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Part 31: Around the Headworld

UPDATE 31: Around the Headworld

So... we're going to skip the Deep Well for a little bit. We had an update dedicated to new stuff after beating Space Ex-Boyfriend, but we couldn't have one right after Sweetheart due to the Last Resort Shenanigans. Thankfully, the game opens back up after you reach the Deep Well which lets us go on a bit of an exploration.

First off, we're gonna head back to Basil's place to water his plants. They're in need of a bit of water, as you can see! At least half of the flowers had died, so we came just at the right time it seems.

Basil's house itself... does not look pretty. There's a sinking hole in the middle of the place, surely not a sign that something is very very wrong. Not to mention the mysterious and creepy shadow creature that looks like Basil that's roosting here now. The music that plays here is still Basil's house theme... but it's severely muted. It's playing at like 10% volume, enough to unsettle me. It's quite a good atmosphere, even if I hate being here.

Now then, we can actually take this joke fight down thanks to a new ability Aubrey got that's already got some use -

Power Hit! It completely ignores the defense stat when doing damage, which allows Aubrey to completely bypass it's max level defense and do damage directly to the tree's health.

It takes about 6 or 7 rounds of only Aubrey doing damage for it to finally go down. Our reward is 500 XP and...

...Nothing else! What's the point of doing this? Nothing!!!

You may recall this shroom creature from the Forest, right next to the Train Station. It gives us a Dandelion in thanks for waking it up. How quaint.

We can jump on its head to reach this area and talk to these... things? I'm not quite sure what they are, but they give me a strawberry smoothie, so they have to be good!

If we head to the Pinwheel Forest, there's a ghost hiding up here that we can give a map to.

Nice! We've found two so far, just four more to find.

Moving on from the forest and to the Otherworld, I turn in the computer parts collected from the Last Resort and we hit 25 items recycled! That gives us a cellphone - which gives +10 defense. That's actually quite good and would be a boost of 33% to Omori's defense. However, I subscribe to the "Best Defense is a Good Offense" way of warfare, so I'm keeping the rabbit foot on Omori.

While we're in the area... I came back to the Junkyard to be able to record the joke here in the Joke Book... but we have some other business here too. This little nook has one of the ghosts we need to find for the Ghost Party!

Nice! We've already got three of the six we need! We're making good progress!

A long time ago (Oh God, it was 23 updates ago), we ran past this point and there were two Gator Guys blocking the way to this trailer. Now, they do move away once you get the EMS scene, but the Junkyard was dragging at that point and I figured now would be a better time to go in and see...

A scarecrow. That's right - the top secret scarecrow. This object is the key to Mr. Jawsum's takeover of the world, and we've discovered it!

Or it's a glorified sound effects board with some dialogue over it.

We have to change over to Kel to be able to throw things at the scarethrow and you hear a random sound effect. I'm not gonna post any of them, most sound like stock sound effects. What I will post is...

The scarethrow will say something after three throws... and of course, there's nothing stopping us from continuing to throw things at him. After all, he's got no limbs of his own.

Hmm, nah.

He continues to have dialogue after every 3 throws... so we're at 12 throws here.

These ellipses are the Scarethrow trying to make you think he's out of dialogue... but nope! There's a lot more stuck in that straw.


...Alright I'm starting to feel bad, but alas we must continue.

MR. SCARETHROW: They'd say things like... "Oh look! It's Scarethrow, standing in the same spot like he always does! Let's use him for target practice!" Ohoooooo... Kids are so mean... Like really, really horrible... Heh heh... You're just throwing balls at me! What do I even have to complain about? This is nothing compared to what I used to go through. It always starts small, y'know? First, it was rubber bands... then rubber balls... I remember once a kid even threw a desk at me. Yeah... That's right... I took an entire desk head-on! I used to tell myself... if I could survive that, I could survive anything!

MR. SCARETHROW: Could it be... that I don't have real arms either? I wonder... Sigh... I wish I could move... I could travel the world... settle down with someone I love... start a family... No... It's dangerous to dream so recklessly. Why must I be stuck here? Am I not allowed to have anything nice? Why is fate so cruel? What did I do wrong? It's not fair... I hate this... Ah... What's this feeling? I think I'm crying. Am I crying? I don't have tear ducts so I can't tell. Sigh... Just forget I said any of this, okay?

... Jesus CHRIST Omocat. That's a uh... weird way to express your call for help. Let's leave this place and never come back.

While we're here... you may remember that there were some swimming spots throughout the world that blocked the way because Omori was afraid of drowning. Well, he's over that fear now so we can go over to that little area and get one of the better accessories of the game.

The red ribbon is FANTASTIC! Base increase of 5 defense and 7 attack and you get extra attack from more energy stockpiled. This is going on Aubrey from now until credits roll. It's just such a good item, that is very easily forgotten.

Ah! There was another ghost down here in the frozen lake area.

Four down, two to go!

This was the very first Hoagies we found quite a while ago. Speaking of something we found quite a while ago, it seems EMS is having a nice time on the couch.

Hi, EMS! Are you doing well?

EMS: I'm doing okay... Hoagie sent me to the couch for time-out...

Huh? You're in time-out? What did you do?

EMS: Nothin'... I just tried eating the tables over there...

What? You tried eating the tables? You can do that?

Oh... I see... The tables are made out of bread...

Not sure how well a table being bread would go over... well, if it's stale french bread, that stuff gets pretty hard. We can, of course, lounge at the bar for an extra 5 juice. Every little bit helps!

Ugh... back to this place. Alright, let's be quick.

For reference, this is why there's a lot more sprout moles back here. Apparently there's going to be another great migration. Sounds dangerous!

Hehe, good luck with that!!!

This guy over here is the reason we're back at this cursed and devilish place. His brother wanted us to get him a care package from the Sprout Mole colony.

Enjoy my dude, it took me 10 minutes to grind up 99 tofu for the achievement. The sprout mole gives us some life jam in thanks... which goes on the pile of like 10 of them.

Before we leave Otherworld... there's a... hidden secret that you can find but it requires looking in the mirror for long enough...

Mirror Mirror on the Wall...

Taking an ever so quick detour to Orange Oasis, we can cut open this mushroom guy so that we can jump up here...

And grab this useless accessory! There's nothing else besides a sand sculpture up here, a big ole waste of time this was...

Not sure why it's shaped like an old geezer... maybe he founded this area? Oh well, not our problem! Let's move on...


How d'ya do, buckaroo? The name's MR. OUTBACK... and I was busier than a moth in a mitten travelin' the world in my youth! Nowadays... I'm more reserved. I stand on a cliff and give advice to those who are willin' to ask. Them folks who've been here long... They know more than they're letting on... We got a third eye, you could say... a sixth sense... if you get my drift. Your three purple-haired friends are full of love and spirit... But you, dark-haired kiddo. Your aura's all cattywampus! It's all dark and twisted... and it ain't mellowin' down any time soon. You got a real journey ahead of ya. Now that's not to discourage you, boy. Everyone's got their own journey... and I'd be obliged to help y'all on yours! I can answer a handful of questions... so ask away, if you so desire!


Hoo-wee! That's a good one! Now where do I start? Hmm...Well, this place has been around since the beginning of time, I reckon. It looks different to everyone... but this time around, it's pretty colorful and cutesy for the most part... not to mention pretty dang big! That's a powerful imagination you've got there, kiddo. And that's all she wrote! Did you want me to tell you more about somethin' else?


Well, your friend ain't here is all I can say! But I think you know you have a way of knowin' that answer. When someone looks for the truth... the world will create a set of KEYS. And those KEYS... they'll take a different form dependin' on the person's will. You know what your KEYS look like, don'tcha?


Don't you know not to ask old folks that! I'd say give or take 33000 years though... but it's not like that matters all that much at this point. Now y'all better skedaddle! It's a long journey ahead, young whippersnappers! I'm rootin'... and tootin'... for ya!

Way over in this corner is the beard ghost that we met on our first trip to Orange Oasis, let's give this ghost the map and mark another ghost down.

Five down! Just one left!!

This Hoagie's spot has a band up on stage that ain't too great, but nothing else really going for it. We get our 5 juice upgrade and head out the door.

While there's more to do in Orange Oasis, I'm going to leave that for another day. Finishing that place would put our level a bit too high for the next area, even though I'm still gonna break it open.

Here's the final Hoagie's joint. There's a bear and some guard in here so let's chat them up before turning in a couple other quests.

The rarest of bears.

Uhh... uhh... *whistles innocently* Yeah, that... that sucks buddy!! Ha ha !! Let's get our 5 juice and get out while we still can...

It's been quite a while but Candlie wanted us to find her teddy bear for her in a castle. We found the bear just before fighting Sweetheart.

CANDLIE: I'm so happy to have you back, Teddy! Thank you for returning him to me! Come on, Teddy! What should we play first? Oh, I know! Would you like a cup of tea?

This is so adorable, I love it. Candlie gives us a rubber duck which gives defense plus 7, less than the cellphone we got a little bit ago. Still, I like this little quest just to get the scene.

This guy, meanwhile, is Demi - who wants an interesting book. In return, Demi gives us a Deep Poetry Book - which lets the wearer start sad. On top of a shitty gift, their scene sucks ass so it doesn't get shown. NEXT!

Fuck! Go back!! I take it back, Demi's scene wasn't that bad!

PESSI: So much so... that I have acquired tickets to the most prestigious "Sweetheart's Quest for Hearts" event! Although I was unable to obtain an ultra-rare-impossible-to-attain front row ticket... My reputable salesman has assured me that my ticket will still seat me in a prime location! He has also assured me that the event will start very soon, so I have been waiting here in line for many, many hours!

Hmm... I wonder if we should tell him...

I guess that's one way to recoup the cost of a ticket that could, potentially, cost you your soul.

PESSI: I am sure that at any moment, the event will begin and I will be guided to my seat by none other than Sweetheart herself! Now... As I am the truest Sweetheart fan, I could not even think of coming to the event without my most precious thing! Take a look at my beautiful-

PESSI: No... My most precious thing... I will not be able to attend my dream event without it! You four! Since you are undoubtedly lesser Sweetheart fans, I must ask you to find my precious thing and return it to me! You'll know it when you see it!

Sigh... So now we're on an adventure to get this guy's special item back. Take a guess of what it is.

On our way deeper into the colony, this Sprout Mole now will talk to us and we're going to want to in order to progress this quest.

Hmm, this guy seems awfully shady... What's the catch, Shady Mole!?

SHADY MOLE: A-Ahem! As you may already know, we Sprout Moles are very intelligent and high-functioning creatures. The smartest of us all, the Mayor, is creating a device that will help Sprout Moles do their work at a much higher capacity than what was previously possible. A fabled device of legend that, when complete, will entirely revolutionize the modern world! He calls it... The B.E.D.!

The B.E.D.? What do you want that for?

SHADY MOLE: Hey, no questions! Get me a B.E.D. first and then we'll talk.

A B.E.D., huh? That seems simple enough!

Wait, Kel! I don't know... He seems awfully... Untrustworthy...

Maybe we should just give him a B.E.D. and see what happens?

If you think so, Hero... but something about him really rubs me the wrong way...

Pshh, it'll be fine. When was the last time we got screwed over by a Sprout Mole? Maybe 10 updates ago? We'll be fine! So the mayor could be found right above the cavern with King Carnivore, so let's head that-a-way.

MAYOR MOLE: Last night I asked him to analyze the effects of my latest invention, the B.E.D. and I'm longing to hear the results! I hope he's not doing what I think he's doing...

Err... okay, time to go look for this guy's son. Shouldn't be that hard to find if the B.E.D. is what I think it is.

A-ha! Found him!

Hmm... okay, this could be a problem. Let's go explore around the area and see what we find.

Damn, didn't even have to go far to find who we needed. This athlete is right outside of the mole with the bed's room.

In return for giving this mole a piece of Tofu, we get a Big Airhorn. Hmm... I wonder what we can do with that...

SLEEPY MOLE: Who are you!? Oh no, I'm late! Could it be that I... No... I must have overslept! But... Sprout Moles don't oversleep! This B.E.D.... It's... powerful. Maybe even too powerful. I'd better tell dad about this!

Maybe the Sprout Moles on a whole could benefit from using the B.E.D., or at the very least, they can sleep more so I don't have to interact with them as much.

SLEEPY MOLE: I... I'm afraid I have some terrible news...

MAYOR MOLE: What is it, son? You know you can tell me anything!

SLEEPY MOLE: Last night, while I was testing the B.E.D.... I... I... I... I overslept...

MAYOR MOLE: No, it can't be! If what you've said is true, then... All my research... This invention... The B.E.D... It's all... too powerful! You see, my theory was that a B.E.D. would help Sprout Moles gain a good night's rest and thus gain productivity throughout the day, but... What good is it if the very same invention causes Sprout Moles to lose productivity instead? The B.E.D. has the potential for greatness, but the current risk is too high! By the Gods! What have I done?! I cannot unleash this dangerous technology upon the world, lest our humble village might never wake up again!

MAYOR MOLE: Now begone and speak not of what you saw here today!

Heh heh heh heh HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! Now with this B.E.D.... we'll make sure Sprout Mole Town never wakes up... EVER again.

If this isn't what beds are an abbreviation for in real life, then we have failed as a society compared to the Sprout Moles.

SHADY MOLE: I don't believe it... It's... a B.E.D.! A real, genuine, bonafide B.E.D.! I'm gonna use it right this second!

Hey, what are you doing? We helped you, so you should help us!

SHADY MOLE: Whoa, whoa, whoa! What's with all the attitude? It may not seem like it, but I'm a mole of my word. Now... You didn't hear this from me, but... Earlier, I believe I may have seen a Sprout Mole with a big pink bow digging through poor ol' Pessi's pockets...

A Sprout Mole with a big pink bow? That sounds like Rosa!

The menace Rosa's at it again! C'mon, Omori! We gotta make her hand over Pessi's thing no matter what!

Ugh, Rosa... How many times is this Sprout Mole gonna be a pain in our ass?? We know where her house is, so it's time to confront her and end this little quest.

ROSA: Why are you here!? I'm angry! Go away! Thanks to you, my dear Sweetheart ran away with that blasted Capt. Spaceboy... again! Sigh... Sweetheart was only a few doors away... but now she's flown galaxies away! How will I follow her now!? Do I look like I can fly to you!?

I... I don't know if that was really our fault...

Rosa, we know you stole Pessi's thing! Now, give it back!

ROSA: This again? Why are you always aftrer my Sweetheart merchandise? I found it fair and square, so... IT'S FINDERS KEEPERS!!

Don't worry guys. Let me handle this...

Hey... Rosa... Why don't you and I try to work something ou-

ROSA: There is no way that I am giving you the most valuable new addition to my collection... NOW GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!!

Well... that was a bust. Maybe ol' Shady Mole has another ace up in his sleeve.

SHADY MOLE: Here. Take this and show it to her. There's no way that she will refuse you after seeing this.

SHADY MOLE: Now, leave my and my new B.E.D. alone. Our business is done here.

Huh... not sure how I feel about blackmailing Rosa... oh wait, I'm fine with it. To hell with Rosa, give us Pessi's thing back!

Sweetheart Laugh

Step aside, guys. I'll deal with her!

Wait, Kel... It's true that Rosa is a real pain... but I have some serious issues with using Blackmail as a means to-


ROSA: W-W-W-Where did you get that!? I've... I've changed my mind! Please, kind sir... I'll give you anything you want! Just politely hand over that Blackmail at once! Ah, yes! You wanted Pessi's thing, correct? Fine, whatever. Take it! It's yours... Now give me that Blackmail...

ROSA: I'm gonna need you to get out of my house now. You already got what you wanted, didn't you? NOW SCRAM! SCRAM, I SAY!

Alright! So we finally got Pessi's thing back, I asked you to guess what it is... did you guess correctly?

It's the pinup of Sweetheart that she sent her grandma... I do not like the Sprout Moles.

PESSI: Thank you... I say... Thank you! I say again... In return for your selfless deed, I bestow upon you the ultimate gift.

PESSI: Ah... Isn't it beautiful? May it fill you with joy for the rest of your days!

And so ends this storyline. The Sweetheart bust is... not good. It's got the best attack of any weapon Aubrey can wield... but...

It comes with a hefty price. Her hit rate goes down, her speed will be at 1 for the rest of the game so she will always go last in battle. It's really not worth it, especially compared to something else we'll be getting soon.

To finish up our wrap up for the Sprout Moles, the last ghost we need to find is in the art gallery in Sweetheart's castle.

And that's the last of the ghosts! We'll need to stop back in with the ghosts to see how the party's going... Until then, there's... a secret scene that we can see if we head back to the Keeper's room...

The Keeper himself has nothing new to say, and won't until we start a new game - His content is on the other route. But if you stand on this grate for enough time...

Something is in the Light

I'll... leave the speculation to you guys, for now.

Heading back to Last Resort to finish everything up, the mailbox will offer to sell a Pool noodle to us for 5000 clams! He only sells this after we get the party back, since it's a weapon for Aubrey.

It's uh... not good. But! Guess what? Its material is sturdy, but pliable and buoyant! Let's bring it to Berly to see what she says...

BERLY: I... I feel... inspired. This Pool Noodle is exactly what I'm looking for! I can definitely make the ultimate weapon with this! One moment...

BERLY: Yes! Behold the Cool Noodle in all of its majesty! The Cool Noodle's power is not something to be trifled with. Only the most hard-headed can wield it. And although it is insanely strong... it is still very beautiful. The craftsmanship is what really makes it stand out. Yup! I've really outdone myself this time!

While it doesn't seem that impressive, the Cool Noodle has only 4 less attack than the bust with none of the downsides. I will gladly trade 4 attack for normal speed and hit rate. This is Aubrey's true ultimate weapon, and I like that it's a pool noodle with some googly eyes on it.

With that, we are ready to continue on with the story... next time! There's a couple more things I want to show off during this potpourri update.

White Space Pt 2

We're back in White Space... believe it or not, there's no reason to come back to white space after the Sweetheart fight. And if you've not been enjoying the horror elements, you probably shouldn't!

Mari is EVERYWHERE in White Space now... it's incredibly unsettling. She disappears everytime you see her... except if you run into her enough...

... Considering White Space is explicitly Sunny/Omori's safe space from the horrors of the world... that Something is here now... does not bode well for us. It's worth noting that it's literally only one frame where Something appears. Something else is that if you approach Mari from the side, she turns to Omori in one or two frames before disappearing... it's nice and depressing!! Let's get out of here!!

And by out I mean, out of the dreamworld. Since Hero and Kel are in here, we're safe from the monsters in here. Everyone knows monsters can't attack when you're in a group.

Alright let's go check out the bat- wait... is that... a door on the left side now?

There's nothing here... let's go back to bed!!!

That's the only scare to be found on Night 2, though it's quite a decent one compared to just a jumpscare in the mirror.

Now then, we've finished a lot of quests since the last time we've check in with Mari. Let's see what she has to say:

Rabbit Killer posted:

I can't say I'm thrilled... but congratulations... you're a bunny-killer now.

Hector posted:

Hector may have a family now, but Hector Jr seems really happy to be here. Don't lose him this time, Kel.

Front-Row Tickets posted:

It looks like you made your way out of the clutches of Sweetheart... but just barely. Let's hope you never bump into her ever again.

Missing Friends posted:

Yay! It's so good to see everyone back together again!

Itchy posted:

The itch has been scratched! Scott better be thankful. Not just anyone would do that for him.

The Conviction of Orange Joe posted:

Hope and vigor! Hope and vigor! Say it with me Omori! Hope and vigor! Hope and vigor!

Rain Town posted:

The Veggie Kids are comfortable again. I hope they grow up and become wonderful Veggie Adults!

Fascinating Literature posted:

Demi is going to be really occupied with that book you gave him. It was just so very interesting.

A Good Listener posted:

Candlie must be so glad to have her Teddy Bear back. Now she won't be lonely anymore.

Care Package posted:

There was 99 Tofu in the Care Package? Brother Mole knows Brother Mole so well.

Call of Inspiration posted:

Wow, that Cool Noodle is way cooler than a normal Pool Noodle! It must be so much more poweful now.

Sweaty Snack posted:

I don't know if Tofu is going to provide enough nutrients for all the exercising that Sport Mole is doing. No wonder he's so tired.

Pessi's Thing posted:

Pessi's going to be waiting in that line forever... Should someone tell him that the event is already over?

B.E.D. posted:

Well, Shady Mole has the B.E.D. now... I wonder what evil purpose he has planned for it.

Phew!! That was a lot of quests we completed! Thankfully, next time we have a roundup update it won't be so filled with minor quests.

For our last two things to go over, we have the follow-up attacks and the foe facts. Firstly, the follow-up attacks - since those are pretty simple.

Alright, let's end things off with some Foe Facts.

I'd like to visit the bug bunny hill rolling competition.

Rare Bear's are not rare enough imo.

I assume a Sprout Mole planted it, believing that it would help the forest environment but instead was the equivalent of bringing a bullfrog to Australia.

The Sprout Mole is upside down, because it, like the other Sprout Moles, are dumb as heck.

...I'd pet it

If you have any clue what the hierarchy of these roles are, please feel free to explain it to me. I guess the wizard is at the top? Where is the Marsha located? Surely having an axe duct taped to you is worse than having it be part of your uniform, right?

This is why you should vote neigh on joint costumes.

Looks delicious though.

This one looks like it's gonna bring me a milkshake at a restaurant

This game has made me hungry for pizza, and now pancakes. Quit it game, I'm trying to be good!

The gingerbread man's career has really fallen down since Shrek.

If the ghost was in space, then it could have a show called Space Ghost Toast to Toast.

Pretty sure this description fits Sweetheart too.

Aww man, you mean they hate Sprout Moles??? Why the hell did I fight him??

Wiped out an entire family line in under 2 hours. When reached for comment, Omori had this to say: "..."

Notice the broken heart on her belt? And remember the bandages over Space Ex-Boyfriend's heart?

That guy who enslaved us? LOVE THAT GUY!

Trusted and Loyal and not paid at all, very rarely work out but I guess Jawsum offers a fantastic healthcare package.

Punished Pluto. A planet without a solar system...