanks Mari! You're always doing so much for us!

Bye, Mari! We'll see you again soon!

Run along and have fun now! You know where to find me!


I always love when a game integrates saving into the game. So if you see a picnic basket, know that I used it at some point. Mari's picnic is also nothing but candy, probably shouldn't leave a child to pack their own picnic to be honest... though eating the candy does give a full heal.

Most of the kids don't really have anything to say that's important. There's a little bit of flavor, but even without talking to them you'll quickly be able to figure out what's going on with them later. Still, exploring around the park lets us find this poster up here.

These kids have overthrown the bosses and liberated themselves.

These kids invite us to do some skywatching. Doing so lets Omori learn a new skill "Observe"! It lets Omori be able to tell who the enemy will be targeting on their next turn. Which is... okay I guess, but using a turn on this is a turn not spent killing the enemy. So I'll be getting rid of it as soon as there's anything useful worth replacing it.

Alright that's enough exploring. We can continue on to Basil's house if we want, but someone has a quest for us in the middle of the playground. Let's talk to them before heading out.

Despite Berly's insistence on us standing still. She doesn't say anything until we try to move away... Don't worry, I've already left a negative steam review until the devs fix this.

BERLY: You can't leave without joining us for a game of hide-and-seek!

VAN: Stay and play with us! The more the merrier!

You want us to play hide-and-seek again?

But... You know how this turned out last time...

Y-Yeah... Sorry, Berly. I think we're going to have to pass.

We're going to Basil's house now... so... we'll catch up with you later!

BERLY: At least I'm not as bad as Boss! It's a good thing I banned him from the playground after what happened last time... I wonder what that moron is up to now? Eh... Good riddance!

So... You wanna play hide-and-seek, Basil?

I can go either way. There's no rush to get to my house after all. I think I'll leave it up to Omori. What do you want to do?

BERLY: Omori, Omori... you want to play hide-and-seek right my friend?

You don't have to play hide-and-seek, but it's a good story moment and will tie into a good intro for something later so sure!

BERLY: Heh, that's what I thought! What's stopping ya, then? C'mon, let's play! I'll round everyone up!

BERLY: Alright, maggots! Here's the rules! We're gonna be entertaining ourselves with a little game of hide-and-seek! Here in my hands I got some straws, see? Everyone here's gotta pick up a straw. The one with the shortest straw's gonna be "it" and will have to find everyone else! Sounds easy enough, right?

Let's skip ahead since I'm sure you all know where this is going.

Oh, wait... Omori is "it"?

But Omori doesn't like to be alone...

Are you going to be okay, Omori?

I can take your place if you want. I don't mind... really!

Aww, just the best group of friends.

BERLY: Hey, I hear you plotting over there! The straws make the rules, not me! C'mon, don't be babies! It ain't so bad. Omori will be fine! When you're ready to play, walk up to the tetherball pole and close your eyes. And no peeking! Or else!

We can talk to everyone here, but let's talk to our friends and then head to the pole.

Don't worry Omori. I know you'll be okay!

You can do this! I believe in you, Omori!

You got this Omori!

You'll be fine, Omori. Just believe in yourself!

Just the best group of friends.

Alright, time to play hide-and-seek.

You better have counted along. And no peeking!


Hmm, Kel may be skinny but he's not that skinny.

Whoa! You found me! Now I can help you find everyone! Just don't tell Berly about this ok? Heh heh...

The BEST friends.

BUN: Shh! If you don't be quiet they'll hear you!

NOSE: Nose goes! BUN goes!

BUN: Ahh! Be quiet, Nose! We're hiding, remember?

Hmm, there... may be some kids behind that slide.

BUN: Nose... They found us!

NOSE: Nose... goes...

BUN: Oh... You know I can't stay mad at you. Let's go play patty cake!

2 down! Now, I do believe I see someone behind that tree...

That's the spirit! It's always fun when I win games!

BANGS: You know what Happy would say right now? She'd say something like... "Bangs, you should always try your best at everything! How else will people see how awesome you are?" ... Next time, I guess.

I've got some extreme Bangs energy today. And the day before that, and the week, month, year, decade before that.

Got 'em

Why exercise when you could playercise? Is that a word? Regardless, the kids should be playing not exercising! You've got plenty of time before you have to exercise because you spent all day slumped in front of a computer so your boss can make a bunch of money.


Pretty cool to have such good friends at a young age.

Wait, Hero, what are you doing there? You weren't there earlier.

REN: It's fun!

SHAWN: And good for you!

You guys should really try this! It's huff... really... huff... a workout... Oh man, I'm... huff... so tired...

Wow... you really don't know how to say "no" to anyone, do you Hero?

Come on, Hero! We gotta help Omori find everyone else!

Alright, alright... huff... I'm coming!

Bye, Shawn! Bye, Ren! This was fun!

REN: Yeah! Let's do this again sometime!

SHAWN: See ya later Hero!

Alright, I do believe I saw someone in the tree near where Aubrey was hiding...

MIKAL: Sigh... I was dreaming that I was on a private beach with servants fanning me with palm tree leaves on every side... when suddenly... Wham! And now here I am! I must have fallen asleep while hiding... I guess that's game over for me.

Game over for you, success for us though! Down to just two people now... where could they be!

HAPPY: You found me, so that means I gotta do something else now. Oh, I know! I'm gonna count the alphabet backwards! Z... Y... X... W... V... U... O... M... Umm... O...

And just one more person... I actually took like 5 minutes to find them on my first playthrough. It's a really good hiding spot.

And there she is...

BERLY: Took you guys long enough... I thought I was gonna suffocate in there! How'd you like my hiding spot? Pretty good, eh?

Yeah it was a pretty good spot. Lucky we found you when we did though, who knows how long a supply of air via straw lasts.

BERLY: It looks like you pretty much found everyone else too! Unexpected... but I like it! Let's do a final roll call!

VAN: Here as always, buddy.

BERLY: Sharleen!


BERLY: Mikal!


BERLY: Happy!

HAPPY: Here, here!

BERLY: Brows!


BERLY: Bangs!

BANGS: Here...


BUN: Bun is here!

BERLY: Nose!

NOSE: Nose goes!

BERLY: Hero!



Yawn... You really gotta do this every time, Berly?

*Kel gets kicked again*

BERLY: Aubrey!

Here I am!

BERLY: Huh? Where's Basil?

Oh shoot, I thought I forgot someone. Maybe he went back home to wait for us?

That's strange... I thought I saw him go hiding near that tree over there.

Basil! Where are you? Can you hear us?

Basil! You can come out now! You already won!

Hey, there's Basil!

Basil, are you okay?

Are... are you stuck?



BERLY: Boss! I should've known it was you! You good-for-nothing scoundrel... Let Basil go!

Yeah! What did Basil ever do to you!?

Basil is our friend! Don't you dare hurt him!

Let go of Basil, Boss! He didn't do anything wrong!

BOSS: You stupidheads!

Wow... language dude. There might be kids reading along.

BOSS: You think this is about Basil? Don't play dumb! You know why I'm here! How dare you not invite me to hide-and-seek! I'm the one who showed you all how to play in the first place! You're not even playing it right!

Have... Have I been playing it wrong all this time? What did we do wrong? Some people hid, some people seeked. Sounds correct to me!

BOSS: How can you call it hide-and-seek without any body-slamming!?

Hey! That's the flower crown we made for Basil!

How could you!? Let go of him, you bully!

BOSS: No! If I can't play with everyone, then no one can! This is a Boss-only zone now...



Welcome to the first fight in the game! It's a Boss fight! Now to go over the combat mechanics... next time. This fight is basically just mashing attack over and over until we get to the end. I use some skills in this fight to buff/debuff, but I'll go over it in the next update that has better spots for explanation. For now, just know that ~emotions~ are going to be a thing and the battle animations own bones.

After Boss takes enough damage, he begins whining that we're hurting him too much for trying to hurt our friend. Keep attacking, no mercy for bullies.

WELP! That didn't go well. When Boss gets to 5% or less HP, he just body slams the whole party. This more than does enough damage to TOAST everyone. Toast being this game's version of knocked down or dead in battle. This game also operates on persona rules and Omori dying in battle is an instant game over... however, Omori can always survive one fatal hit per battle. So you will never get surprise one-shot. It's such a nice little feature that I'm glad exists.

Anyway, one more attack from Omori is enough to take down Boss's reign of terror.



Ah, don't worry about me. I'm just fine.

Boss... it must hurt to see people have fun without you...

But that doesn't mean you can ruin other peoples fun...

BOSS: Hmph! I know that!

Basil! Are you sure it's okay to do that?

Boss is bad news! It's a good thing Omori held on during that final attack, or else we would've all been TOAST...

It's okay! I trust him. When you were all fighting, he tried really hard to make sure I didn't get hurt.

...Are you sure? It looked like you were being held in his arms like a sack of potatoes. That doesn't scream "cares about your safety."

Is that true, Boss?

BOSS: ... Hmph! That's a load of baloney... I don't need to hear these lies!

Well... He probably won't be a problem as long as he stays like that.

I guess that means we can go to Basil's house now.

That sounds good to me!

We're leaving now, Boss. Don't cause any trouble, okay?

BOSS: ...