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Part 15: The Sun Shined Brighter When She Was Here

Update 15: The Sun Shined Brighter When She Was Here

Mari... It feels so long ago already. I still think about her all the time. I'm sure you do, too.

You know... When Mari passed away... Hero... Hero really stopped caring about everything. He didn't want to get out of bed for school or even eat. He stopped taking care of himself, stopped baking and cooking...

It was like that for almost a year. Mom and Dad didn't know what to do either. We all tried to help him and be supportive, but... nothing was really working.

One night... I went over to him while he was all huddled in his blankets and started saying stuff. Stuff like how we all miss him and how we want him to get better... How everyone is really worried... How Mari wouldn't want to see him like this. I thought I was helping him, but... Hero... Hero got angry. He suddenly got up and started screaming and yelling at me about a bunch of stuff. Some of it was pretty hurtful, too... but I think I blocked out a lot of it. His eyes were already super red... but the more he yelled at me, the harder he cried. I tried my best to calm him down... but whatever I said just made him worse. I'd never seen Hero do anything close to that before. It really took me by surprise. And I was so scared that... Well... I started crying too.

Eventually, Mom and Dad ran to our room and rushed over to hug him and calm him down...

But they... completely ignored me... Heh, heh...

I think that's where Hero got his sense back because he ran to me and hugged me right away. Just kept apologizing over and over...

But... at least Hero got a lot better after that. He started taking care of himself again... and focusing on school a lot more... and joining a bunch of extracurricular stuff.

He's naturally good at everything but he still works really hard, so I'm proud of him!

Anyways, sorry for the long story. I don't think I've ever told anyone that before.

It's not his fault, but... i still think Hero blames himself for Mari's death.

Hero's never visited here... Not even once. I know it really hurts, but maybe it might be good for him. I don't know...

Just setting the stage of this update with an appropriate story. After the fight with Aubrey, you can go through the back door of the church into the cemetery. There's a lot of headstones, but none of them say anything besides this one.

Hopefully Mari's in a better place :smith:


So uh, yeah. Kinda awkward spat there last time. The churchgoers all have something to say after the fight.

Don't you mean THE MAVERICK!?

You uh... don't seem too happy about that. You don't have to go with them, aren't you two like 20?

PREACHER: That girl Aubrey has come here every week for the past few years, but she never talks to anyone. I've tried to approach her a few times... but she keeps calling me... err... bad things... She seems very troubled. Perhaps she could use a friend.

Or at least, a different group of friends. Like say, that go on adventures in a dream world?


If you're not going to church because a teen girl who's upset at the death of her friend is there, I'm going to go ahead and say you may as well not go because you clearly aren't going to heaven.

I've always disliked when people said this, since the irony is... you are judging them. You're just trying to be self-righteous about doing so.

Ok, let's... uh, leave I guess. We still don't have Basil's album and we just beat up our only lead.

See You Tomorrow

This hasn't been a cheerful update so far, and this music is not inspiring confidence it will get any cheerier.

Did you see that? Aubrey just dumped something into her trash can! Let's go check it out.

Whoa! I don't believe it! It's Basil's photo album!

I can't believe she would just throw it out like that. It's a good thing we looked through this trash can.

But on the bright side, at least we have Basil's photo album now... and it only took us half a day, too! Talk about teamwork! How about a high five, Sunny?

As tempted as I am to put this to a vote as a honey pot to find out who the kel-haters are... we're high fiving him, c'mon.

We are uh, actually not going to do that just yet. Entering the church progresses us from daytime to afternoon time, which means we have some new things to do. Nowhere near as much as the daytime though. There isn't going to be an update dedicated to, I don't know... egging houses or something.

First off, we're going to head one house to the left for this coin!

And then we're going to knock on this door!

Geez dude it was just a coin! I'll give it back...

CLUMSY GUY: Oh... H-Heya! Um... Who are you? Wait! N-Nevermind that! I've got an emergency here! Sooooo... uhhh... Do you think you can help me out?

Well we started this relationship with you screaming in our faces, so who am I to say no?

... This is why you dragged us in here? Because your wedding ring fell off?

CLUMSY GUY: Crazy, right? You'd think this kind of thing only happens in movies... Luckily, my wife is still out for the day and hasn't found out about it yet. I've been trying to get it out for almost an hour and my fingers are starting to bruise... Sigh... I really don't want to tell my wife or my daughter, Sarah, about this. I'll never hear the end of it!

Alright dude... let's get it for you.

CLUMSY GUY: Hey, that's it! Thank you! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'll never forget this... I promise! You and any of your friends are welcome here at any time! I think I may have mentioned this before, but I have a daughter about your age. Her name is Sarah... She's probably in her room right now!

This is like the 3rd house that's given us the reward of "Yeah just come visit my house whenever you want". Anyway, let's go see Sarah!

PONYTAIL GIRL: Anyways, hi! I'm Sarah! It's nice to meet you!

I like her, she seems nice.

Alright, we're going to head back to the Faraway Plaza real quick... but first we're going to stop off on the street across from Sunny & Kel's, really quickly.

RED-GLASSES LADY: I'm having dinner with my children right now. Would you care to join us?

W-What the heck!? Is that Kel and Sunny at the door!? Why are you two standing in front of my house!?!? GET OUT OF HERE, NERDS!!

RED-GLASSES LADY: Kim! What has gotten into you, sweetie-pie? Sorry, boys. Perhaps you can join us for dinner at another time.

I don't think Sunny has managed to eat a single bite of food since the steak incident. Kid's gotta be hungry.

On our way to the plaza, we run into this girl again. Wasn't she the one who wished to meet her true love?


You may have witnessed my humiliation earlier today... but now is the time that I, THE MAVERICK, redeem myself once again!

Huh? What is this about now, Mikhael?

Grr... Curse you and your cheeky attitude!

...Really? A race?

I don't know... I'm pretty fast...

Hah! That's what you say now! But just wait until you see the results of my training!

I'm being serious, Mikhael. It's only fair to warn you... I'm fast. Like REALLY fast.

Hey, I know! To make things a bit more even, you can use your scooter if you want!

Come on, Kel! You've been talking the talk, but can you walk the walk!? Why don't you show me a real challenge!?

Sigh... I'm going to have to do this, aren't I?

Sorry, Sunny. This'll be really quick.

Huff... huff... huff... huff... wait... I... huff... I want a rematch...

I don't think so, Mikhael... I mean... It's getting kind of late, isn't it?

Huff... huff... huff... huff... Please... huff... huff... huff... huff... I... huff... huff... huff... huff... must... huff... huff... huff... huff... defend... my honor... huff...

Maybe another time... Me and Sunny are gonna go now... See you later, Mikhael!

I like that Kel's best stat in combat in speed and he's also really fast. Just one of those nice combat and story integration things.

Anyway, we're here for Hobbeez, but we'll also drop our coin into the fountain. Nothing comes of it, but eh maybe we'll manage to get a wish out of it.

Once we're here, a new guy has shown up in the middle of the store. We're going to want to talk to him, for reasons.

WRINKLY FOREHEAD: Confound it! I have no idea what I'm looking at here! Hey, you! You're young, right? Could a young guy like you help out an old guy like me? It's my son Jesse's 10th birthday tomorrow, and I'm hoping to get him something he'll actually like. Could you look around the store and pick something out for me?

We don't need to go for or do much for this, because what do kids love more than...

An M rated game?

WRINKLY FOREHEAD: I can't say I understand the appeal, but okay! Here's a cool thing I found while I was sweeping earlier... You can have it!

Oh, hey! Another one of these. We'll need to give it to Cris next time we see her.

WRINKLY FOREHEAD: Gah! This game's price tag is... Oof... my wallet...

Buddy, just be glad F2P games haven't been invented yet.

WRINKLY FOREHEAD: Sigh... Well... as long as my son likes this, it'll be worth it!

WRINKLY FOREHEAD: You know, I could use a consultant for things like this... My son doesn't like to talk about his hobbies with me, but I need to keep up with all this newfangled stuff somehow! I live in a small house on the street south from here! It's the one with the brown roof. Please come visit sometime!

I feel like this is the first house we've been invited to where it makes sense for us to actually go, since we're helping him understand his kid. Granted, we're being paid in seashells so who's really benefiting here?

Now then, there's one last thing to do in the Plaza before we're done for the evening. This can be hard to remember, but Mincy will be here during the evening, and you'll want to talk to her every chance you get.

Hey, stranger! Whatcha drawing this time?

MINCY: Hi... ummm... Kel!... and Sunny, was it? Sorry, I'm not so good with names. I'm just... trying to draw some fruit... but I'm not so good at it.

Yes, you are! I don't like fruit very much, but I'd eat those for sure! I bet Sunny would too!

MINCY: Hehe... Would you guys really? Thank you.

You're very welcome, Mincy. Keep going! You got this!

Kel's ability to make friends with literal strangers is unparalleled. Dude could probably turn his own hostage takers and convince them to take him out for a burger.

Now then, we're ready to visit Basil's house!

So that we can feed this cat some fish. We'll go inside soon, I promise!

Hi, Basil- Oh, wait. You're not Basil...

POLLY: Ah, I'm sorry! My name is Polly. I'm Basil's caretaker.

Oh, hey Kel. W-What is it?

Hi, Basil! We got your photo album back!

H-Huh? You did? Wow... Thank you.

POLLY: Basil! You didn't tell me you had friends coming over. Would you like to join us for dinner? I always seem to cook just a little too much.

Dinner? Sure, sounds delicious!

C'mon, Sunny! Free dinner!

Finally! The poor kid's already nothing but skin and bones.

A Home for Flowers: Empty

POLLY: Please make yourself at home! I'll go ahead and finish up the food.

Wow, it's been a while since I've been in here. You definitely have a lot more plants than you used to!

Ahh... Yeah. I like them a lot. Actually, there's some that are still alive from when you guys came here more often.

Wow, you sure are dedicated!

Yup, that's Basil for you... Flowers and photos...

Uh... he's right next to you Kel. Who are you talking to?

Ah! That's uh... I don't know.

It's been a while since you've looked through them, hasn't it? Come on! It'll be fun!

Umm... S-Sure... Okay.

There's a lot of gaps in the photos... but let's go through the ones we do have.


12/25 - Christmas

My first photo! It's my best friend, Sunny, trying out his new violin. He's starting to take lessons again so he can play at recitals with his sister, Mari. So exciting!


2/18 - My Birthday

Just Kel being Kel... So... Many... party hats...


2/18 - My Birthday

Sunny playing a video game on the couch. Sunny is a little shy, but he's a really good listener. I always end up venting to him when I get upset or stressed. Sometimes I feel like I'm bothering him, but he never seems to mind.



We're back from the park, but Kel is still full of energy. He challenged Hero to an arm-wrestling match, but we all know who's going to win... Please go easy on him, Hero...



Oof... Sorry, Kel... better luck next time.



Kel was still feeling a little sour about losing to Hero in arm-wrestling last night, so Hero decided to lean in for a smooch! Kel looks so annoyed. Ah, brotherly love...



Me showing Sunny a book I've been reading. Mari stole my camera and took this when I wasn't paying attention. I should really keep better track of my things.



It's all of us cuddling with Sunny's stuffed animals. He has so many, and they're all so soft! I wish I could just lay here forever.



Mari is teaching everyone how to make flower crowns! Here's Sunny and Kel holding Mari's example. It looks perfect, doesn't it? If only Mari thought so, too.



Hero's still making his flower crown. It's taking him a little while, but he's getting there. You have to admire his persistence!



It's raining super hard today! The rain always seems to come out of nowhere during springtime. Aubrey asked me to take a picture of her with her new raincoat. It's her favorite color, pink!



Aubrey won't let Kel under the umbrella, but Kel seems to be taking it just fine. He says he likes how the rain tastes.



Just Kel being Kel again... We went to Hobbeez, but the shop owner told Kel to leave his jacket outside since Kel was getting all his comics wet. Sorry, Shopkeep.



It's been pretty busy with school lately, but we finally made time to get together and go to the park today. Here's Kel hanging his legs off a tree. He's such a good climber! I wish I was as fearless as him.



It's the first day of summer vacation, so we all wanted to celebrate by going to the beach! Watermelon is Aubrey's favorite.



Kel cooling off with some refreshing Orange Joe! I shouldn't get too close or he might get my camera wet. Kel is known to spill his drinks.



We buried Sunny in the sand! It took forever, but he looks like he's enjoying himself. I wonder if he's going to need help getting out. I guess I'll keep him company until then.


7/20 - Sunny's Birthday

Yay! Sunny is turning 12 today! Even though me, Sunny, Aubrey, and Kel are in the same school year, Sunny is younger than all of us. He's the baby of the group, so we have to take care of him!


7/20 - Sunny's Birthday

Sunny holding a super huge present, from Mari and Hero! Hmm... I wonder what it is.


7/20 - Sunny's Birthday

You can't really tell from the photo, but Mari and Hero got Sunny a giant building block set. Sunny seems much more interested in the box though. He acts just like Mari's new kitten, Mewo!


7/20 - Sunny's Birthday

Sunny won't leave the box, so Kel put a food bowl inside. I guess this box will be Sunny and Mewo's new home.



We're going beetle-catching today! Here's Kel, ready to pounce on his next victim! Oh, and Sunny is there too. He looks kind of sleepy.



I went to the bathroom, and came back to this photo... Kel says he took a picture of himself on accident, but I don't believe him...



It's the first day of school today! Me, Sunny, Kel, and Aubrey are up bright and early. Aubrey is so photogenic!



Sigh... Goodbye, summer! Until next year...

Maybe Aubrey kept them for herself... We'll have to get those back later.

On the bright side, look how short I was. Haha! I know I've grown at least a foot since Hero left for college. I can't wait until he comes back...

This year, I'll finally be the taller brother. Heh heh!

Anyway, don't sweat it about the missing photos, Basil. Me and Sunny will take care of things for you.

You just focus on going back to your happy, carefree self.

Yeah, that's how it works Kel.

Yeah, sure! I'll help! I got some experience helping my brother cook and stuff.

POLLY: Oh, that would be lovely. Please, follow me. The kitchen is this way.

We now have some freedom to move around a bit, so let's talk to Basil.

O-Oh! H-Hi... Sunny... It's nice to finally see you again... Haha...

W-Why... are you staring at me like that? U-um... Sunny? Is... is everything okay?

I do like that Sunny is a true silent protagonist, and says literally nothing. You just don't notice because Kel talks so damn much that he never notices and neither do we until now. :v:

Soup and veggies!? Sounds nutritious and delicious!

POLLY: Y-You really think so? I was afraid you'd be a bit disappointed... People always tell me that my taste is a bit bland...

Don't worry about what other people think! All food is good to me! I'll eat anything you throw at me!

I have a feeling Polly is one of those people who think mayonnaise is just too spicy.

Here's Basil's room. A lot of plants, as to be expected. Nothing interesting to really interact with though.

Over on the left hand side, we uh, just barge into Basil's grandma's room. She seems to be soundly asleep and can't talk however. The only point of interest here is the glowing flower in the middle...

Oh, Sunny... I didn't expect to see you in here... Haha...


H-How are you doing, Sunny? Is everything okay with you?

... Okay.... N-Nevermind, then.

Grandma can't hear us, you know? She hasn't been feeling very well lately...


It's already been four years, hasn't it?

... ... ...

It's nice to see that you're still around... even if it's only for a little while.

I'm trusting you with it, okay? I just think... you can probably use it more than me.

A lot has happened since these pictures were taken. Sometimes, it feels like it was all a bad dream.

It's hard to remember now, but... I think... at the time... I took photos of what I was most afraid to lose.

Flipping through this album, you can still see the good times... Maybe one day... things can go back to the way they were before.

Well... at least it makes more sense for Basil to be such an anxious wreck now. Still, I wonder why he'd give us the photo album? A going away present?

Everything tastes so good! You're the best, Polly!

POLLY: Oh, it's nothing... I'm just following Grandma's recipes. Thanks for your help, Kel.

Munch... munch... munch... munch... So as I was saying before, Polly... Tomorrow... munch... My older brother, Hero's finally coming back from college. My mom's all crazy right now preparing the house and everything... munch... Don't want to be anywhere near that mess. Although... munch... I am pretty excited to see him... munch... Every time hes comes back, the first thing we do is compare heights... This year is the year... munch munch... that I'm finally going to be taller than him... I can feel it in my bones!

POLLY: Hehe... You and your brother seem close. That's good... family is important!

Oh, hey! What'cha doin' with Basil's photo album there, Sunny?

O-Oh... I... gave it to him. I just thought he should have it.

Whoa, really? Munch... that's so cool of you. Makes sense, especially since Sunny's moving away and all.

W-What? Sunny's... m-moving...?

Oh yeah! I thought I already mentioned it... munch... I must have forgot. He's moving in... three days, I think? Sorry, I thought you already knew.

O-Oh... Uh... No, I guess I must have missed it... Sorry, um...

M-May I be excused? I... I have to go to the bathroom.

What's up with him? Well... that's just how it is. When you gotta go, you gotta go!

POLLY: Basil's been going to the bathroom a lot lately. I hope it's not my food...

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say the lady that thinks spices are a dirty word isn't making food thats causing gut problems... Let's go check on Basil, maybe we can help calm him down.


O-oh... It's you... Sunny... You're here... I'm so glad... You... You can see it too, can't you? Something... behind you...


We should uh... get out of here, Basil.

Cool, cool. We seem to have a group haunting going on. That's cool. Hey, Kel? Let's leave!!


So yeah... Anyway, Polly, if you ever need me, here's my address. I live just down the block!

POLLY: Thanks, Kel. You're sweet.

Heh, heh... Oh, it's nothing. Say goodbye to Basil for me!

It's now past 10 PM. The game doesn't give an exact time, but if you go to the plaza - several stores say they close at 10 PM. Though interesting enough, the pizza joint turns into... an adults only gathering. Anyway, let's flee the hell-home for the comfort of our own hell-home.

At night time, you can't do anything besides go home. Trying to knock on any door gives a message of "You shouldn't disturb other people this late", and nothing new appears in the plaza or park besides a metric crapton of cats.

Sorry for all the trouble. That was a pretty crazy adventure, huh?

I can tell you haven't talked to anyone in a while... but that's okay! It just takes practice!

Anyway, Hero's coming back from college tomorrow, so I'm sure he'll want to see you before you leave.

So... if you don't mind... I'll be coming back for you again in the morning.


Sweet dreams, he says before sending us to hell.

Just our normal, every day house with bottomless pits, creatures from the void, and a hellish red light that makes you want to burn for all eternity!

I wasn't able to get it to trigger, but after clicking on a certain amount of boxes you can see the message...

Don't you recognize your own home?

I hate this jumpscare with a passion. :argh:

We're here for the knife, it's... comforting to us.

With the knife back in tow, we can cut away these cobwebs and head to our room.

There's a door on the left side we haven't seen before... we can't reach it though. There's just pits surrounding it.

Same as the last time we tried to go on the stairs... they seem to be infinite, but also we now get attacked by these huge spider legs as we climb it. Did I mention the only soundtrack is the sound of crawling spiders and whispers?

Something is Hanging from the Ceiling


I hope you aren't afraid of spiders! Because Sunny is, and if you are too, that's gonna make this fight even harder to get through!

Just like in the last Something fight, Sunny's attacks do nothing damage wise. The Something-Spider always opens by reducing Sunny's speed so it can go first.

Calming down is the only skill that's ever available when scared. That's worth remembering for later.

And SQUISH! That thing can get the hell outta here. Phew, I'm not really afraid of spiders but I can imagine for those that are this whole area is something that makes them really... connected to Sunny.

Let's just get the jumpscare out of the way before bed.

Jeez this guy won't leave us alone.

Heading to the kitchen, there's... a creepier jumpscare here.

Living here... doesn't seem that comfortable for Sunny. But do you know what is comfortable?

His bed.