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Part 26: The Boys Night Out

UPDATE 26: The Boys Night Out

Thrifted Tchotchkes

We're here to give Kel & Hero's mom some flowers to... diffuse her being upset about them wanting to spend the night at Sunny's house.

However, we haven't been back in their room yet... and Kel has a score to settle.

This again, Kel? I thought we were over this!

Come on, Hero! Let's stand back to back like always!

Their models are literally the exact same height, so let's give Kel the win here. I think he wants it more.

Hahaha! Looks like I'm finally the taller brother!

Wow... My life feels so complete... Yet, so empty...

I guess you've really grown up while I was gone. It's too bad your grades are still coming up short though...

That's uncalled for, Hero! Smarts aren't everything!

Heh, heh... I'm just teasing you... I think you're smart too, Kel! Smart in your own way...

Haha! Yeah, that's what I thought!

Kel may be simple, but man if he isn't a good character.

Hey, Mom... I got you some flowers!

KEL'S MOM: O-Oh... Are these for me? They're beautiful. Thank you.

KEL'S DAD: Ha! Hero, you're such a charmer. Just like your old man!

KEL'S MOM: I'm sorry for overreacting earlier. I know Sunny is moving away soon... Try your best to keep in touch. Friends are harder to make the older you get!

Mom... That's so depressing... We'll be fine!

KEL'S MOM: Yes, I'm sure you will be. Take care, Sunny. Know that you'll always have a home here!

And with that... it's time to head over to Sunny's place. Hopefully Hero still isn't scared of spiders...

Jeez, it really got dark while we were talking. As before, nighttime locks off everything except Sunny's house. Well... almost everything.

If we head back to the Hideout spot, Sunny has something to say to himself.

We already heard about this from the Lost Library, from Sunny's retelling of it. Seems like it really stuck in Sunny's mind... Now then, it's time to head to Sunny's home. Let's hope this time our house is less... spooky.

It's been so long since we've been inside your house... even though we live right next door. Time really flies, huh?

Yeah, it does.

Let's go inside. After you, Sunny!

There used to be a couch here where we'd watch TV. We'd all come over every weekend and watch cartoons in the morning.

Yeah, and this is the stain from that one time I spilled my Orange Joe! Mari got so mad at me...

Well, that's because her cat stepped in it and walked all over the house!

Heh, heh... Oh yeah, huh?

That's okay. Maybe we can come back tomorrow.

WAIT, I HAVE AN IDEA!! What if we just stay over for the night?

It's gonna be our last time in this house forever, right?

And when will be the next time we can spend the night with Sunny like this?

I'd love to, but Mom's not gonna be too happy about it.

She'll be fine! I'm tired of waking up at night 'cause of Sally's crying anyway. You're gonna wash dishes with Mom for an entire week, aren't you? You deserve this!

We get control back for a bit, but let's head to the kitchen really quick for a quick scene.

Looks like you still have some chores to do before moving away, Sunny. Don't worry, I can handle it! I never know what to do with myself in the mornings anyway. Just think of it as a parting gift!

Dang Hero, is there anything you can't do?

I wonder if the piano is still there. I'll go on ahead and see!

Hero must be mistaken, we've already established that:

Still, we should... follow him into the room that Sunny refused to go into earlier.


Hero's Piece

Haha, I guess I still got it. Hey, Sunny. That reminds me! Do you still play the violin?

Oh... It's not here. I guess you already packed it up.

There was this song you used to play with Mari... It still gets stuck in my head sometimes, but I don't remember what it's called.

You two would play it over and over. We'd even hear it from our house sometimes! What was it again?

Hmm, I know the song, but not sure what it's called.

Interesting... the piano in the Lost Library had the same etching. I wonder what it's significance was to Mari? Or if it's just the manufacturer's name, the significance to Sunny?

Yawn... Man, all of a sudden, I'm getting really sleepy. Maybe we should call it a night.

That sounds good to me. I have to get up early for my morning jog anyway!

So where should we sleep, Sunny? Probably somewhere in your room, right? I remember you used to hate sleeping alone.

Yeah, that sounds fun! We can sleep on the floor if anything! Let's go find some blankets!

:siren: Do You Remember? :siren:

Oh yeah, that's right! It's the main menu theme, thanks for the reminder Mar-

Uh wait, where is that coming from?

If we head into the hallway, we can still hear it playing... but there's nothing in the piano room.

Though... heading into Sunny's Mom's room... we can see this. It's... quite haunting when combined with the music. :smith:

There's only two ways to get the hallucination to stop. Go to Sunny's room, or...

Get a different hallucination. Everyone knows that you can't experience an auditory hallucination if you're experiencing a visual hallucination! Seriously Sunny, see a therapist.

Hanging with the Boys

That's a cool ass pillow fort.

This was all Kel's idea. I had nothing to do with it.

By the way, Hero... Sunny and I got you a gift!

It's Papa Chip's Chip-Off-The-Old-Block Cookbook! Do you remember this?

Of course I do! Man, I remember when I wanted to be a cook... It seems so silly now.

Hey, you were pretty good at it! And you can still be a cook, Hero!

Ah, it's okay. I don't have time for that anymore.

Haha... I don't think it works that way, Kel-

He's such a fast sleeper... Always been that way, I guess.

It can take me 30 minutes to an hour to actually fall asleep. I envy anyone who can fall asleep the moment their head hits the pillow.

Thanks for letting us sleep over, Sunny.

I bet it's been pretty hard in this empty house... especially without Mari. I'm sorry I couldn't be there for you more...

Everything feels so different now... but it seems like you've pretty much stayed the same.

It's kinda relieving to be honest... haha!

A-Anyway! Sorry for ranting. It's getting late. I'll probably head to sleep soon too.

Good night, Sunny! I'll talk to you in the morning.

We could go explore our house again, but there's nothing to look at. Sunny's had another busy day, the second of which in nearly four years. Let's get him to bed...