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Part 7: A Trip To An Otherworld

Update 7: A Trip To An Otherworld

Lost, Then Found!

So we've got our next mission laid out in front of us! We need to head to the junkyard to get a tape to play for a dude in the middle of a breakup so he'll get out of bed. While I can't wait to play the plot of Hangover 4 in video game form, we do have other things we need to do first before we progress the plot.

For instance... I couldn't help but notice... something's... off in this picture. I just... couldn't put my finger on it.

Wait what?? I was talking about the dino house having a door to its stomach, the hell is this guy?



..........WHAT??!? Are we seriously fighting a freakin planet?? With muscleman arms coming out of it??

Our strategy remains the same as always - angry aubrey beats up a sad X. In this equation, we're putting "planetoid" equal to X.

The Aubrey headbutt animation is so good even for just regular enemies. Headbutting Pluto though? GOTY.

Each arm gets a move, so it can be a good idea to prioritize taking down each arm before taking down Pluto's body. Especially since the arms do more damage than the body will most turns... but where's the fun in that? Let's do a damage race!

Kel's the only one with a multi-target attack right now, so he'll be using this ability twice to see if we can knock out an arm or two at the same time. Sadly, he's only got 41 juice at level 5 and his ability costs 15 juice so... we won't be using it more than the twice.

I see someone has an inferiority complex about not being classified as a planet anymore. The good thing is that the stat buffs do not apply towards the arms, so if you took an arm down this won't bother you.

I didn't do that, because my head is as hard as Aubrey's.

My hardheaded sister comes through and knocks this planet out of the solar system. I completely missed this fight on my first playthrough and I don't know how. I must have been just utterly blind. This fight can't be done after you go to the Junkyard but you can still explore around and fight him. Good to do if you're struggling with him - He's definitely the first challenge the game has to offer.

...What? You don't get anything from the fight except the XP and clams. Except of course, the satisfaction of defeating a former planet.

Our first stop on the trip around the Otherworld is to the right of the dino home to explore more of the campsite.

I will Catch Up!

Ah, the junkyard is right above us. We didn't even need the backdoor! Stupid Space Pirates, they can't even navigate around the planet much less space!

Hey um, buddy... move out of the way.

Don't worry, happens to the best of us.

Hey um... can you move... like out of the way? We really need to get past you.

Oh forget it! There's more to see on this planet anyway!

For instance, there's a somewhat secret path that leads down here for us to take. Where does it go?

The inside of this TV of course! This lady is known as TVGirl, obviously because she can't stop watching TV! She's also got a quest for us, so let's talk to her and find out what it is.

TVGIRL: PWWWWAHHHH! Geez! Give me a warning at least, will ya? I don't get visitors very often, y'know! Oh, hey! While you're here, could ya be a real pal and help me get the stuff that's on this list?

TVGIRL: Did ya get all that? Everything ya need to find should be in the Junkyard. Thanks, buddy! I owe ya one. Huh? What do ya mean it was too fast for ya to read? Ugh... fine. Here's a list ya can look at for as long as ya want to.

Well jeez, why didn't you say you needed a Doohickey. I've got Doohickeys coming out of the whazoos!

TVGIRL: Got it down this time? I expect I'll be seeing ya again soon.

Not that soon. We've still got a bit before we even head to the Junkyard much less find this crap.

Ah good, we've found our first enemy of this area. Finally, the tune everyone's waiting for.

Three Bar Logos

So wormholes (har har) aren't that bad to fight. Kinda tanky HP wise but they don't really like to attack... except they do have this really dickish move where...

...they open up a wormhole and another enemy pops out. In this case, it's a UFO (Unidentified Flying Orange). UFOs are pretty weak only having 20 HP but usually pack a punch. They also like to show up in groups of 4 - 7 which can really be worrisome before you've beefed up a few levels. Easy way to fix them is Kel's followup to Hero, which does damage to all enemies. It's not a lot of damage but considering how low the UFOs HP its enough to usually wipe out most if not all of them before anyone has moved.

Another wormhole opens and it's the forest bunny's smarter cousin who went to college - the space bunny! Pretty much just the forest bunny but with better stats. Nothing really special to mention here.

After the battle, Aubrey learns a decent new skill - Counter! Using Counter forces enemies to target Aubrey next turn and she does damage in return back to the enemy. A handy move considering Omori's death is game over. That said, it won't get too much use outside of a boss fight here and there.

Hmm... that bunny looks... familiar.

DUCKIE JR: Back on my planet, you can hardly see any stars... When I grow up, I wanna be a space captain! Then I'll be able to have this view all the time!

Sounds great kid, just try not to date any supermodels or you'll be stuck seeing the other side of your pillow all day.

DUCKIE JR: Oh shoot... How long have I been here? Mom and Dad are probably super worried about me... I'd better head home quick!

And do you know where we should head? Inside the tent next to the COOL duffel bag.

...I suddenly feel like I'm back in elementary school.

Ok, I'm definitely back in elementary school.

Uh... sure why not?


JOCK JAMS: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

... Moving on.

So you may have seen this watermelon like creature outside. Well, it's not a watermelon!

It is in fact, one of the tougher enemies of the area. Deals a lot of damage and is kinda tanky to boot. The Venus Flytrap is somewhat common and should probably be avoided until you've gotten a couple levels. They can, and will, wreck your shit.

What's with all the traffic cones? Why would someone do this? Thankfully, Omori has his trusty knife here to solve this issue of littering... for the good of the environment!

Halfway through the cone jungle we find this... face indention. While obviously aliens did it, we don't know what it means. So until the day our History Channel special starts, we'll have to just leave this be for now.

Eh? What's the meaning of this Mole Sprout! Why did you get encased in the cones of traffic?

LONE MOLE: I went through all this trouble to isolate myself from society, and then you show up and ruin everything! YOU BETTER FIX THIS RIGHT NOW!!

Uh... maybe we should have talked to it? Convinced it that isolating is a bad thing? Then again, it is a Sprout Mole. I'm not really a fan of more of those things running around.

On the right side of the cone-ga line is a blanket, a nice little item of equipment that raises defense and HP.

Heading even more to the right takes us here, on the outskirts of the campsite. I'm not sure how people managed to park their cars on top of each other, but I can only assume it's another innovation brought to us by Elon Musk.

If we go into the open trailer we are greeted with a dance floor and a golden door. I'm sure you wouldn't believe me but look, there's a screenshot that proves it! It's real!

As is this, it's real too.


The golden door asks for a password... which we do not have. Ah well, there's only so many situations a moonwalk can get you out of. Now let's beat it, we aren't a smooth criminal, after all.

The telescope here lets you have a neat look at the sky. There's so much good art in this game that its worth it to stop and appreciate it when you can.

There isn't any cool easter egg by looking through the scope, just good art. And for me, that's enough of a reward

Ah is this the frozen lake that the parrot mentioned back by the campsite?

We are uh... not exploring this place right now! That's for sure!!

Thankfully, Mrs. Parrot lets us know that the Frozen Lake is even more southwards. This is just unamed landmark lake I guess; not famous enough to have a name.

:discourse:: Omoriii

So what does doing this unlock? Nothing. I love this game.

Blocking the path to the Frozen Lake is this lone Venus Flytrap. There's nothing special about fighting it other than it being as hard hitting and tanky as all the others.

Snow Forest: A Single Flower Blooms

I love how there's not any fishing going on about 20 feet to the left where there's plenty of water and no ice, but instead here where there is ice. Of course, maybe there's some good fishing to be done here?

Can you imagine have to scale and debone this? Gah, throw it back Aubrey!

Did we just find a ghost-house igloo? How does a ghost even build an igloo?

This just raises more questions!!

Oh... I get it. This is one... cool ghost.

This thing needs new batteries to work. We'll have to put it on the to do list, right above "Save our missing friend" and right below "Find a doohickey."

Ooh, a snocone joint! Don't mind if I...

DON'T, JESUS. Sno-cones are OP as hell, as well as expensive.

Thankfully Mari is here for us with some shaved ice. The best sister

Hey, Omori... Isn't this place pretty? The snow comes down so slowly, but all the pieces seem to fall right into place in the end.

It reminds me to be patient.

Hey, I know! We should go ice skating one day! Doesn't that sound fun?

Really, Mari? Shaved ice in this weather?

And what's wrong with that, Hero? It's so convenient! Shaved ice is way easier to come by than Sno-cones!

What's the difference between shaved ice and sno-cones anyway?

Well realisitically, there's not much of a difference... Sno-cones just have larger pieces of ice than shaved ice.

Larger pieces of ice, huh? Is that why sno-cones are so much more expensive?

I... I don't know, Kel! I can't really answer that one...

All this talk of shaved ice and sno-cones make me want one really bad, despite being in the middle of winter. I actually used to have a decent homemade sno-cone machine I used all the time. It was a birthday present, and my mom got a couple of syrups too and got a lot more when it turned out to be a nice summer snack. Good times...

That's it for the Frozen Lake... a lot of new assets for the game to use just for this small area. And people wonder why it took 7 years for this game to come out.

White Surf Style 6

One last thing is the only enemy we can encounter in this area are these snow bunnies. Cute as heck, but they (like other bunnies) don't do much damage. Alright, time to get back to our regularly scheduled adventure.

Sugar Star Planetarium

Welcome to Cat tails field. It's not that big, but feels a lot bigger thanks to how much blockers there are to moving around. Music is calm as hell though. While the music was good in the Vast Forest, Otherworld is where the music starts to come out of its shell. Best songs are yet to come too!

We can't do anything with this crow right now, but just keep them in mind for when we can do something about them in... 2 minutes.

They're somewhat hard to see, but there's a UFO in the bottom left part of the screen and half of one up top. These are the bunches of UFOs I alluded to earlier that come in groups of 4 or more. I'm at a good enough level that Kel is always going first so these aren't a threat (and actually a decent source of XP and clams right now). However, you may have missed that on account of the SHARK PLANE IN FRONT OF US.

These enemies are the toughest things you'll find around, as to be expected. A large HP pool, they can oneshot Kel if they get angry and boy do they like being angry! Keep them sad and wail on em. The only good thing about them is they'll occasionally waste turns picking their teeth.

In the southwest area we find this barn... why a barn? I have no idea. But it's locked so we're going to continue to have no idea.

Wow, Miss. You sure are tall...

PO: Thank you, little one! It's more of a hassle most of the time... but I do get a better view of the stars.

What! Being tall isn't a hassle! Everything is better when you're tall.

One day, I'm going to be as tall as you!

Yeah sure, Kel. Keep dreaming...

I was short as a kid and man I wanted to be tall so bad... and then I hit puberty and suddenly grew like two feet. It was weird to go from being short stuff to towering over people.

You mean, OUR donut.

The rimshot is in the game by the way. That's why Omori looks back at the camera.

Gah, another quest! Sorry Basil, you're gonna need to find yourself at this rate.

In the bottom middle of the fields, we find this scarecrow with a quest marker. Thus making them infinitely more interesting to me than any other scarecrow we may or may not encounter.

MR. SCARECROW: I apologize, but I'm afraid I must burden you with a task I cannot complete with my own capabilities. Quite recently, and suddenly, a rogue planet burst across the sky at an alarmingly fast pace. My three dearest friends panicked and flew off in separate directions... My three friends are crows, you see, and are not the most friendly nor welcoming of creatures. I'm a bit wary to ask such an immense favor from a complete stranger, but there aren't many who pass through these fields. If I may ask, would you be willing to help me find my dear friends?

Eh, sure why not! Sadly, we still can't do anything with these crows because if we try to talk to them, they just say we aren't charismatic enough. I didn't know crows could be so picky about these things!

Finally... you may recall seeing a new area when we were climbing up the ladder to space in the last update. Well... this is that area.

See In Your Fantasy

Welcome... to Sprout Mole town.

There's a lot of junk here, and no I'm not talking about the Sprout Moles. There's cardboard, computer parts, cans, etc,. Good for using on the recycling machine soon!


Incredibly, superbly, indubitably... intelligent creatures.

There's a lot more Sprout Moles out there somewhere, which I assume is where the devil has set up shop. Regardless, this mole talks about his brother... which we may need to remember in 10 updates!

Our final act before heading into the Junkyard will be to clean out our inventory of all the junk we found on the planet. There's a lot of things to recycle too, old cans of monster energy, cardboard clubhouses, used GTX 3080s. Just tons of garbage to recycle. Putting in a couple pieces of cardboard however...

We get the seer goggles! These raise hit rate by 200%, luck by 3, and defense by 1! They're really good and go great on someone you plan to make Happy. One of the better early game accessories, which is why it pays to recycle kids!

Now there's nothing stopping us from heading into the Junkyard...