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Part 23: So Close, Yet So Faraway

Update 23: So Close, Yet So Faraway

As soon as Sunny wakes up, we can hear knocking at the door... Kel could have at least waited till we brushed our teeth before starting his all day knocking. We've also got another voicemail from mom, so we should check that out.

Hey Sunny, it's Mommy. Are you doing okay? You haven't been answering my calls or responding to my voicemails! If you keep ignoring me, I'll start to get worried again! I hope you're pacing your chores... I don't think even I could finish everything in one day! Did you end up visiting Kel? If not, it's alright... I understand. Just take things at your own pace... By the way, can you check the closet downstairs and see if there's anything you want to keep? We'll probably just throw away whatever you don't want anymore. There's only two days left before I come pick you up. Ok, that's it for now! Mommy loves you! Bye, honey!

Oh yeah, the chores... we should probably get started on that...

Kel's going to have to wait, we don't want to get a cavity! Though I'm a little confused about Sunny's mom telling him to clean out the downstairs closet, because...

It'd be kinda weird to decide to not go out today, though also understandable... we did get in a 5 fights yesterday... twice with one of our closest friends... Still, we're committed at this point.

HI, SUNNY!! Top of the morning to you, heh heh.

Well... More like noon, actually. It turns out Hero's not coming back until around dinner today, so I thought I'd drop by a little later.

Mom is having me buy some stuff at Faraway Plaza before he comes back, and... I thought it might be funner if we went together!

Did you want to come along, Sunny? Of course you do! Come on, LET'S GO!!

Finding Shapes in the Cloud

First off, see that yellow cat? We're going to need to be back to buy some food for it. It's a very hungry cat and I'm very hungry for 100% completion.

What the heck!? What happened here!? Dangit... It must have been Aubrey and the scooter gang...

... Sunny, be honest! Do I smell?

Sunny didn't say anything, and I'm separated from you by a computer monitor so if you do smell, it doesn't bother me!

Let's see... I'm pretty sure we gotta stop at Gino's Pizza and the bakery in Othermart... Lead the way Sunny!

Similar to how we needed to go to Hobbeez first on day 1, we really need to take care of Kel's chores before we can do a lot of stuff in Faraway... granted, there's also less things to do on day 2 compared to day 1.

That's... a lot of scooters. We uh, may have some trouble today! Also the school principal and Kim and Vance's mom are talking in front of the fountain. Though their conversation is apparently too boring for Sunny to even eavesdrop on.

Hey, Sunny... I just remembered something.

Do you remember when we were kids, me and you used to sneak out of the house to go to Hobbeez in the middle of the night? We could never get up for school on time the next morning, and Hero and Mari would always ask why we looked so tired.

I'm sure they suspected something, but I'm glad they never told our moms...

We were pretty adventurous back then, huh? Haha...

Outside of that story, there's nothing new in Hobbeez... well, wait who's that in front of the comics section?

Sunny, you really need to see a therapist.


So... munch... munch... munch... We're still on to go to our secret hangout spot today, right? I'm gonna bring my fishing pole! Made it myself... out of a cool stick and a jump rope yesterday. Do you think it will work, Charlie?


Heh. So we're going to our secret hangout spot? That's a perfect date spot! I'll be sure to bring one of my special ladies.

Swimming... munch... munch... munch... munch... munch... Sounds... munch... munch... munch... munch... munch... munch... munch... munch... fun.

Well! While you're all foolin' around being babies, I'm gonna be busy skipping rocks! I've been looking for the perfect rocks all week!

Heh. Munch... You can try all you want, Kim, but you'll never beat Aubrey's record!

Shut up, Mikhael! Like any girls would actually wanna go to the lake with you without you paying them!

I told you to call me THE MAVER- ACK!! I BIH' MA' TONGUE!!





Welp! We've located the scooter gang. We should probably maintain some distance with them...

CLUMSY GUY: Sigh... I really shouldn't get anything though. Last night, my wife smelled pepperoni on my breath and got really mad...

In case you don't remember, this is the guy who's wedding ring we had to fish out of the drain.

...And this is the girl who's got a crush on THE MAVERICK. She's with her mom who says her daughter is coming back from college tonight. She must be riding the same bus as Hero.

Hiya! I'm here to pick up an order!

PIZZA MAN: I see! What would you like? Oh... I know... Would you like... pizza?

I think my mom phoned in an order for a Hero Sandwich this morning! I'm just here to pick it up.

PIZZA MAN: Oh... I see... You're the family that keeps ordering sandwiches... instead of pizza...

But... it's... on the menu, isn't it?

PIZZA MAN: Hmm... yeah... you're right... I guess so... Okay! I'll go get it!

You'd think it's because of some really cool reason like he saved a puppy when he was a kid or something... but no... He just really likes sandwiches!

I kinda like that his name is from a mundane reason than from being an actual hero. It'd ruin Hero's character for me if he was actually some Hero rather than just a dork who likes sandwiches. Also, I've always assumed the non pizza items on the menu are for people who lost the "Where are we eating tonight" challenge and just getting something they liked. It's kinda funny to only order a sandwich from a pizza place. Though I've never had one, so maybe they're good?

Cool, thanks!

Alright, we're good to go now, Sunny! I'm ready when you are!

Now we just need to get the cookies from the bakery in Othermart!

While we really should get going... who can resist poking a hornet's nest?

Sunny and Kel! What are you doing here!? Don't you know it's rude to bother people while they're eating!?

EWWWWWWW... It's a nerd! Grumble, grumble... Leave us alone! We got no business with you today!

Munch... munch... munch... munch... munch... munch... munch... munch... munch... munch... munch... munch... munch... munch... munch... pizza.


Ah' bih' ma' tongue....


Not a wordy bunch today. Though I also don't like talking when there's pizza in front of me.

Before heading into the store, we give another $10 to Guitar Guy for a total of $20.00. I'm not sure how expensive a bus ticket is in the 90s but jeez.

I Think My Dad Shops Here

And by store, I of course meant the hardware store.

STRANGE MAN: Why does this even matter? It all looks like trash to me anyway... Ugh... I hate decisions... I think I'm gonna throw up...

If choosing a floor lamp is too hard a decision for you that you may throw up... well, you may be the next protagonist of a game based on how this one has gone.

GRUFF GUY: Hey, kids... How's your day bee? My day's been going okay... This stubborn leak is making my life hell. I was tweaking around with it more last night, but it's just gotten worse! Maybe it's time to call a professional...


GRUFF GUY: Urgh... No... What am I saying!? My pride won't let me do that! I have to fix it myself! I'm coming back for you, you stupid leak! GYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

That guy's going to get his house condemned.

Hey... uh... Sunny... Let's go somewhere else!

Oh, hi Dad! I didn't see you there! Heh heh... Come on, Sunny... Don't we have that really important thing we gotta go to? yeah... We should go! Don't want to be late!

KEL'S DAD: Oh, alright then. See you later, champ!

I'm glad the music title was foreshadowing. I also like that his Dad's name is just "Kel's Dad", it's kinda funny when games have characters who don't get names beyond their relationship to a main character. It fits for kid characters though, since as a kid, you don't really care about adult names. There isn't anything else to do in the Hardware store, and you don't even need to come here in the early part of day 2.


Let's go to the bakery! My mom placed an order there!

The bakery is in the back next to the fish lady, we visited it for a short time on Day 1 but it was closed so we didn't really investigate it.

... Sunny this is really starting to worry me.

THE OTHER TWIN: Fresh bread...

THE TWINS: Would you like some fresh bread?

... You seem like a happy bunch.

MRS. BAKER: I hope one day my children will be able to carry on the tradition of managing this bakery... It would mean the world to me and my husband!

Are you uh, sure that your kids want to do that? Your two kids seem to be one step above Sunny in terms of depression.

Hiya! I'm here to pick up an order!

MR. BAKER: Hmm... Ah, yes! Your mother said you'd be coming... though I expected you to be here a bit earlier. I'll go grab your order!

Seems like he's making a pretty big effort to stand out and be different!

Cool, thanks!

Alright, we're good to go now, Sunny! I'm ready when you are!

We're now good to explore the Othermart for a bit before leaving and exploring Faraway again.

Yeah... neither do I. Though I assume it's just some small talk. We pick up some fish from the lady behind the counter and continue on.


lightrook" post="513568931 posted:

If I'm reading it correctly, the conversation is something like this:

Thick Eyebrows: Hi Mom*! How are you today?

Othermart Lady: A bit busy, but I'm okay. How is Joy?

Thick Eyebrows: She's studying right now, and working very hard!

*It literally says "mom" but it's used as a figurative term of endearment and not in a literal sense. I'm only asterisking this because I'm not personally familiar with hearing it used this way, but the Sinosphere is big and my contact with it is small so what do I know.

Thanks to Lightrook! She is actually Eyebrow Man's Mom so it was some small talk as I thought.

High Fructose Headache

God, this place gives me a headache. Still, we've got someone to talk to here.

MINCY: Kel! Sunny! Nice to see you guys again. It's going well... I'm just drawing all the different kinds of candy in here. They all look so delicious. I don't think I'll be able to resist buying a treat for myself.

Your drawing looks great! You should show the owner, Miss Candice! I'm sure she'll appreciate it.

MINCY: O-Oh, really? I don't know... should I?

Yeah, for sure! Sunny thinks so too!

Mincy, you should definitely show her... or else I will!

MINCY: Oh, no! P-Please don't!

Nah, I wouldn't do that to you... But I really think you should when you finish it.

MINCY: Ah, okay... I will...

Go on ahead, then! You got this, Mincy!

Mincy will be at different places for every afternoon and evening during our time in Faraway, and she needs to be talked to for all of them. She can be real easy to miss too. I ended up finding her in my first playthrough on several occasions, but if you miss one then she quits talking to you. It kinda sucks, even if it makes sense.

Well that's everything, and just in time, too. It looks like the sun is about to set!

Let's go back to my house. Hero should be coming home any time now!

Yeah uh, not yet. While there isn't as much to do today, some things got unlocked for us to do now. First off, let's actually visit the park!

Where We Used to Play

There's a lot of trash strewn about the place. I don't know how so much trash got everywhere one day after we cleaned the whole place up.

Wait, who's that running around the court?

Man, these hallucinations are everywhere today Sunny.

WRINKLY FOREHEAD: This is the first time I've seen so many people taking the initiative to pick up trash! Makes my job a whole lot easier... Har har... Something about them seems kinda fishy though...

Man, this guy bought a brand new game for his son last night on a janitor's salary? That could not have been easy.

There are two hobos in the park that will now ask for money, I give them both $10 since we're swimming in money now (I did all the jobs again offscreen). Also, it looks like the all-american family is having a cookout!

ALL AMERICAN GUY: Mmm... I can almost taste it now...

ALL AMERICAN MOM: Dear, pay attention! The patties are burning!

ALL AMERICAN GUY: Oh shoot! Thanks, hun. That was close!

The blue haired girl takes the seashell we had on us, but doesn't say anything new otherwise. Hope she enjoys the picnic!

Hey wait... Basil?

H-Hey... Kel... Hey... Sunny...

'Sup, Basil? Nice to see you out and about! Are you feeling better after yesterday?

Huh? Y-Yesterday? W-What do you mean?

You had a big stomach ache, didn't you? That's why you had to go to the bathroom...

A-Ah... Oh, right... Yes, I feel much better now.

Did you want to hang out with us today? Sunny's not going to be around for much longer, you know...

...I don't know...

M-Maybe tomorrow...


Awww. Don't worry. you don't have to force yourself. We can always catch up later!

...Yeah, you're right...O-Okay then...

See you laten then, I guess...

Even after seeing him in the bathroom yesterday... Something seems... off... with Basil.

That's it for the park, there is a woman sitting behind the apple guy who talks about the great view, but this is a family friendly LP so we will not be indulging in such filth.

Since we are such outstanding young men, we can just waltz right in to this house like we own the place. We're uh, going to need to tutor the kids again.

SMART-LOOKING BOY: I've been cramped in this room all summer... I keep hearing the other kids hanging out outside, while I'm at my desk with my nose stuck in these worksheets! Sigh... I just want to go out to play at the park! Even if it's just for a day... My mom said she would be out running errands all day today, so this is probably the only chance I'll get! Could you help me finish today's worksheet?

Yeah, sure kid.

SMART-LOOKING BOY: R-Really!? Wow, you're the best tutor ever, mister! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Finally... I'M FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

How hard could this be anyway?

7 + 2 x 9 =

  1. 81
  2. 25
  3. 126

  4. B

    5x^2 = 80. What does 'x' equal?

    1. 4, -4
    2. 10, -10
    3. 8, -8

    4. A

      Compute the standard deviation of the following numbers... 43, 47, 53, 39, 40, 60. Then give the z-score for a value of 100, rounded to the nearest third decimal.

      1. 7.000
      2. 47.474
      3. 7.461

      4. C

        That last one fucking sucks, because the answer is the standard deviation not the z-score. The good news is these questions don't matter if you get it right or wrong, you just need to complete the worksheet. The answers for the day 1 worksheet do matter. Now to go finish the other worksheet...

        SMALL GIRL: Ummm... Sorry... This may seem kind of selfish of me, but... You see, my dad isn't home today because he's out running errands. I've been studying in my room all summer, and I just want one day to play at the park. Could you please finish my worksheet for today so he doesn't notice? I promise I'll be home before it gets dark, so please don't tell him!

        Sure kid, we helped the other kid get out of his work, may as well help you too.

        SMALL GIRL: Ah, I thought so-

        SMALL GIRL: W-Wait... You mean you'll let me go? Oh, thank you, mister tutor! You're the best! Yay! I'm really going to the park! I wonder what I should do first... I know! I want to play in the sandbox! Hehe.. I can't wait! Thanks again, mister! I'm going to go have some fun!

        Who's ready for some bullshit?

        In the sentence, "This glass of lemonade is __freshing", which prefix is correct?

        1. Dis
        2. Un
        3. Re

        4. C

          What is the correct abbreviation for the word 'weight'?

          1. wgt.
          2. wt.
          3. W.

          4. A/B

            What word means 'to move forward on the hands and knees'?

            1. Slither
            2. crawl
            3. Walk

            4. B

              Having a question with multiple right answers sucks, and I hate it. I assume that's one of the reasons day 2 answers don't matter for achievements or for in game progress. We can go visit the "old lady" who we helped out with medicine on day 1. She says shes only 64 years old and has had 7 kids... jeez. Her oldest son and youngest daughter are still at home. Though only the son is home right now... and I plan to not see him again.

              The artist needs help finding their dog, which we will of course help them do... now where would a dog go if they ran away...

              Vist another dog, of course!

              Now to head back and make sure he made it home.

              Looks like it!

              ARTIST: Sigh... Lucas... Don't worry me like that. Hey, did you send Lucas back here? I'm sorry for the trouble. Here take this.

              It's another accessory that does nothing, like the cool glasses or the fedora. Though they do serve as a nice signifier of having finished that person's storyline. We can also talk to Lucas for some more trash too!

              We can visit the house next to Aubrey's in the day time now, since we helped the husband with the wedding ring the previous night. It's kinda amazing how many little threads are in this game.

              Sounds like not all is well in paradise. Though of course, it's over a diet.

              GRUFF GUY: Heh, heh... I really appreciate it. Come on in! I'm almost done fixing this dang leak!

              What do you mean, almost? That looks even worse than yesterday!!

              GRUFF GUY: And good riddance!

              ... Now you need to call a contractor too.

              We'll take that, though! That's seashell number 3! We can go visit the church and graveyard again... but there's nothing new to see. The Preacher and caretaker do say that they feel like the spirits are howling in the graveyard... and something bad will happen. I didn't expect a man of God to be so superstitious! There's also another coin in front of the church we can use to toss into the fountain!

              Finally, if we head back to the park, we can see the tutored kids playing around.

              BLUE-HAIRED GIRL: Thanks for collecting all these cute seashells for me! Here's something I made for you. My friends made one for me when I left boarding school on the island... so I thought I could share that feeling with someone else! I hope that seeing it reminds you of your time here! Good luck with everything! I'm sure you'll be fine!

              D'aww. Here's what we get for finding 3 seashells - A seashell necklace. There's 6 of them around Faraway, so you can find them in different ways. I didn't find the third one until later, so completionism does help!

              And here's why it's so good. This is, as far as I know, the only accessory in Faraway that raises stats. It's quite good too! I'd equip it in Headspace if I could.

              The last side thing we're doing today is feeding that orange cat. We get some bubble wrap which does... Um, something? I don't know to be honest. And Google turns up nothing either. Regardless, it was necessary to feed the cat to continue the questline. But with that, we've finished all of the daytime adventures on day 2! Let's go to Kel's house and continue the story.

              I was supposed to bring everything back around noon, but I got carried away doing other stuff and... Well, you know how it goes.

              But anyway, I thought of a solution for this!

              So... I think... You should walk in first. That ways, she'll see you first and get all excited. And most importantly... she'll forget to yell at me! See? It's a win-win for everyone! Heh, heh! Got it? Okay, let's go!

              We always walk first anyway, so I guess it makes sense to take advantage of that.

              Now that we can finally go in Kel's yard, we can talk to Hector - a very good boy

              Thrifted Tchotchkes

              KEL'S MOM: What took you so long, Kel? I sent you off hours ago! How long does it take to get a bunch of sandwiches-

              KEL'S MOM: Oh my, is that Sunny? It must be! It's so good to see you again! But dear... You look so thin... Have you been eating properly?

              Here's the stuff you asked for, Mom! Hurry, Sunny! Let's go upstairs to my bedroom!

              KEL'S MOM: Now wait just a second, young man-

              Bye, Mom! See you when dinner is done!

              Quite a nice house they have. There's a lot of pictures though... like a lot. Left door is locked and Kel asks us to hold it if we try and go to the bathroom, so to Kel's room!

              Well, here it is... Make yourself at home! Look! I got a basketball hoop and a boombox just like I always wanted. Here, I'll play a song for you!

              YO DJ PUMP THIS PARTY

              Yup, it's pretty sweet.

              Mom won't let me play it too loud, though, because she says it's bad for Sally.

              Oh, wait! You haven't met Sally yet, huh?

              Heh, heh! Guess what, Sunny! I'm a big brother now!

              Sally's my baby sister. My mom will probably bring her downstairs around dinner time. She's really small and really cute, heh heh!

              Huh? I wonder who that could be?

              We should go see who's at the door, but first...

              I'm getting my money back, dammit!

              Now then, let's go see who's at the door...