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Part 8: Home Is Where The Junk Is

Update 8: Home Is Where The Junk Is

Just a couple of housecleaning things before we head into the Junkyard. First off, Duckie Jr was supposed to head back home to his parents who missed him but also could not leave the house due to a crippling fear of people realizing they don't have any scripting.

MR. DUCKIE: Can you stop running off, you little rascal? We're supposed to be on vacation! Give your old man some time to relax...

DUCKIE JR: Okay... sorry dad...

MR. DUCKIE: Thank you, travelers. My son said he wanted to give you something as a token of our thanks. Give them the gift, duckie!

We got a dandelion, a battle item that makes a friend/foe neutral emotional status. Not sure I ever really used it, but hey the real reward was uniting a family.

Speaking of housecleaning... looks like someone doesn't do that much of it here.

Gah! A dust bunny! These things are super weak, they're also pretty cute. I believe you can also find one in Basil's home on our return trip there. They're a bit more dangerous there since you can't oneshot them on our first term and they can blow up and cause decent damage.

Now that we've explored the entirety of Otherworld, we are ready to head into the Junkyard through the super secret path through Space Bo- ... Space Boyfriend's house. Speaking of which, why the hell is there a secret path to the Junkyard through this guy's house?

Space Road 1979

Wow, nice planetarium this guy has on a secret path to the freakin Junkyard. It must be nice to be rich.

Uh... I guess? I mean the Earth disturbs me every single day.

Omori Vs The World


Can't believe Omori caused 2016 to occur.

So this fight is actually really tough if you're not expecting it. The Earth hits really hard and, if you don't do a lot of fights on Vast Forest and come straight here without exploring Otherworld, this fight will kick your ass. That said, it's not too big a worry for us.

Mostly cause of this.

Just to flex, I get Omori to do a bread slice on the Earth. That's right, we're all bread now. The Earth has an ultimate attack that's basically our level 10 energy attack that damn near wipes the party, but thankfully it won't start using it until it gets really low on health.

Charm is similar to Aubrey's counter in that it forces enemies to target Hero... however Hero doesn't attack back. Kind of a crap ability except in niche circumstances.

SPACE PIRATE DUDE: Sigh... We've really done it now, dude...

SPACE PIRATE BUDDY: Buddy, you're not supposed to call him Captain anymore. You have to call him Space Boyfriend, remember?

SPACE PIRATE DUDE: Oh yeah, that's right...

SPACE PIRATE DUDE: Urg... AAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRG!!! You know, dude... Sometimes I wonder if we're even Space Pirates anymore. Ever since that Sweetheart came along, we haven't done anything cool! We should just quit and get real jobs.

SPACE PIRATE BUDDY: Don't talk nonsense, buddy! What is life for us if not the Space Pirate life? I'm sure the Captain will come to his senses one day and we'll all fly again. We just have to believe in him!

SPACE PIRATE DUDE: Sigh... Thanks, dude. You're always there when I need you.

As someone with a "real" job... I'm pretty sure I'd rather be a Space Pirate these days...

I will Catch Up!

The man with the GLORIOUS mustache is looking for some art in the trash. It's the best place to find some art, obviously.

Stardust Diving

Finally at the Junkyard and... why is there a key icon in the upper right corner? Game PLEASE do not do this to me. There's only one key, phew!!

This first little area has a couple of watermelons for us to loot. A healing item, a battle item and then...

It's not real gold, but it sells like it anyway. It's a completely useless accessory you can sell for a nice chunk of change.

Time to start digging!

What are we looking for again?

Space Boyfriend's Special Mixtape...


Hey look, I found a can!

Sigh... I guess that's a start.

The Junkyard has a lot of sparkling little dots that reveal items for us. There's quite a lot of them in this place, most of it is junk to be recycled but theres some healing items, equipment items, among others. It's true what they say, one man's trash... becomes vendor trash.

Here's two of the new enemies in the Junkyard. One above the yellow car on the left, and then another on the right side.

First up, the mixtape. It likes to slow people down before doing damage. So beating the crap out of them before they get a second turn is very viable. Harsher when it comes with a friend, since they can deal decent damage.

Like here, the DOOMBOX comes with a mixtape. DOOMBOXes were thrown out for not having the right RAM and are usually angry about that. This one is pretty happy about it, though. Still, keep them sad because they like to cast angry on themselves so keeping them sad makes them waste turns.

I haven't shown it off (because it'd take forever) but every enemy in the game has a different sprite for the 4 different emotions they can be. Just insane the amount of artwork that had to go into this.

Hey! We found the thingamabob! Just need the doohickey and whatchamacallit.

You might even call it... a roadblock... get it?

Not to worry, everyone! This big ol' block is nothing compared to my swing!

Hey Omori, you know how can you can cut roots and traffic cones? Well, you're not the only one with a special ability around here!

I, for one, can smash large blocks out of the way!

Kel and Hero have their own special abilities too... Although I'm not so sure about Kel.... hehe...

Let's welcome a new ability for us - TAG! Tag lets us change the leader of the party from Omori to one of his other friends to use their abilities to progress. You can also get different dialogue, some cool ass portraits, and a minor change in battle - instead of Omori's party it's Aubrey's party or Kel's Party, etc,.

The tag portraits are just so good. Check the bonus updates for the whole of them and then post your favorite. My favorite is a tie between Omori tagging Kel or Kel tagging Aubrey. The backgrounds change depending on the location you're at too! So much work into the art in this game...

Anyway... the point of tagging is to get rid of the roadblock.

The next area has even more blocks in the way for Aubrey to beat up. I usually like to keep Omori as the leader of the group... not sure why, I just prefer it.

Eh? Is that a desktop PC... with a CRT monitor? Good lord, those gigantic fucking things. I remember getting my first flatscreen monitor in the mid 2000s and wondered how I ever lived like a caveman before that.

OH GOD ITS ANGRY DIALUP!! Fuck, my nightmares have become reality. That fucking sound... that speed!!

It's only other move is to be so slow that it causes a character to hurt themself in frustration. The dial-up experience baby. Do you know that 3% of americans still have dialup? I know someone at work who has dialup because he lives so far out that he can't get anything better. First world country, by the way.

Alright! Another quest in the bag! We just need to remember to check in with Daisy next time we're at the park.

MR. CONVEYOR-BOT: Bzzt... Hmph... Rude person...

You can't just yell orders at people, Kel! Geez! Have some tact, will you?

Now, now... there's no need to fuss. I'll handle this one! Tag me, Omori!

Ahem... Greetings, Sir Conveyor-bot. My companions and I require your assistance in changing the directions of your converyors. Will you and your friends please help us?

MR. CONVEYOR-BOT: Bzzzzzzt! Ahh... Hmm... Nice person... Okay.

We'll take the bottom path first to be able to grab some items.

Like fresh ramen, straight from the source!


I uh... guess?

Flouring With You

This... is not going to go well.


Life Jam Guy gives us three life jams to use. So we'll go ahead and do that immediately before incurring its wrath again.

It's actually quite nice of the game to give you a full heal after that fight. It's a good joke, but it'd get annoying if it went "Ok, run along with no HP now!"

This is actually the cheapest source of life jam in the game. This early on it's worth picking up 1 or 2 uses of it.

And theres the key we need to progress... thankfully as I said earlier, this is the only instance of a key stopping progress. I want to believe they implemented the use of a key puzzle and then realized Oh God, what are we doing?? And stopped after the one time.

Before we leave, we'll stop in here to get a new weapon for Aubrey! New weapons in this game aren't always an upgrade, there are some that are sidegrades or just offer different stat buffs to let you choose how best to form your party. This one is just a straight up better item for Aubrey though, so it goes right on her.

Why would someone set up an altar in the Junkyard?

...Or it was just a figment of our imagination! I guess this whole world is too but eh, not too big a fan of that occuring.

After a battle or two, Kel finally learns Run N Gun! This ability allows Kel to use his speed stat to attack enemies instead of his strength stat. It costs 15 juice which is quite steep, but considering this ability just keeps getting better the longer into the game you go... It's a staple ability for Kel.

We're not that far into the game, and it already feels comforting to see a Mari picnic. It's quite good design by the game to make saves/healpoints be her picnic spots.

Yum yum, junkyard chicken! Just like momma use to make!

Ugh... This place is so gross and stinky! My nose can't take it anymore...

What's the rush, Aubrey? There's so much treasure around!

I'm gonna swipe as many cans as I can find!

Oh! And then afterwards, we should recycle them at a recycling machine! I'm sure we passed by one on the way to Capt. Space- I mean, Space Boyfriend's place!

Urf... Forget cans... we gotta find that special mixtape and get out of here.

Awww... Hang in there, Aubrey. You'll get past this.

If anything... just think about all the good recycling will do for the environment!

Yeah c'mon, Aubrey! Do it for the environment!

Aubrey brings up a good point, this place has to freakin reek! When I lived out in the country we had to bring our trash to a dump and man, I couldn't imagine how the guy who worked there could take it. The smell was just so awful.

The way forward is through the gigantic opening... lets head through this trailer first though.

Hey guys, would you mind moving out of the way? We would like to get into that trailer.

Well fuck you two, buddies.

Alright... well, there's no way around the gator boys so let's continue on...

What the hell, why is everyone so rude at this Junkyard? It's like they're all upset about being tossed aside for being useless.

Let's try throwing something at it! I'm sure that'll work.

Kel, everything has a weak point if your solution is "Yeah just toss something at its head." Hell, that's MY weakpoint (keep this quiet please).

Congrats Kel, you murdered that poor thing. Granted, it was in our way...

Before we go in here, there's something I want to grab around the corner.

It never gets old. The ramen that is, the joke doesn't either mind you.

This area branches out into a lot of different pathways that just lead to items for us to pick up. But one of the paths does lead to something interesting.

We still don't have the joke book, so the joke will be forced to remain... untold. The worst fate for a joke.

The Moon looks gigantic from here! This is the most beautiful place I've ever seen!

But there's so much litter around... How can you say it's beautiful?

Aubrey, Aubrey... Don't be such a wet blanket. Look at things on the bright side!

You know what I always say... "You just gotta wake up and smell the roses!"

You don't always say that!

You always got to stop to smell the roses - Walter Hagen - Michael Scott - Kel

Going around to land just below where we were, we find another key for hangman!

We also find a new weapon for Kel! Another straight upgrade as a weapon.

This is the first time that this issue comes up, but only Omori can pick up the keys. They blur out if anyone besides Omori is tagged in.


After getting the D, we don't get a special message afterwards. And in fact, if we check the hangman menu...

This was our first wrong piece. We have one line now, better not mess up too much now!

Hey! The Doohickey! Just need the Whatchamacallit now!

I know I've said this a lot this update but... WHAT.

It's no good. I can't even dent this thing!

Hmmm... hold on a sec...

This is cheese, isn't it?

Whoa, you're right! It is cheese!

Okay, guys. Hear me out. This might sound crazy but... What if... we eat the cheese.

If we all start now... We can probably finish this in a couple of hours or so!

Just a warning, though. Cheese gets me kind of gassy...


H-hold up, Kel. There's no need for that.

I think I may have the perfect solution!

Tag me, Omori. I know just how to handle this.

Are you going to charm the cheese away? Because I may not be able to survive such an event.


Oh My God

EMS: Oh wow, is this all for me? What a treat! How did you know that cheese is my favorite?

I don't have to guess, EMS! Everything is your favorite.

Everyone, this is Emily the hamster, but I just call her EMS! She's a good friend of mine.

You know what to do EMS!

EMS: I sure do! Be done in a jiffy!


How does all of that even fit in her body?

Beats me. I try not to think about it.

EMS: That was incredibly satisfying! If you are ever in need of any giant cheese-eating services again, you know who to call! Goodbye friends!

Couldn't have put it better myself.