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Part 38: Omourri

UPDATE 38: Omourri

Continuing our endgame adventures, we've collected all the jokes for the Weeping Willow, so it's time to head back to her and see if we can crack a smile or two with... well, at least one of them!

Here's her reaction depending on the joke told:

Scarecrow Joke posted:

Why did the scarecrow win an award?

Because he was outstanding in his field.

Bicycle Joke posted:

Why couldn't the bicycle stand up by itself?

It was two tired.

Ocean Joke posted:

What lies at the bottom of the ocean and twitches?

A nervous wreck.

Cheese Joke posted:

What do you call cheese that isn't yours?

Nacho Cheese.

Construction Joke posted:

Want to hear a joke about construction?

I'm still working on it.

WEEPING WILLOW: H-Hey... That joke's pretty funny... Hehehehehe. Ah... I feel a little better now.

WEEPING WILLOW: Thanks for cheering me up, travelers. Here is a reward for your valiant efforts. This is an ancient weapon of indescribable power. Only a true Hero is able to wield it.

WEEPING WILLOW: Our time together was short, but it has been a... mostly... pleasurable experience. Perhaps we will meet again in another life. So long, travelers! It's been fun!

I can't believe the nervous wreck joke didn't get her to laugh. I thought for sure that'd be the one to get a giggle.

The LOL sword is, I guess technically, Hero's ultimate weapon. It does by far the most damage... but considering I'm rarely using Hero for damage compared to healing, I keep the blender on him.

Heading back to Sweetheart's castle, while we're done with the area and the Sprout Moles (THANK GOD), there is this hole in the wall that we couldn't go into before fighting Sweetheart. You can go inside any time after the fight, but it's better if you wait till now for reasons that will soon become quite obvious.

Huh... looks like some artist is rooming back here? Is he a guest or a prisoner?

???: Ah, finally... Some company...

???: I've been alone for so long... but after what feels like an eternity... At last... I have... an audience!

???: Who am I, you ask?

This guy's... kind of weird. Let's get out of here.

Excuse... us.

Uh... sure. It's not like we're on a schedule or anything.

ROCOCO: Ahem... right. Now where should I start?

How tragic...

ROCOCO: In the beginning was me... crying in a pod in the middle of space... witnessing my home planet blow up right before my eyes. I can still remember it all so vividly... Fire... Fire... everywhere... and then darkness.

ROCOCO: Even as a baby, I knew I was the sole survivor of my species... the last elf in the entire universe. 'So this is how it ends', I thought.

ROCOCO: Sweetheart and I... We grew up together. It was a rough childhood. We fought frequently, but she would always win... If I fought back... Well... Anyway! I learned to run! And I got quite good at running... But... there's only so far you can run. Yes, it was a hard time. But even through that suffering, I stood firm. Because even then, I knew everything had a purpose. I was sent to this planet and survived for one reason and one reason only... to repopulate my entire species.

ROCOCO: At some point... Sweetheart and I fell deeply in love, became engaged, and moved to this giant castle together! We were inseparable, her and I... and we loved each other dearly! I would do anything for her, and I mean anything! I was ready to spend the rest of our lives together... to grow old... and to raise hundreds upon hundreds of children!

...Dude, seriously?

ROCOCO: Alas, all good times must come to an end. As Sweetheart's fan base grew, she and I grew apart as well. She began receiving gifts and letters from suitors from all over the universe... asking for a chance to prove their love to her. Being her one true love, I was vehemently against this notion! But she wouldn't have it! 'Sweetheart is for sharing!' she would say!

Well that's a gigantic escalation. Though I guess it does fit having a castle.

ROCOCO: I have been wandering aimlessly through the darkness inside the walls ever since... surviving off old toast and tofu. Fast-forward a few more years, and that brings us to now! Yes... you four are the first living beings I have seen since that fateful day.

Wow, sir. That's a really... umm... shocking story.

ROCOCO: Sniff... Oh... Sweetheart... Why did you do it? Was I not good enough for you?

Well... Sorry about everything... We're going to go now.


ROCOCO: Sigh... For the last few years, I've had a long time to think. I kind of gave up on my dreams and all that stuff now... It all seems so far away and pointless...

ROCOCO: For my first ever masterpiece... I will only charge you 1000 clams!

Well... What do you guys think? 1000 clams is kind of steep, isn't it?


We... We'll think about it.

ROCOCO: Ah! Yes... Yes, of course! Do take your time!

As hesitant as I am to not just run out the door and never look back. It's the endgame, I've got money to burn... a lot of money in fact. I uh... may have spent quite a bit of time at the Squizzard farm and money is no longer a problem. Which is good, because Rococo can produce 6 paintings in total - and each one goes up in price. In total, the price for all of these paintings is 106,000 CLAMS! It's quite a lot so please, enjoy this hour of my life lost to grinding.

After you pay Rococo, you have to leave the area, and by area I mean Sprout Mole Town entirely. Just heading up the ladder back to where King Crawler was fought is good enough - you can head back to Rococo immediately after that. It's a little bit tedious, but hey - no one said art came easy.

I feel very poor and this made me wonder what I'm doing with my life, so congrats on literally stealing my life energy, Rococo.

UNTITLED - by the Great Artist, Rococo posted:

Hey I'm just starting out, okay? Give me a break.

PEOPLE WITH FRUIT - by the Great Artist, Rococo posted:

Behold my improvement! However, it is plain to see that I am still a student. I must shake off this novice energy for my next piece.

LA FIESTA DE CUATRO - by the Great Artist, Rococo posted:

As all great artists say... realism is boring! This is my most expressive piece yet! Can you feel my expression?

OMORI'S UNUSUAL ESCAPADES - by the Great Artist, Rococo posted:

What!? Are you surprised? What are you saying, huh? Can't an artist change styles!?

THE FINAL REVELATION - by the Great Artist, Rococo posted:

I won't lie to you. I struggled with this one, but I think it turned out half-decent. My next work will be better!

OMORI, AUBREY, KEL, AND HERO - by the Great Artist, Rococo posted:

My art has truly ascended with this masterpiece. I have finally captured you in your true essence. I can do nothing more for you.

I came by on my first playthrough, saw the first painting and just left because "lol fuck that". But getting to see Omori's unusual escapades was quite worth it :allears:

The Final Revelation is also quite good. Would have been nice if it were a bit cheaper, but oh well.

Continuing our tour of Headspace, we've got some business at the Last Resort! We need to finally head back to visit the Ghost Party, but also - there's someone else we want to visit here.

Hey, it's you again!

You're the one who gave us the blackmail for Rosa!

What do you want now... Shady Mole? Up to no good again, I presume?

I don't know about that...

SHADY MOLE: Here, I'll even prove it to you. Would a Shady Mole tell you incredibly helpful and vital information that could change your life? I think not!

Hmmm... Okay, we're listening...

SHADY MOLE: Glad I got your attention! Now... word around here is that the clams will soon be obsolete and replaced by a new and better currency called... CLEMS. According to my trustworthy sources, this change can potentially happen at any time and will render all of your clams completely worthless! You wouldn't want that to happen, would you?

Well, I...

SHADY MOLE: Yeah! That would really suck, right? But here's the kicker...

SHADY MOLE: Being the good Samaritan that I am, I would gladly trade them all to you in exchange for your clams!

Wow, really!? You'd do that for us?

Kel! Don't listen to him. This is... beyond shady... This is... criminal...

But Aubrey... didn't you hear!? They're about to replace all clams with clems! What are we going to do when we have no money!?

Sounds like we should get on the ground floor of this "Bitclam" thing! Sure, take all of our clams!

SHADY MOLE: Excellent... You won't regret this. Thank you for all your clams... Now... here are some clems in exchange...

Omori! Why did you agree with Kel? I'm pretty sure this isn't even real money...

SHADY MOLE: Please enjoy your clems! Now I must go aid others who are in need of clems! Toodles!

Hmm... that was probably fine... right? I think that worked out in our favor. We've just future protected our investment!

... Okay, we got scammed. Let's go get our clams back from that freakin shady mole.

This little alcove we saw earlier when we were on the Endless Highway is Shady Mole's home. Now that he's stolen a bunch of money from us, he's up living it large here.

Valour Against All Odds

I really wanted to use this sprite for his portrait but I didn't want to spoil this fight was coming.

The fight itself is... a non-entity. I wasn't sure how tough it would be going in, but it's real easy. Still, I love that he slams a fucking bed into Hero here.

Still needed to flex on him though. No one steals our clams and gets away with it. :colbert:

Now then, it's finally time... for a ghost party!!

Ghost Party!

It's good to have some of this downtime be happy and fun. :unsmith:

Now for some not so fun downtime. In order to not trigger the ending stuff, we need to head to the forest through Pluto.

We are actually done with the forest, but this little area has something new for us if we go inside.

This is one the first areas we encountered Something... and there's more here now...

A little creepy right? Well... if we leave and come back...

It's another Something fight... We haven't seen one of those in the dreamworld since the train ride...

The fight goes the same way as before... it doesn't do a lot of damage and rarely attacks. After you beat it, it tells Sunny it's sorry... We were given an explanation for these things from the mysterious voice after we beat Humphrey... do you remember? We'll learn more later if you don't...

That's it for the all the endgame sidequests and stories. We are ready to face on the ending, let's check in with Mari to see what she has to say about any completed sidequests.

Present for Palmie posted:

I hope Palmie likes her Thank you fossil. It's definitely... unique.

Weeping Willow posted:

Out of all the jokes, that was the one to make her laugh? Well, I guess humor is different for everyone.

Ghost Party posted:

I bet you had so much fun at the Ghost Party. When did you all learn how to dance?

Squizzards posted:

Seacows are so cute! Now that there's less squizzards on the farm, they'll have more room to moo-ve around, hehe.

And finally, the final foe facts review...

But what if it is vegan? Have we considered this?

Should uh, probably get a name change. Just saying!

I think that enemy got... the point!!

Alternative title for this update: Is this vegan? The greatest thread in the history of the forums.

According to google: No, they are not.

Omori pulling out the big words for these herbs and spices. I struggle to eat ginger now because I had to be on a liquid diet for a week once and tried adding some ginger to bouillon cubes to make it a little more bearable and now when I think of ginger I think of that week...

I'm not a fan of raw celery, but if you cook celery as part of like a soup or gumbo? Love it.


Is the chicken the perfect animal? They create eggs - one of the best foods, and you can eat the chicken - the best and healthiest meat. It's basically God's gift to protein lovers.

It looks like a cute submarine. :3

All brawn and no brains, scoop em out with a shucker and move on.

Paw monkey a on wish a make don't you why is this.

I'm good with not fighting whatever it's supposed to be attached to.

Do not doxx me, Omori.

In case you ever wanted to know what slime tastes like - Kel has your back.

The watermelons on Otherworld didn't teach you a lesson, huh?

Not short enough, in my opinion.

God, do you imagine how much food would get stuck in those teeth? You'd spend hours flossing...

Sadly, it only managed to get a bit part in the hit movie Stuart Little. He played one of the orphans the parents don't choose over saving a rat.

Makes sense, since it's weak and dies quickly.


Ben drowned and became a something. I'm glad that's Omori canon now.

What the fuck did you just say to me? I'll have you know I graduated at the top of my class at LP academy.

I wonder if being undead makes it taste better.

They look even creepier without the purple light filter. Holy shit I do not like these things!!

Don't believe its lies.

Oatmeal cookies are truly the most evil of cookies. Don't argue, you know it's true.

Such a good design for them. I only wish they were around more to interact with. They're some fun characters.

Definitely my least favorite of the three. And not just because she wants to tear us to pieces... literally.

The Goon Slime Sister. Sloon?

Doesn't turn people to stone though, so clearly she's misnamed.

Get out of here Humphrey! We beat you, don't write in our foe facts!! Humphrey is the last entry in here, and the last enemy we can see on the normal route... We've completed everything on the normal path... but one thing...