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Part 10: A Happy Family

Update 10: A Happy Family

Such A Time We Had Together

???: H-huh? What happened? W-Where am I? W-who are you?

Hey, there! How are you feeling?

CAPT. SPACEBOY: Oww, my chest!

Oh no, are you okay? You got a little angry earlier, so we had to...

CAPT. SPACEBOY: Ah... I see... My other half must have gotten the better of me. I must apologize. Your actions were likely well-justified. I just hope I didn't cause you all too much trouble. I've been having a hard time controlling my emotions lately. I try my best to keep them at bay, but it's becoming much more difficult. Sweetheart... She was the love of my life... It's almost impossible for me to imagine life apart from her. I guess I'm a bit lost. This Special Mixtape is full of mine and Sweetheart's favorite songs. I put so much love into making this for her. Thank you all for returning it to me. This is still full of precious memories after all.

Eh... it's no problem... Well, not too much anyway.

Yeah, we're glad to help!

You just go ahead and get some rest.

CAPT. SPACEBOY: I'm afraid no amount of rest can truly heal a broken heart. I must find another way to get over this...

SPACE PIRATE BUDDY: I am so, so, so sorry, but I have very, very terrible news. Your favorite planet, Pluto, has escaped and we can't find him anywhere.

SPACE PIRATE DUDE: Don't be mad at us. We're sorry!

SPACE PIRATE BUDDY: P-please be gentle!

CAPT. SPACEBOY: Ah, I see. It's okay, you two. I'm sure even the planets get bored turning slowly all day. Perhaps Pluto was never meant to be a planet.

I remember as a kid I took it as a personal offense when they decided to no longer classify Pluto as a planet. I'm glad to see Omocat was also personally saddened by NASA's very cruel decision.

SPACE PIRATE BUDDY: H-huh? Really?? So you're not angry at us?

SPACE PIRATE DUDE: Do you mean it, Capt. Sp- I mean, Space Boyfriend?

CAPT. SPACEBOY: I sure do. Gather the rest of the crew. Let's go to the Frozen Lake and get some Sno-Cones. Resting in bed may not fix a broken heart, but eating Sno-Cones with friends might help! Also, you don't have to call me Space Boyfriend anymore. I'm Capt. Spaceboy!

SPACE PIRATE DUDE: W-Wait... does that mean??

SPACE PIRATE BUDDY: Right behind you, buddy!

CAPT. SPACEBOY: Who knows what would've happened to me and my crew if you all didn't show up?

Awww, it was nothing! We're just glad you're feeling like yourself again.

CAPT. SPACEBOY: You have my thanks. If you ever need anything from me or the Space Pirates, please don't hesitate to ask.

Actually... I can't believe I forgot about this, but... We're actually looking for our friend Basil. He wears a Flower Crown and always carries his photo album on him. Have you seen him around?

:sigh: So this entire thing has been a bust. I told you guys it would have been a waste of time!

Basil... Where could he have gone?

Sniff... sniff... sniff...

CAPT. SPACEBOY: Ah... Please don't cry, little lady! Here, take this.

Sniff... sniff... sniff... Eeeeehhhhh...

CAPT. SPACEBOY: Uh-oh... please, little lady... don't cry! Errr... Here, take this too!

CAPT. SPACEBOY: I used it to travel around on trains when I was a child... long before I became a Space Captain. If even I can go from traveling on trains to flying my own spaceship, I'm sure you'll be able to find your friend.

Sniff... sniff... Oh... Sniff... okay...

Yo Aubrey, keep crying! We may get a cool spaceship or something at this rate.

CAPT. SPACEBOY: Ah! Yes, hold on. I'm coming!

We'll talk about the follow-up improvements at another time. But all of them have gained some extra usefulness. First up, let's grab that E that just appeared.


Another correct key! We're really making progress with this thing!

Uh... sure I guess?


I've got to say, their use of tinnitus is really good and I hate it immensely. Also... I don't remember those blood stained footprints being there before.

Hello, everyone! How's the search for Basil going?

Well, Mari... It seems that we've taken a little detour. Just trying to help those in need, you know?

Look, Mari! I got a Sno-Cone Ticket!

Well, that's very nice, Aubrey!


Mari! Look what I can do!

I know, isn't it?!

It's so strange. We've searched all over the place, but we haven't seen a hint of Basil anywhere.

Oh, Basil... I wonder where he could have gone.

There must be something we're missing... Do you have any leads, Omori?

Hmmm, yeah... I wonder where he could have gone... Oh well, back to exploring!

Snow Forest: A Single Flower Blooms

Heading back to the Frozen Lake, we can catch up with the Space Pirates who actually do come here and don't just disappear into the ether. All the Space Pirates are just so happy to have the Captain back, except for one who's snow cone just tastes like ice.


See, sometimes violence works! That is to say, beating up someone who's threatening violence.

Turning in our sno-cone ticket lets us get a sno-cone! No need to pay 5K clams for it either! It's quite nice, and we're probably never going to use it! Well, we've got nothing else to do... so I guess we can follow those bloody foot prints. For some reason they scream... progress.

Uh... Basil?

Something... Behind You


Sugar Star Memories

After entering the portrait, we're taken to a stair case that seems to go on forever...


And we know what to do when we're here...