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Part 4: Basil's House

Update 4: Basil's House

Surely you could get a better house than a shoe? Dire economic times in... wherever the hell we are.

Aww, it came out kind of blurry... Well, that's okay. That gives it character. Hope you don't mind the photo.

Of course we don't mind! I wanna see it!

O-Oh, sure thing.

Aubrey's portrait with the stars is probably my favorite. It's just so happy :)

Oh hey, Omori! Did you want to look at the photo too?

D'aww, they are all cute! Not sure how it came out so blurry though. It didn't look like anybody was moving.

It's too bad that it came out kind of blurry, but you all still look so cute. I should add it to my collection!

Woo-hoo! Another shot for the Photo Album!

Move over. Aubrey! I can't see!


W-Wait, hold on! There's no need to fight!


NO, ME!!

Ahh, stop it! You guys are knocking me over!

... ... ...

Uhh... Whoops.

Oh my gosh... Basil... I'm so sorry...

Are you okay, Basil?

You two are in big trouble now! This is why the both of you need to learn how to get along!

I'm sorry... We didn't mean it, Hero! Please don't tell Mari...

You're more scared of telling Mari than your mom? Damn, how scary is Mari that she's the first person that pops in your head.

Thank you, Hero!

Yes, wouldn't want to drag mud into your shoe.

Here's a nice view of the whole area. Nothing really interesting to see around here. Gorgeous place though. Too bad about the amount of fungus that would grow here.


Cozy place. Kinda small, though it is a shoe. Rent of course is still 2k clams a month.

Remember photo albums? My mom still has my baby book, which of course embarassed me as a kid and now I'm eternally grateful for. So weird to see how your family looked a lifetime ago.

The game does make you put the photos back. There's a reason for it, but we'll go ahead and jump around a bit

Thankfully, selecting one outlines where it's supposed to go. Not too bad.

I'm really sorry for pushing you over Basil. Even though at least half of it was Kel's fault...

Yeah, I promise to never fight with Aubrey ever again! Unless she starts it first...

And nothing was learned that day.

Hm? That's strange. A photo must have been loose.

Huh? What is this? Did I take this photo?


Something about it seems... so familiar.


Well... that was jarring. We seem to be back in white space. There's no music playing to start off with, but moving at all causes the soundtrack to become... a heartbeat. Not a good feeling that. Examining anything in the room gives us the same results as earlier... but the sketchbook... has something new towards the end.


Not that the earlier drawings were wholesome, but adding this as a new one isn't the most... pleasant. Let's talk to the cat, I guess...

MEWO: Meow (Waiting for something to happen? There's not much to do around here is there? Or is there? Are you looking for a way out? There always is one... but...)

Uh.... what the hell are you getting at cat?




Kinda weird to go from... whatever the hell just happened to peeping on a kid sleeping but ok game, you do you.

The risks of putting this up to a vote and getting DONGS is just too great. So we'll stick with Sunny, it fits the theme of the game; which of course is happiness and living a life of joy.

Welcome to the real world! Kinda sucks, though. I can see why you'd want to live in a dream world instead. The landline phone has a voicemail... remember landlines?? That alone is enough for me to confidently state this game is dated in like the 90s. Anyway, let's check out the message.

The movers are going to be at our house in a few days, so I left a list of things for you to do before they arrive. Also, sorry! Mommy messed up! I forgot to tell the electric company that we need a few extra days before we're ready to move, so the lights might cut out sometime tonight. Anyway... I know moving to a new place can be a little nerve-wracking right now, but I think a change of scenery will be positive for both of us! I know you haven't talked to anyone in a while, but you might want to say goodbye to your old friends before we leave. Kel has been trying really hard to get a hold of you ever since we put our house up for sale. He's been calling us every week for the past few months! He seems a little lonely... Maybe you should pay him a visit. Ok, that's it for now! Mommy loves you! Bye, honey!

Aww. So we're still at home with mom, and Kel is real and wants to talk to us but we've been... avoiding him. Interesting. I could see Kel getting annoying in large doses to be honest.

*Sounds of stomach rumbling*

Ah, the midnight munchies. At least we're alone in the house so we won't wake anyone up by stomping around... at least I assume we're alone. No sign of our dad or Mari yet.

Trying to go back to bed gets us an angry message from Sunny that he's hungry. Can't blame the guy for not wanting to sleep on an empty stomach.

Aha! We've got some steak ready to go for us in the fridge. Let's head on down.

D'aww. :unsmith:

There's the list of chores Mom mentioned. We'll have to get to these eventually, but for now lets raid a fridge.

That's some intense atmosphere we got going on right now.

Just the bathroom in here, nothing special.

There's a good look at Sunny. Did he wear a vest to sleep? That's gotta be uncomfortable.

Door at the end of the hallway is Sunny's Mom's room. Nothing special in there besides a picnic basket to save. So let's head downstairs.

Uhh, well I WAS until you asked me if I was sure. Now I really don't want to.

Sunny agrees, and won't go down the stairs either. Guess he'll have to try and get some sleep on that empty stomach after all.

Back to bed we go!

*Sounds of stomach rumbling*

Welp! So much for that. Guess we got to try and head downstairs then.


Ah! It looks like it's almost sunup! That should help us walk around a bit. At least we can see things now. Not sure why theres a high pitch noise in our ears now.

...Um. That wasn't locked before. Maybe... Mom or Mari came home earlier?

...Maybe they're both home?

Okay, yeah we're in spooksville. Population: Us.

Those stairs... got considerably longer since we last saw them.

I do not know what kind of interior decorating our Mom did but I do not approve!

At this point, a soft whispering can be heard that begins to grow louder and louder as we continue down the steps.

We've got another knife... this one's real though. Not uh, a good sign to find a big knife like this just out and about.




WELP! Fighting a monster at the end of the stairs. Sunny, your world sucks! No wonder you've got a dreamland you stay in.

Running isn't allowed so we've somehow got to fight this thing.

Sunny has no skills right now, though even if he did we can't use them. Afraid is the final emotion we haven't seen yet. Afraid prevents you from using skills besides attack. Really bad especially when you're alone and have no one that can give you a better emotional state.

We are officially fighting "something". Cool.

Our attack did nothing while theirs hurt, even better!

And now, Sunny has an ability.


Well that was a terrifying experience just to walk down some stairs. Jesus Christ Sunny, the hell made you so afraid of stairs of all things?

We don't need this right now, but who knows we may get attacked by a toaster oven demon in the kitchen.

Sunny won't even walk in here. If the dude struggles to make it down some stairs, I can't imagine what hell lies in this room.

It's always weird to see a house without furniture that you've lived in for even a little bit. I moved around a lot as a kid so moving just became one of those things for me, but I never got used to the sight of carpet where furniture once stood.

"Also I left you a mace to fight the rug monster. Don't forget to not get too greedy in between dodges honey!"

Similar to the room next to the stairs, Sunny won't head into the backyard. Only place left to check is the kitchen.

Nice of mom to also leave gigantic glowing hands to let us know where the fridge and steak knife is.

I can't eat steak after it's been refridgerated. The taste is just... ugh. I'll always try and eat the steak fresh and save sides for leftovers if need be.

At least Sunny has SOME standards.

Grab the knife first, gotta cut it into pieces before heating it up so it doesn't leave a cold middle piece.



*sounds of someone noisly eating steak*

Look, I know a hungry person has to eat. But well done steak is only eaten by lizard people, and you're too human for that Sunny. That's why you're sick now. :colbert:

*sounds of barfing*

Well this night can't really get any worse. Sheesh, let's just head back to bed.

What? Who could that be this late at night. Is it Kel? Mom did say he was trying to reach us. Maybe he heard us and was worried?

Oh, hey Mari! Jeez, it's pretty late out! What were you doing to be out so late. Of course we'll let her in.


I was just kidding about the rug monster game!! You didn't have to make it real. Sigh. Let's just... go to bed.