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Part 24: My Hero

Update 24: My Hero

Huh, that looks like Polly at the front door.

Before we go see if it really is Polly at the front door, we need to head to the dining room by way of the kitchen. Why, well...


That, obviously. Though I don't remember the plastic fish I had as a kid playing that song. It played Don't worry & Take me to the river. Why were those things so prolific in the 90s?

This is our true reason to come in here, to snoop.

Watcha diggin' in my mom's bag for, Sunny?

This is what we're diggin' for!

Whoa! My mom had pepper spray? That could come in handy if we run into any trouble. Good thinking, Sunny!

Hopefully your mom won't run into any trouble. This item is required later if you want something to go your way... You'll see shortly.

POLLY: I was just wondering if you know where Basil is. I thought he might be with you.

Basil? Hmm... We did see him at the part earlier, but that was a while ago.

POLLY: If you see him, can you tell him to come home? I'm really worried about him.

Of course, Polly! We'll be on the lookout.

POLLY: Thanks... I knew I could count on you guys!

Basil's missing today? I have a bad feeling about this... especially with Aubrey and the scooter gang around. Maybe we should try to find him before it gets dark.

Can we go look for him, Mom? Pretty please?

KEL'S MOM: Well... That girl did look awfully worried. Sigh... Okay. Just make sure to be home by dinner! I don't want a repeat of last year!

Basil being missing could mean nothing... but it's best to look for him anyway. Before we leave, we can look around Kel's living room and you really want to investigate that painting they have in the corner.

It's a very nice family portrait! Though Kel in a suit feels... wrong...

Being able to search for Basil does free you up again, in case you missed anything. But I wouldn't recommend waiting this long. You should really get all that stuff taken care of before you enter Kel's home.

Let's start with where we last saw him, over in that corner.

Man... where could Basil be? I don't see him anywhere.


Sunny... Did you hear that? I think that was Basil!

Where is his voice coming from?!

Hold on a sec... I know this area! Basil's voice is coming from our old hangout spot!

The entrance should still be somewhere around here!


What the heck are you yelling for, Basil!? You're making a scene!

This place is our secret hangout spot! You can't be here, because you weren't invited!

Dangit, Basil... Be quiet! Someone's gonna find this place.

Yeah, we're not trying to hurt you! We just want you to get out of here!

Why do you always show up? How did you even find this place!? C'mon Aubrey, we gotta defend our turf!


Grr... Go away, Kel! You're not welcome here! This is our spot!

Oh, this is your spot now?

Well, this used to be our old hangout spot... Wasn't it, Aubrey!?

... Fine... If that's how it's going to be, then at least stop bullying Basil.

We weren't even doing anything to him. He just started screaming for no reason!

Yeah, sure you weren't! Why should I believe you?

We're telling the truth! Stop being such a self-righteous prick!

Come on, guys! Let's make sure this is the last time these two mess with us!

That sounds good to me! I'm right behind you, THE MAVERICK!

... ... ...

Let's settle this, Kel.

If you and Sunny are gonna pick a fight with me and my friends, you got one!

Come on, gang... LET'S TEACH THEM A LESSON!!

Swirly 1000x

So uh, this fight is impossible. Well, it may be theoretically possible to win, but it's really not worth trying. Sunny does literally 0 damage and Kel does like 1/20th of their HP per turn. So how do you win, since there's an achievement behind winning? Well, remember that pepper spray we picked up? That's how you win! However... I'm going to show that off later. Personally, I feel like the story takes a better turn from losing the fight rather than winning. The results are still the same - but the post battle dialogue is much better, in my opinion.

Whoa! We really did it... The evil foes have been defeated!

Dang... Sorry, Sunny... Why did I think we could take on six people at once?

Even if they're a bunch of dweebs..

It's over, Kel. Leave this place.

You don't belong here anymore.

No, I won't!

I can't just leave here knowing that this is the person you've become. I mean... What would Mari think?

Why do you keep bringing her up?

Do I have to keep saying it? Mari is already dead!

Can you stop it with that? And while you're at it, drop the tough guy act too!

I don't believe you when you say you don't care about us anymore.

Don't listen to him, Aubrey. He's just spouting crap like usual! Right, Aubrey?


Sigh... This isn't fun anymore... I wanna go home. Let's get out of here.

You said it.

You coming, Aubrey?


Oh... Okay. Catch you later, then.



Why!? Why do you guys keep coming back? I just want you to leave me alone!

Sunny... Why? Why did you show up now?

We just want you to stop messing with Basil! What's your deal with him all of a sudden?

We used to be friends! We all used to be.

Where were you when Mari died? WHERE WERE ANY OF YOU!?

What the heck, Aubrey! What are you doing!? You've taken this way too far!

W-Wait, hold on! I didn't mean to-

Sunny! Don't worry about Aubrey! I'll keep her busy... Just go help Basil!

Get it through your thick head, moron! I'm telling you it was an accident!

So uh... just need to go help Basil...

What... could be so hard about that...?

Gotta... save our friend.

We've been here before... The doors are all locked, so only one way to go...

Dear Little Brother


Something is in the Water


We take damage upon the start of the battle, and feature a SOMETHING fight against what appears to be an inanimate object. Our first step, as always, is to calm down.

That's quite a good ability on Sunny. We'll need to keep using it to make it out of here.


Hmm... It looks like Basil's breathing is steady... but we need to get him somewhere warm, quickly.

Yeah... He's had a rough day. Let's get him home as soon as possible.

That's enough. Don't you think you've caused enough trouble? C'mon, guys. We gotta go!

We can't go back to talk to Aubrey... let's get Basil home.

See You Tomorrow

This has not been a good day...

His breathing is stable... He just needs a change of clothes and a warm bed.

POLLY: Okay, I can do that... Quick, come inside!

Sure thing.

Phew... that was intense. I hope Basil wakes up soon.

Hey, Kel... Hey, Sunny... It looks like Basil's gonna be just fine. I heard from Mom that Basil was missing and that you two went looking for him.

When I was running around the park, I heard some commotion coming from our hangout spot.

I guess I got there right in the nick of time. So what was happening back there?


Aubrey... She pushed Basil into the lake.

What? That was Aubrey back there? No way... She wouldn't do that to Basil. I'm sure there was some kind of misunderstanding.

She's not the same anymore, Hero! She's become all messed up after you left for college.

Aubrey... What happened while I was gone? Maybe I should have never left.

It's not your fault that this happened.

Things could've gotten a lot worse if you didn't show up!

We've got Hero back in the party, if we can just get Aubrey back, the whole gang will be back together

Before we leave, we can go into Basil's room to check on him and see how he's doing.

Poor Basil's been through so much these past few days...

Basil... You must be tired. Please get some rest... We'll come back for you tomorrow.

... Basil seems to be bothered by more than what's going on with Aubrey. Dude's been a nervous wreck since we first met him yesterday.

Even if Hero ended up saving the day, I think you deserve some recognition too. How about a high five?

Saying "No" to these should put you on watch-list for alien-based lifeforms.

Just like on day 1, day becoming evening opens up a lot more things for us to do. Day 2's evening probably has more to do than Day 1's evening... some of which is quite important to set up future events. But for now, let's head back to Kel & Hero's house and leave the side stuff for another day. Hero coming back is pretty cathartic, and we should stick with that storyline right now.

Oh... is that...?

Oh hell yes!

I'm sure it's been noticed before, but Hector has a mustache and it owns incredibly hard.

Thrifted Tchotchkes

Sorry, Mom... We got held up... But the good news is we found Basil and he's safe.

KEL'S MOM: Hmph! I'll have you know... I spent all week preparing the chicken roast for tonight's dinner... And... sniff... it's gotten cold...

Oh mom... please don't cry...

Don't worry, Mom. That's what microwaves are for!


KEL'S DAD: There, there, honey... Cheer up... Today's a special day... There's no need to be sad. Look! Hero's back from college! It's good to see you back, champ.

Thanks, Dad.

KEL'S MOM: Sniff.. Oh, your dad is right. This is no time for sniffles. It's good to see you back, Hero! We've all missed you so much!

KEL'S MOM: Ah, it sounds like Sally is awake! I'll go get her.

KEL'S DAD: Come on, boys. You must be hungry. Go on and help yourselves to dinner!

Damn, that's some nice looking dinner! That one Hero Sandwich takes up a whole portion of the table to itself.

Look Hero, we got your favorites... some chocolate chip cookies and a big ol' Hero Sandwich!

Aww... How sweet... It's... exactly the same as last year...

We pick up the chicken to go put in the microwave... We should honestly probably put it in the oven with how big it is, otherwise the middle will still be cold.

Phew... Now that everything's calmed down... We can finally relax a bit.

It's so good to see you again, Sunny! It really has been way too long!

Oh, and it's good to see you again too, Kel.

So Sunny, I heard from Mom that you're moving away soon! That sounds so exciting!

Yeah, he is. Tomorrow's gonna be his last day with us.

You learn a lot moving to a new place, and it's nice to have a fresh start! I'm a little sad to see you go, but it'll be okay as long as we keep in touch.

Sigh... We sure did have a lot of memories together. Sometimes I miss those days... Lazing around... Eating food... Drinking juice...

Yeah, we did everything together. We went to the park, the lake, the beach... But honestly, what I miss the most is hanging out at your place, Sunny!

You guys had everything... A big TV, all the newest toys, a grand piano... and, of course, our very own treehouse!

Oh yeah! The treehouse was awesome! I wonder if it's still there. Is it, Sunny?

Looks like the food's done! Let's eat in the living room. We can continue chatting there!

By the way, Hero... Basil gave Sunny his Photo Album yesterday! Did you wanna see it?

You have Basil's Photo Album on you? Sure, let's look through the album while we eat dinner!

We've already seen this before, I'm going to be reposting it below in case you want to review it since it's been quite a while since we actually took a look at it! Feel free to skip it, though.


12/25 - Christmas

My first photo! It's my best friend, Sunny, trying out his new violin. He's starting to take lessons again so he can play at recitals with his sister, Mari. So exciting!


2/18 - My Birthday

Just Kel being Kel... So... Many... party hats...


2/18 - My Birthday

Sunny playing a video game on the couch. Sunny is a little shy, but he's a really good listener. I always end up venting to him when I get upset or stressed. Sometimes I feel like I'm bothering him, but he never seems to mind.



We're back from the park, but Kel is still full of energy. He challenged Hero to an arm-wrestling match, but we all know who's going to win... Please go easy on him, Hero...



Oof... Sorry, Kel... better luck next time.



Kel was still feeling a little sour about losing to Hero in arm-wrestling last night, so Hero decided to lean in for a smooch! Kel looks so annoyed. Ah, brotherly love...



Me showing Sunny a book I've been reading. Mari stole my camera and took this when I wasn't paying attention. I should really keep better track of my things.



It's all of us cuddling with Sunny's stuffed animals. He has so many, and they're all so soft! I wish I could just lay here forever.



Mari is teaching everyone how to make flower crowns! Here's Sunny and Kel holding Mari's example. It looks perfect, doesn't it? If only Mari thought so, too.



Hero's still making his flower crown. It's taking him a little while, but he's getting there. You have to admire his persistence!



It's raining super hard today! The rain always seems to come out of nowhere during springtime. Aubrey asked me to take a picture of her with her new raincoat. It's her favorite color, pink!



Aubrey won't let Kel under the umbrella, but Kel seems to be taking it just fine. He says he likes how the rain tastes.



Just Kel being Kel again... We went to Hobbeez, but the shop owner told Kel to leave his jacket outside since Kel was getting all his comics wet. Sorry, Shopkeep.



It's been pretty busy with school lately, but we finally made time to get together and go to the park today. Here's Kel hanging his legs off a tree. He's such a good climber! I wish I was as fearless as him.



It's the first day of summer vacation, so we all wanted to celebrate by going to the beach! Watermelon is Aubrey's favorite.



Kel cooling off with some refreshing Orange Joe! I shouldn't get too close or he might get my camera wet. Kel is known to spill his drinks.



We buried Sunny in the sand! It took forever, but he looks like he's enjoying himself. I wonder if he's going to need help getting out. I guess I'll keep him company until then.


7/20 - Sunny's Birthday

Yay! Sunny is turning 12 today! Even though me, Sunny, Aubrey, and Kel are in the same school year, Sunny is younger than all of us. He's the baby of the group, so we have to take care of him!


7/20 - Sunny's Birthday

Sunny holding a super huge present, from Mari and Hero! Hmm... I wonder what it is.


7/20 - Sunny's Birthday

You can't really tell from the photo, but Mari and Hero got Sunny a giant building block set. Sunny seems much more interested in the box though. He acts just like Mari's new kitten, Mewo!


7/20 - Sunny's Birthday

Sunny won't leave the box, so Kel put a food bowl inside. I guess this box will be Sunny and Mewo's new home.



We're going beetle-catching today! Here's Kel, ready to pounce on his next victim! Oh, and Sunny is there too. He looks kind of sleepy.



I went to the bathroom, and came back to this photo... Kel says he took a picture of himself on accident, but I don't believe him...



It's the first day of school today! Me, Sunny, Kel, and Aubrey are up bright and early. Aubrey is so photogenic!



Sigh... Goodbye, summer! Until next year...

It's too bad that some photos are missing... Aubrey stole the album from Basil, but we got it back. Maybe she has the rest of the photos.


H-Hey, Hero, what's up? Are you okay?

Yeah... I-It's just that... Well... Mari isn't in any of these photos.

Oh, you're right... She isn't.

Sigh... Still, this album really brings back some good memories. Things were a lot simpler when we were all kids... Haha...

Sunny, I have a favor to ask... Do you think you could let us see your house one more time before you leave?

Oh, that's a good idea! But you gotta convince Mom first.

She's probably gonna be kinda mad about you not spending enough time with her and stuff. You know how she is...

SALLY: Pweee! Ubuuuu...?


KEL'S MOM: Stop it, Kel! You're scaring her!

Ahem... So... Uh... Hey... Mom... We were wondering if we could go hang out at Sunny's house today, since he's moving away soon.

KEL'S MOM: Oh? But you just came back! And it's already so late. What about spending time with your mom?

I'm going to be here for the rest of summer, and Sunny is leaving the day after tomorrow! We have plenty of time to catch up...

KEL'S DAD: I think it's okay for Hero to spend some time with Kel and Sunny. I haven't seen Sunny around for a long time now! It's been a while since the boys have had the chance to hang out. I say we should let them.

KEL'S MOM: Sigh... Fine, then. You boys can have your fun... But Hero has to wash the dishes with me for the next week!

S-Sure... I guess... I can do that.

KEL'S MOM:Hmph! Alright... You're free to go! Come on, Sally. Let's leave your mean ol' brothers alone. They don't want anything to do with us, do they, Sally?

KEL'S DAD: Don't fret about your mom too much, Hero. She just misses you, that's all! She'll feel better after she calms down... You guys go off and do your thing! I'll make sure she's okay.

The parents in this game are all pretty stereotypical or one-dimensional. It wasn't just our mom who seemed to be a stereotype. They all seem to be different 90's sitcom stereotype parents. Regardless, let's head back outside.

Before we head to your house, let's go to Fix-it and get some flowers for her! I know she'd really appreciate that.

Oh, Hero... Always a momma's boy...

And there's our excuse to be able to wander around again. Hero wants to go to the hardware store before we go to Sunny's home, so we'll continue next time with some side stuff before we head to Sunny's house. Besides... I think we could all use a break.