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Part 35: Whale, Look Who's Come to Dinner!

Update 35: Whale, Look Who's Come to Dinner!


We've still got two more sections of Humphrey to explore, but the other two are shorter to do... or at least, to show off.

This area is definitely a bit creepier. If last time was the digestive system, it looks like this is the pulmonary system, if the red liquid is to be believed.

Aubrey's going to be taking the lead for most of this part.

Smacking these tumor like structures causes them to appear somewhere else. We'll be seeing a lot of these, so we'll need Aubrey to take care of them.

Well thank goodness for convenience! Not so sure about the growth being intelligent...

That's a nice smile though :)

...We'll pass.

Is that a starfish in front of the wall lined up with a bunch of different saws?

You can pet or poke the creature, causing it to do a cartwheel or remark that it tickles. Quite cute! Marina did a good job for it being her first experiment.

We'll need to remember the Humphrey bridge right there... we'll need to hit it to unlock a later section. I didn't realize this my first playthrough and was stuck in here for like 20 minutes... I hate when you become dumb over something with the answer literally right in front of you.

Poking this thing makes it say it prefers high fives, and petting it makes it say it prefers handshakes. With hands like those, I wouldn't be shocked if the pleasure center is linked to its hands.

This area has two new enemies to fight:

First up is the Sprout Mole?? It looks to be a modified cyborg Sprout Mole that's been experimented on. Cruel fate. They're pretty tanky, though they really liked changing emotions on people.

The other is the Lab Rat. The lab rat is really weak, a hack away from Omori took it out. I do like the design of it, even if it's not even qualified to be fodder with how quickly it can be taken out.

Don't be me and forget to do this.

Poking or petting this one makes it freak out, which makes me sad. I just want to love you strange creature. :smith:

Nothing says picnic spot like hanging out next to a major artery.

Dang, what happened here? This place is a huge mess...

A-Achoo! All the furniture looks really dusty... It's probably been like this for a while.

Looks like it used to be an office or something. Wasn't this supposed to be a lair full of sea witches? None of this stuff looks witchy at all.

I mean we are basing this off Sweetheart's sources... I don't know if I would trust Sweetheart... Much less her sources...

We gotta stop Sweetheart! She's definitely up to no good.

W-We do? I mean... We can always mind our own business...

What does protecting the world from evil have to do with Sweetheart?

Have you met her!? She IS evil!

Fair point... Well... I guess someone's gotta do it...

Besides, fighting Sweetheart was fun! Maybe she'll team up with her clones to give us a super boss fight or something. That'd be cool!

An apple fly was not what the world needed, Marina. You can poke it's eyes... which frustrates it, or you can pet it which makes it really happy. At least, I assume a buzzing fly is happy.

How do you get a donkey from cardboard and candy!? Poking it, causes its candy to fall out... while petting it makes it glad to be acknowledged. :unsmith:

Going to need to do the same thing as before and make sure to hit this bridge so that we can progress in the future.

Poking or petting this experiment causes it to-

... do that. Make sure you pet it, rather than poke it or you lose out on an achievement.

Poking it makes it rife with anger, while petting it contributes to its abounding happiness. Hey, those are their words not mine!

Despite being really cute, poking or petting it causes it to... emit a very ominous sound. Hopefully she stopped after experiment eight, I say nervously...

... Oh no... All the flowers are bruised up... It... it looks kind of familiar. I wonder who this belongs to. Do you think we should try to return it to them?

This Flower Crown is in pretty bad condition. I don't think anyone would want something like that.

Yeah, maybe you're right...

Kel! What did you do that for?

It's fine! You heard what Hero said! No one would want something as bruised-up as that!

But... It used to belong to someone! Kicking it off a cliff is just mean.

Huh? Why? Flowers grow back anyway, don't they?

Alright, calm down, you two! Kel! Apologize to Aubrey!

... Fine. Sorry... Aubrey...

Apology not accepted!

I don't know if it's because of Deeper Well's weirdness or... other weirdness, but the whole team seems to have forgotten almost entirely about Basil at this point. Omori seems to be the last one who knows about him, and he hasn't said a word yet and likely never will.

Oh... uh, looks like Marina continued making experiments, haha! I wonder if this one wants to be pet or poked!

Okay, so it prefers to be pet! It can't be evil, since Marina skipped 666.


If the experiment catches you, you'll get placed back here with half your health gone. I would like to not get caught again by this thing because it sucks.



Okay! Time to run!

To make things better, the lights begin to have issues during this sequence and will gradually become darker. I'm not a fan of boss-bearing electrical grids, I say this especially as a Texan!

It's uh... quite creepy to be chased around in the dark with this music playing.


There's something a lot more terrifying than a hole to appear this time!!

Make sure to grab these equipment items now, they disappear if you go into the next room!

This stupid bee is back from the Train Yard and says the exact same thing as there, forcing you to press the action button to advance the dialogue for every single character in their dialogue box. The experiment is still allowed to chase and hurt you during this time. It only appears if you have a high WTF value. Not a fan Omocat!!!

Thank you... Big Molio. Your service will not be forgotten.


If you didn't save Big Molio, a hot dog will land on the experiment instead. Coward Devs, not making my choices matter... it's Mass Effect all over again.

A Rose By Any Other Name

That's not your business, lady. Just sit back and relax!

Urf... I feel nauseous...

Err... Uh... Oops... Well... That'll do, I guess. Alright, it's done. Here you go, lady... One perfect suitor coming right up.

Is this some kind of joke!? What do you take me for? I am ten times, no... a hundred times more beautiful than this... thing! You've disappointed me greatly! I'm storming off!

HEY, WHAT THE HECK!? You can't just storm off, lady! WHERE'S MY MONEY!?!?!?

Sweetheart making more enemies, you love to see it folks.

Two down, one area left to go.

A teleporter, eh? Well, we've been the the heart and the gut, only leaves one major place left to visit.

Chemistry On and On

Well, not this time. I've prepared something extra special for you today... Fufufu~ As you know, I am a very busy person, but alas... you are my sister. I will grant you access to my room... if you are able to solve my little gift. Hope to see you soon, darling... if you're still alive, that is!

Well this is quite fancy! The bomb in the middle is... less fancy, more alarming.

We're going to start with this one first, because it's easy. The green one is medium difficulty, and is a multiple choice question. The red one is difficult, and requires memorization. I'd say it also takes some problem solving too, since it's not like a memory game in how it works.

Another picnic spot... and a mirror! We haven't seen a mirror in Humphrey yet!

That's the last mirror we'll see in this playthrough. There's more in the other route, but it will be a while before we see those.

You guys... We can't relax right now!

We have a puzzle to solve! Aren't you afraid the bomb is going to explode!?

Just relax... Aubrey, we got this!

This room is filled with the smartest people I know.

That... doesn't make me feel better at all...

The lady on the screen said she set it up for her sister, right? She wouldn't really let it explode on her sister!

I don't know, Kel... Aubrey's right. We're in unfamiliar territory. It's probably better to play it safe.

H-Huh? Oh... I think... you should do what your heart tells you!

Thanks... Mari... I can always count on you.

You're welcome!

Alright, let's get started on these puzzles. Don't want to just leave an active bomb alone.

There's a lot of Humphreys here, in what is clearly some kind of brain structure seeing as how they are monitoring different parts of Humphrey. Nothing about a pattern here though.

HUMPHREY: What!? An error? ... Someone must have messed with the program. Sigh... It was probably Molly again... She always pulls stunts like this...

Why would Molly change this stuff? Isn't this her sector? What purpose would she have to sabotage her own stuff?

The best laid plans of mice and whales.

HUMPHREY: Huh? What are you looking at me like that for? Can't you see that I'm busy...? Actually... I just got an idea! On second though, can one of you kids try running through these metal plates for me? I just want to test something. Why don't you discuss it amongst yourselves and vote?


What!? Why do I gotta do it!?

Because you're easily the fastest person here besides Omori, and Omori has a knife so I'm not picking him.

Fine... but I don't have a good feeling about this.

What's the worst that could happen?

SWEET JESUS! What the hell!? Kel could've died!!

HUMPHREY: If I had a cup of coffee right now, I would sip it! Thanks for voluntarily risking your life. Well... I guess now I gotta go fix it.

Thanks for voluntarily risking your life. :mmmsmug:

HUMPHREY: Don't they look just like the real thing? Sniff... I couldn't be more proud...

Yeah, I guess they do look pretty realistic.

Eh? What? Why can't I go through this one?

Molly's a bit weird about her own experiments. Why would she sabotage them like this?

And uh, that's the end of that! Did you find the pattern needed for the bomb? I was a bit dense my first time through and took forever to figure it out.

And there we are! If you're a bit stuck, go back and check each of the 4 experiment rooms and check the layout of each room compared to the puzzle itself. After that, check to see which parts of the room have a weird spot on them. That should match up to the puzzle solution, as I can't remember if this was randomly generated or not.

Alright, time for the multiple choice question! I was always good at these on tests.

I'm not sure how this helps us prepare for the multiple-choice question, but those worms do not look friendly.

Yeesh! They look like parasites. I'm not a fan. They're somewhat tough, but they don't deal too much damage. They're the only enemy of this area, best to just avoid them if you can.

Ahem... Greetings, Sir Conveyor-bot... My companions and I require your assistance in changing the directions of your conveyors... Will you and your friends please aid us?

MR. CONVEYOR-BOT: Bzzt! Hmph... Nice person... Get... lost...

H-huh? That's strange... That worked so well before...

Don't be so down, Hero! He's probably just got his gears all mixed up or something!

Could you say that any louder? Now he's gonna get even more mad at us!

MR. CONVEYOR-BOT: Bzzzzzt! Ahh... Hmmm... Rude person... Hehe... Just like Molly...

... I can;t believe that worked.

Well, whaddya know? Looks like I'm pretty good at this Charm thing, too!

With the masochist bot pleased, we can now cross over to the other side of this area.

Looks like there's another key for us to collect!


Another incorrect choice, but a close one! We need another V key to combine with this one to form a W to get the last key we need.

Making our way through the teleporter maze, we can find some homework - which makes the wearer start a battle sad. Which is funny, but y'know, still sucks.

I haven't really been showing these off, but you gotta see what's inside this face-wall.

Look at this!! All but one of these watermelons contain spaghetti - which is a full heal for one person. Most of these have only had one jam packet in them, but this is insane. We will, of course, never use any of these. Still though, the dopamine hit was worth it.

Hey, look! This camera's taking live footage of us. Say cheese!

Aww... We look so cute!

Heh... Almost makes you wish we had a camera.

Eh... Don't worry! We have loads of pictures of us, don't we?

We have pictures of us? Where?

What are you talking about, Kel?

Something special... about everyone living their own lives...

Umm... you're being kind of weird.

Huh? Hmm...

Nah... nevermind. It's probably nothing!

Let's keep moving forward. We gotta figure out the solution to these puzzles. That bomb could blow any second!

We need to hurry up and get out of Deep Well... the kids memories are getting worse and worse by the moment.

Not a fan of putting a bunch of traffic cones in front of the switch forward to create busy work to unlock another switch that unlocks the path.

This teleport right here? It's here in case you need to go back to the start if you get stuck, if you don't get stuck then you'll have to go back to the start and make your way all the way back. ASK HOW I KNOW.

A bunch of Humphreys! Those are the first we've been able to interact with in this area.

HUMPHREY: That would have been pretty bad, huh?

HUMPHREY: That girl loves to play games too much. If she would just focus, she could probably do so much good for the world!

HUMPHREY: And when I say "your right", I mean you, as in the person standing in front of me... not some hypothetical observer watching us from behind a screen.

HUMPHREY: At least I think it was this order...

The line about "your right" is both funny and quite nice from the dev. Because the first question out of my mouth was "Wait who's right?"

So... what's the password? Did you happen to see it in there? Based off of that conveyor-bot, I'd say it was I :h: Molly!

Or uh... not. Getting it wrong just puts you in front of the bomb with 1 HP on everyone. Which is easily solved by eating the questionable gelatin Mari has provided us.

Alright, time for the last puzzle. This one's the hard one, so I hope you can figure it out!

So did you figure it out? It's much easier in retrospect I promise you. Each of the rooms have three teleports that either take you back to start or advance you to the next room. The panel in the first room tells you which teleport to take in each room, which I didn't even realize until I was collating the screenshots together.

And with that, we're ready to head to Molly. If you're having trouble with any of the puzzles there's a Humphrey up here that will give you some hints, or you can just google it like I did. :v:

A Rose By Any Other Name

How long is this going to take? I don't have all day!

My work takes patience... Stop talking, darling! I need to concentrate.

How about now?

Almost done, darling... And finished. At last...

Now speak! Speak, my beautiful robot!

... ... ... Oh... Well, that doesn't sound right. Something must be off with the code. It's because you made me rush my work! Instead of to love, it must now be programmed... to kill!

Hmph! Don't blame this on me! She's your robot! Thanks to you, my hopes of finding true love have been shattered! You've disappointed me greatly! I'M STORMING OFF!!!

My, what a handful. Well, she's not my problem now.

Ah, I almost forgot! That girl... she owes me payment! I must catch her again before she leaves.

Molly definitely seems to be the most... eccentric of the sisters. As for the merciless killer Roboheart, we'll have to deal with her another day...

Now that we've explored all three areas, the slimy keycard appears here for us to grab so we can access the inner levels of Humphrey. No matter what order you explore the areas, the keycard is always in the last place you look.

Let's head down and see what's going on with those witches and Sweetheart...