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Part 6: In Space, No One Can Hear You Dream

Update 6: In Space, No One Can Hear You Dream


We've got our next objective - climb a really tall ladder east of the stump. However, there's still a couple more things we can do before then. Like talk to Van here.

Hey, Van? Is something wrong with Berly? She seems a little... upset.

VAN: Oh... you see... about that...

BERLY Sigh... let me explain.

Can't believe there's a pole here. What is society thinking? We truly do live in a

What are we looking at?

Yeah, I don't see it.

BERLY: Exactly! The tetherball is missing. Van here used his arms and wung too hard, and now the ball's gone far off somewhere... never to be seen again. I told you not to use your arms, Van. You gotta use your head... like this.

VAN: Sorry, Berly... Using my head all the time gives me a headache.

BERLY: That's 'cause you don't have a hard head like I do!

VAN: Oh! Something just hit me! I'm sure I saw the ball flying off somewhere in that direction!

Hey, don't sweat it, Berly. We'll look for the ball for you!

BERLY: Heh. You sure you want to do that? Vast Forest is a pretty dangerous place, y'know?

We just spent an entire update in the forest, I think we're okay!

BERLY: One time, I even got into a super grizzly brawl with this ugly plant creature with dead, empty eyes and a gaping mouth. I outwitted it, of course, being cool and smart and all. There's no monster in all of the universe that can outrun me!

VAN: Say Omori, why don't you and your friends go with Berly and keep her out of trouble. I'd go myself, but...


VAN: Oh geez, there's my cue... I'm coming, Happy! Be safe out there, you guys. I'll see you when you get back!

Come on Berly. Let's go find your Lost Ball. We don't have anything to worry about as long as we're together!

BERLY: Heh, sure. Just don't get in my way when I show off my totally amazing Headbutt skills!

Ugh. Let's just get this over with.

Berly joins our party... but in the same way that Basil did. No guest partymembers in battle I'm afraid.

South of where the train station is, there's this little alcove that has the ball.

BERLY: YOINK! Finally! Let's take this bad boy to the playground! I'm itching to play some tetherball!

Before we do that, let's step into the cave above us since we didn't see that on our last walk-through here.

A... flower bulb? We can't actually interact with these things for a while. Though if you try, they have a message "Something is struggling inside" which is enough for me to be okay with waiting to interact with them!!!!

BERLY: See ya later, alligators! I'm outta here!

Oh boy, does she. It's the sole reason we're doing this quest.

VAN: Yup, she sure is.

BERLY: I was thinkin'... since you were all so kind to help me out... I'm gonna be generous and teach you my special skill! But first, I got a question for y'all. Which one of you has the hardest head?

Well, DUH! That'd have to be Aubrey!


Whoa, chill out! No hard feelings... get it?

BERLY: Heh. That sounds about right! Alright Aubrey, I'm gonna teach you a skill, just between hard-headed folk like us. It's my specialty... HEADBUTT! It's simple really. You just run up to someone and...


That looks like it would hurt... and also mess up my hair. And also ruin my bow.

BERLY: Oh come on, Aubrey! Live a little! Having messy hair never hurt anyone. Hero is living proof of that.

Yeah you bet!

Hmph! Fine...

But if I'm doing this... I'm gonna give it all I got!

Erughh... I feel.... dizzy

BERLY: WHOA! NICE ONE, AUBREY!! I knew I saw talent in you. CONGRATULATIONS!! You've passed the test with flying colors!

...Huh? What's happening?

BERLY: From this day forth... I hereby declare you a bonadfide HEADBUTTER.

So yeah Aubrey learned to headbutt. A very useful skill where aubrey injures an opponent while also taking some damage herself, this becomes even more powerful when she's angry. It's maybe the best skill she has until the mid-game. This isn't the reason we did the quest though.

BERLY: And take this certificate. Show your friends. I'm sure they'll be proud!

This... this is why.

It's... so... WONDERFUL.

One last thing before we leave this area for now, the Foe Facts!

I remember having a bunny and I don't remember it biting me and reducing my life force by 25%.

Kinda amazing how just adding the "?" at the end makes me... cautious of this thing. Like we found this bunny as the only survivor of an expedition to the antartic.

Don't believe its lies.

Bosses are always foes.

When not being a literal God to the forest people, he enjoys sitting down and contemplating NOT being the God of the forest people.

Remember what Mari said, Omori! You're stronger than you think!

Don't worry, we'll be right behind you!

Yeah... and if you fall, we'll be right here to catch you!

Kel, don't scare him! You won't fall Omori... I promise!

Alright, it's only a ladder that goes into space. No big deal. Just breath deeply and don't look down.

Just a ladder. Just a ladder. Just a ladder.


Now let's climb this thing!

Man... I know there's a reason why we've never climbed this ladder, but I can't put my finger on it. It's on the tip of my tongue... Oh, well... here goes nothing!

Space Road 1979

So this ladder climb is long... like 60 seconds from this screenshot long. This is a very good reason as to why they've never climbed this ladder!

Where is who?

Hector, my pet rock! I swear I just had him in my pocket.


He must have fallen out of my pocket when I wasn't paying attention...

I'm sorry, Hector... I should have been more careful...

What's the big deal? It's just a rock, right?

Don't you dare say that! He's not just a rock... HE'S FAMILY!!!

Don't worry! I'm sure he'll turn up soon, Kel... probably

I sure hope so...

We're still only like half way up this ladder.

Remember the snake at the beginning that gives us an allowance of clams? This is him here, and if you talk to him he says "What a thrill". He should be happy we don't eat the thing. We're still not done with the ladder yet.

See In Your Fantasy

This area can't be reached from the ladder, we will have to come back here through another path.

Sugar Star Planetarium

It seems the mighty Hero has been defeated by the most villanous of all calamities - physical exercise.

Huff... huff... the ladder... it just... huff... huff... never ends...


That's one small step for Kel... and one large step for Kelkind!!

That's not how it goes!

You don't get to decide how it goes... You weren't here first!


What if somebody sees it?

No way! Look at this thing fluttering in the wind.

So majestic... so beautiful...


Huff... Huff... ONE... SEC... Huff huff... JUST .... huff huff.... Catching... my breath... actually... give me a minute...

... Nevermind.

That scene being so good can make you gloss over the fact that there was like 4 songs played from the start of climbing the ladder to the top. They'll reuse the first song at one other spot, but it's kinda amazing how much work went into the game to have a song be used for like 30 seconds in two areas during a 30+ hour adventure.

We will head to cattail field at a later date, we want to go to the campsite first thing.

Lost, Then Found!

Welcome to the Otherworld! Probably the best locale in the game. It's got this weirdness yet familiarity that makes it fun to explore. Most of the music in this place kicks ass too.

We'll check in with Mari before we go too far into town.

Welcome to Otherworld... an unofficial pitstop for weary space travelers and a popular family-friendly camping ground!

Ahhhhhhh... Don't you just love the smell of firewood? And the sound of running water? And the crisp space breeze?

It all makes the vast emptiness of space a little more bearable, don't you think?

...Damn Mari. I just wanted to say hi and you've turned into Plato. Anyway uhhh time for a picnic!

Our search for Basil has taken all of us pretty far from home. If traveling the universe is what you want, you definitely have a head start!

I wonder what kind of friends we will meet! What foes we'll face... It'll be an epic journey to end all journeys!

You're way too carefree about this, Kel... Did you forget that we're looking for Basil?

Remember? Our dear friend Basil who needs us?

Yeah, I know, I know... I'm just trying to be positive!

I have complete faith that we will save him! Besides, the heroes always win... Isn't that right, Hero?

Haha... Very funny, Kel...

I love these little scenes, y'know what I love just as much?

These mirror pictures.

Alright, now to explore this town!

Hmm, something seems... fishy here.

Oh sorry, I meant something is bunny here. They ask us to look for their son who ran away. I mean sure, but maybe you two should also be looking for him?

Heading next door to the dinosaur house (this is a big tee-off that this is a dreamworld made by a child if you read this sentence as normal), we find...

...A centaur?

Sadly, he's telling a smol lie because one of his trophies is for 2nd place in the "Most Horse" competition. Better luck next time kid.

The bright flashing object on the right is a Can... the house on the left meanwhile...

A Rose By Any Other Name

Ugh... this song. Its obnoxious intentionally (examining anything in this house gives a description of "this item is obnoxious"), but it gets even worse after playing through the game. We're going to be hearing it a lot.

PESSI: I got every piece of merchandise she's ever released... I got Sweetheart posters, figures, stickers, shirts, her entire discography, and anything else you can think of! I am certain you won't find a more thorough collection anywhere else in the world! Calling me a super fan is an understatement... I am the ultimate fan. Let me tell you about the time I almost met Sweetheart. We just happened to be eating at the same restaurant... It was fate, I think. We ordered the same meal too! Not like I totally saw what she ordered and copied her or anything. I even tried to pay for her meal, but I had just bought a newly released Sweetheart life-size statue the day earlier and couldn't afford to... Which I guess ended up being a good thing since that girl turned out to be some regular girl wearing a costume that kind of looked like Sweetheart anyway! Not like I couldn't tell in the first place. Only a poser fan would ever mistake a regular person for Sweetheart!

I don't like you Pessi, not one bit. By association, I don't like Sweetheart either. Also, you can see the life sized statue next to the bed.

This very pink room does make me think of strawberries though, so it's not a complete bust.

So what can we use that can we got on? Why, the recycling machine of course! Helping to save the environment and helping corporations keep costs down by paying a marginal amount for recycled goods! There's several items located in Otherworld that can be recycled here for a little bit of clams. That's not the real reward though...

Recycling is a Concept!

This is

You can also get some equipment if you turn in enough items, but that's for another day.

Only one building left to check here... and it's gotta be important - it's on a hill after all.

SPACE PIRATE GUY: The captain of the space pirates... The master of the Solar System... The prince of the universe... The one-and-only Capt. Spaceb- I mean... Err... You are entering the house of... Space.... Boyfriend.

Whoa, the captain of the Space Pirates lives here? THAT'S AWESOME!

I wanna be a Space Pirate too!

SPACE PIRATE GUY: Yeah, well... so did I... once. Space Boyfriend doesn't do much these days, so most of the Space Pirates got fed up and left with the main ship. It's just us stragglers here doing all of Space Boyfriend's chores and whatever. Yesterday, me and the guys spent the day cleaning and throwing away all of his trash.

SPACE PIRATE GUY: Sigh... I didn't leave my old job for this... I ain't no babysitter!

Awww, I'm sorry... That sounds awful. Maybe we can talk some sense into him.

SPACE PIRATE GUY: Oh, I wouldn't do that if I were you. Capt. Spaceb- I mean... Space Boyfriend's got two sides to him, you see.

We should at least try! You never know... He might know something about how to find Basil!

Or maybe he knows where to find my pet rock, Hector!

Yeah s-sure, that too.

What are we waiting for? Let's go see him already!

Sorry about your job sir.

It'll get better soon, I promise!

SPACE PIRATE GUY: Sigh... Thank you, little lady. I sure hope so.

The amount of people I've told someone with a shitty job "It'll get better soon" is immeasureable. The amount of times I've been told that - also immeasureable. Maybe jobs are just shit?

The Space Pirate Guy moves to the side to let us head on in to the Space Pirate HQ, aka the place Space B- I mean Space Boyfriend's apartment.

Lovesick 80,000 Years

Why hello fantastic new music! Make sure to give that link a listen, best song so far. There's a lot of space pirates here, all of them say similar things as the pirate outside. That the captain has changed and just lays in bed all day now ever since a lady friend stopped visiting. I'm sure our merry band of heroes can help him back to his feet!

Snazzy room. The captain is, in fact, stuck in bed mourning the loss of what was once a beautiful relationship. Well, let's wake him up and flash a bunch of smiles in his face! That'll cheer him up!

Uh-oh... Capt. Space- I mean, Space Boyfriend doesn't look so good.

Don't worry, I'll handle this.

Things that would make me worry: Kel saying not to worry.




Aww... He sounds so sad. There must be some way to help him.

Cough cough.... cough... Oh my Sweetheart... Where have you run off to now?

SPACE PIRATE GUY: Here, my guy. This'll cheer you right up.

SPACE PIRATE GUY: Huh? Why isn't anything playing? Oh no... The boombox... It's empty! He's never gonna wake up now! Or even worse... He's gonna wake up... angry. Oh, man... Oh, man... Where could that special mixtape be?

SPACE PIRATE GUY: Someone must have thrown away his special mixtape when we were cleaning!

What's the big deal? It's just a cassette, right?

SPACE PIRATE GUY: Well, you see... Whenever Space Boyfriend is away from Sweetheart, he gets really sad and lies in bed all day. The only way to snap him out of it is by playing his special mixtape. There's only one in the universe like it.

Oh, I see... Space Boyfriend isn't sick... He's... love sick.

SPACE PIRATE GUY: Sigh... If Space Boyfriend stays like this, the once-great coalition of Space Pirates will be lost for eternity...

Oh... man... that sucks.

Well... let's go!

Kel gave up on his dream incredibly quickly when faced with a task of "doing something".

Wait! Where are you going? We should help him out! You should know that it really sucks to lose something important to you.

Don't you dare bring Hector into this!

I'm talking about when you stole my stuffed toy!

I have a relative who's default face was a shit-eating grin. As such, no matter what calamity struck, they were always to blame for something going wrong because they'd always appear at the scene of the crime with a face that screamed I did it. And, of course, they usually did do it. Kel strikes me as that type of person.

Cough cough. Oh... Sweetheart... My perfect goddess... Cough... My sweet... jelly filled donut...

I think he's getting worse... What should we do, Omori? Should we help him?

Well, I mean, why should we? We're just assuming that he would happen to know where Basil is based off nothing more than conjecture. We'd be wasting our time helping this guy out for a cassette tape when we cou-


Alright fine, jeez.

SPACE PIRATE GUY: Thanks, my guys... I really appreciate it. Here take this.

SPACE PIRATE GUY: This key unlocks the Junkyard. The special mixtape should be somewhere in there.

SPACE PIRATE GUY: You can get there through this secret entrance to Space Boyfriend's backyard. Pretty convenient, eh?

Mighty convenient indeed! However, we've still got more of this locale to explore before heading to the Junkyard. Some side stuff before we tackle the main story...