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Part 42: The Meaning of Life is TRASH

UPDATE 42: The Meaning of Life is TRASH


Well that's one way to say welcome back... I completely forgot this change happened so when I launched the game late at night to get footage and got this menu - I legit jumped.

The menu changes every 5 or so seconds between Sunny and Omori. The creepy music and background don't change though, so I have that to look forward to! Gah... let's get back to it.

Finding Shapes in the Cloud

We've got the main gang back together, and now we just need to reconcile with Basil to try and get this game back on a happy path.

Hey, Polly! How's Basil doing? We were wondering if we could hang out with him today!

POLLY: Oh, hello everyone! I'm afraid Basil isn't home right now. He's... in the hospital.

What!? What happened?

POLLY: Oh, my apologies! Let me clarify... Basil is in the hospital visiting his Grandma... She was rushed to intensive care yesterday evening.

Oh, no... I'm really sorry to hear that.

Do you know when he'll be back?

POLLY: I-I'm not exactly sure... Maybe sometime in the afternoon. Sorry.

Would you mind if we check back here later? We're all really worried about him.

POLLY: I don't mind at all. Please come by to visit. I think Basil would appreciate having some friends over. I'm happy to know that Basil has friends that care so much about him.

Anyways, we'll be back later. See you, Polly!

POLLY: Okay, see you!

I'm okay just hanging out and doing whatever.

Then I vote somewhere indoors! It's way too hot today.

Sure, maybe we can hang out at our house a little. And then later when it cools down we can all go see the treehouse!

Oh yeah! We should do that! Especially since Aubrey is with us now, too!

Our old treehouse, huh? I haven't been there in so long...

Yeah, we haven't yet either! We wanted to go see it yesterday, but it was too dark outside.

Yeah! You should decide how you want to spend your last day in Faraway Town. Lead the way, Sunny.

Bet you didn't expect us to just head inside anyway?

I just wanted to come talk to Polly. She's a nice little character in her own right, that I wish got more elaboration. She seems to be a little bit airheaded but very well meaning and caring for Basil - despite not being related to him. You can also find her musing over the three days in Faraway about what's going on in Basil's head... and hell, we don't even know what's going on in Sunny's head much less Basil's.

Where We Used to Play

Now then, Day 3 of Faraway is kinda unique in that you've either got some loose ends to tie up or basically nothing to do - depending on how much content you took care of on days 1 and 2. You may still be able to find some NPCs we've interacted with over the three days if you didn't do their quests, but if you didn't take care of anything for them they won't have anything for you now.

A very good boy! Kel and Hero's parents are having a nice little cookout at the park. Their dad asks us to go get some meat at the store and gives us 20 washingtons to do so. Put it on the to-do list!

Well good for him! I do feel like he could maybe give the kids a bit more than $20 but hey, he's still got the hobo garb on so maybe the check hasn't cleared the bank yet.

Hey, Kim! How's it hanging'?

Oh, you know... Pretty good, pretty good... My dad said he's gonna take us to a sick party tonight... should be cool.

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, yeah! We're gonna party!

I don't recall ever thinking my parents took me to a sick party. Maybe my parents just weren't cool enough.

SMELLY HOBO: Thank ye kindly! ... Hey, bub... Thanks for helpin' me... You've been a real friend. So I gots somethings special for ya... Hold out yer hands for me and close yer eyes...

It's as real as the gold watch in our dreams. We get this for giving the hobo $10 or more, and you can sell this at Hobbeez for... $10. Fantastic.

It may be hard to see, but the swingset is interactable now that we have the full party together...

Hey, Sunny... Sorry, I was so mean to you before.

I think seeing you just caught me by surprise... though I guess that's a pretty crappy excuse.

I hope you've been doing okay and stuff... I'm sure everything was really hard for you to deal with. Sometimes I think I was the one that should have been there for you.

I don't know if we'll really ever get over Mari's death... but it's okay to take it slow.

To allow yourself to feel every emotion... and to have patience.

I've been thinking about this since I saw you, but I think you're looking a little pale... and kind of thin, too.

After you move, promise me you'll go outside more often, okay?


As much as I really love Kel and his naive heart of gold... Aubrey really steals the show in terms of character. She's got a few more good moments to come, but I just love how her character develops both in Omori's world and in Sunny's.

THE MAVERICK is at home playing video games while a girl is outside looking for him. He must have been on the ground floor of the SA forums.

We're going to avoid checking out the secret hideout for now... for reasons...

GUITAR GUY: Whoa! Thank you for everything! With that last donation, it looks like I'll finally be able to leave town! I don't think I have much to pack so I'll probably be leaving pretty soon... I should say goodbye to everyone... but... I don't even know how I'm going to break it to my dad... I'll probably let my little sister Joy know first.

Joy, huh? We may know who the family he's talking about is! We should pay a visit and maybe help another family have a happy ending.

What! You're buying soda but you're passing on good ol' Orange Joe? How could you!?

Eww! You still drink Orange Joe!? It's so grossly sweet... like it was made for babies!

Oh yeah? If it was made for babies, why would it contain... 150 mg of caffeine per can!? Tsk, tsk... Do your research, Aubrey!

Maybe one of my favorite lines in the game. :allears:

Hmph... Whatever! Everyone knows Orange Joe tastes putrid. You're probably the only person in the world who buys that crap.

Well, now you're getting personal! How dare you insult my dear friend Orange Joe! When was the last time you even tried it!? Urg... I'll show you!

Kel! W-What are you doing!?


Hey... This can's design is from like 5 years ago... and... it's expired...

I told you... No one buys this stuff...

Worry not, my dear friend Orange Joe... No matter what, I'll still drink you!

You're... gross...

Heh... heh...

A-And you owe me a dollar!

Yeah, yeah... I'll give it to you later!

You get this scene the first time you come back from the Plaza. So I guess you could miss this if you go straight to Sunny's home.

Woo-hoo! Another coin for us to toss in the fountain!

JOY: I wasn't supposed to... but I accidentally told Dad about it. I hope Michael won't be mad at me...

Well if Joy already took care of the hard part for us, maybe we can head downstairs and smooth it over.

Oh... looks like we don't need to do any smoothing over after all! Just need to do a quick fetch quest...

GUITAR GUY: I'm going to follow through with that and try my best in the big city! Wish me luck...! Huh? Wh-What's this? This... This is Dad's mac and cheese! He hasn't made this for me since I was a kid...

And you want us to deliver it right? Well, anything to help the happiness train keep on rolling! The dude also gives us a CD of one of his songs... in case you want to listen to some G'wood tracks.

THICK EYEBROWS: This... This writing is from my son...

THICK EYEBROWS: Ahem... Thanks for delivering this for me. I... I hope to see him again one day... Maybe even on TV! Haha!

A nice little plotline... you do have to give Michael $30, knowing Joy is optional but it does make the storyline a bit more familiar.

Getting back on track at the Plaza, we just need to talk to Angel real quick and we'll be out of here.

Whoa, what's this!? There's a fresh $20 bill in my butt pocket! This must be my lucky day! Fufufufufu... I guess I can afford at least one super rare card today...

Good luck with that Angel, alright no- hey wait... is that an interactable spot by the comics?


Heading over to Gino's Pizza and... you can actually ask this guy to step aside so you can play Sprout Mole Eater.

I didn't actually know you could do this until I talked to this guy! I made an offhand reference to this game during Sweetheart's Castle and was shocked as hell to find out you could actually play it. In case you are a Zoomer and never heard of it, you start off as just the head and have to eat creatures to gain more links on your body. You lose if you touch the wall or your own body. Simple but fun game!

And that's as far as I get. You don't get anything for getting a high score, but I thought 390 was pretty respectable.

While here, I can't pass up the opportunity for the kids to have some pizza... well, for Kel to have some pizza and the rest watch on in horror.

We stop in at the supermarket to get some meat and two things of fish. While we haven't seen the cat around, it's still somewhere and is in need of food. The fashionable Mom is here wondering what to get her kids for dinner, but that's about it. I do some odd jobs off screen and pick up some medical kits for uh... more reasons. But otherwise, that's it for the supermarket. Let's hit the hardware store.

GRUFF GUY: Sigh... Hey it's you kids again... How's your day been? My day's been horrible... Guess what? The pipe is broken again... And somehow... I've done irreversible damage to my house...


GRUFF GUY: How did I know this was going to happen? Sigh... I'm such a failure... I just... Sniff... I just want to make them proud...

GRUFF GUY: I got my new tools ready and I'm going to try one more time! I just gotta keep my head up! Yes! I can do this! I'm coming for you, leak... I'm going to get rid of you once and for all!

Well this should be entertaining, let's make a note to stop off there.

How sweet! The Flower Clip doesn't bestow any stat bonus but it's still quite nice. :unsmith:

It's been a while since we've seen this lady but I've been diligently picking up all the trash I saw on the three days. After collecting a total of 30 bags of trash, you can come back to the Old Lady and she will have more to say:

OLD LADY: This town has been much cleaner since you youngins' have started helpin' me pick up the Trash around here! I really can't thank you enough... Oh! That reminds me... while I was pickin' up trash yesterday, I happened to stumble upon this! Please take this as a token of my gratitude!

The Old Lady gives us another CD for the collection... There's only two more out in the wild before we can head back to Hobbeez and buy up the rest!

KEL'S DAD: You all should drop by later in the evening. You'll definitely want to try some of this deliciousness! But for now, go on and enjoy yourselfs. The weather is great today!

Dropping off the meat with Kel's Dad gets us an invitation to some burgers later! Damn I'd be down for some grilled homemade burgers... this LP is making me hungry, dammit!

Finally checking out the Secret Hideout area... we can find the orange cat! We give it another piece of fish in return for a seashell! I didn't realize how many different ways there were to find seashells in Faraway, even though only three are needed for the necklace... and boy will you need that necklace because...

Yeah, THAT's a thing that's just there now. A bunch of trailers filled with trash.

I knew those recycultists were up to no good! They've ruined our special place, and now we're gonna make them pay. :argh:

Recycling Really is a Concept

That's right, it's the one and only way to celebrate the return of the gang...

:ducksiren: :ducksiren: A REAL WORLD DUNGEON SECTION :ducksiren: :ducksiren:

Our pals are gonna join us as we take on these Recycultists and help bring peace back to Faraway Town! And since it's a real life dungeon, we need...

Brand new tag portraits for all the different combinations? Did you think this game would stop with just tag portraits for the dream characters? Get real! There's a whole slew of them for you to pick a new favorite on! Literally all of Aubrey's are my favorite. She has the same expression for all of them and it's great. Check the supplemental update for all of them and enjoy :allears:

Although we may be trash, as long as we reaming biodegradable we may yet be saved. In the biodegradable fork's name... Reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Welcome to the only type of fight you'll see down here - Recycultists. They have only two moves - gather trash or throw trash. Gather trash is just a wasted move, while throw trash can do about 40 damage, more if it crits. This is actually a serious concern for us because, well this isn't a dream world! Sunny doesn't have Omori's ability to just survive with 1 HP unless he specifically uses Persist. So you could get knocked out here and have to reload a save. The seashell necklace makes this much less likely. Recycultists usually take one attack from everyone and then a follow up from Kel to go down. Nothing too bad.

No XP or money gained from winning, but the victory portraits are nice! There are actually portraits for all the characters to have different emotions... but there's no emotion mechanic present in the real world sections. Maybe DLC will come along for this but regardless, I'll show that off another time.

We do not actually need to fight all the Recycultists in order to progress, in fact, we need to head down to the ladder and go around first off...

Because we need to get on that very familiar looking platform.

I will not lie, I was smiling like a big ol dumbass during this entire section. I loved every little bit of it.

You can avoid these guys as well, no need to talk to them. Some do say some funny stuff when they are defeated. One says he's only here because his girlfriend took him along, another says this whole place is actually pretty sacrilege, there's one true believer who gets mad at losing and thinks he wasn't faithful enough and that's why he lost.


Oh... Well that looks like a big fight waiting to happen.

Loyal followers? But we would need someone who's charismatic and charming to do be able to convince people to follow us. Where are we going to find someone like that?

It would seem we have no choice but to surrender... Alright, let's go. Anyone up for some barbecue tonight?

I really do love this dungeon and the way it makes you use everyone again. By the way, you may notice that save point... do not do what I do and forget to use it. Just saying!

Hello... Welcome to the top of the tower of rubble.

It is I... The Recyclepath... The only one chosen to speak in the holy bin's name! I had a dream last night. The spirit of the rubber glove told me that this world is no longer fit for us. We must build, as the holy bin in the sky commands us... to reach the trashless world, where humans and biodegradable materials may coexist in harmony! You kids have reached a long way up this tower... but I'm afraid this is where your journey ends. After all, you are nothing but trash... grubby, senseless plastic wielders! May the grace of the biodegradable fork work through me!


Alright, the first and only boss fight in the real world. As befitting a cult leader, the Recyclepath comes with two cultmembers and can call in more if they fall. Despite this, you still want to have only one hang around if possible, because...

Yeah, this was the first turn. I literally hadn't even laid a hit on him and they all just focused Sunny and killed me. This fight is actually hard, mostly because, like the other real life fights, there's no emotions or skills - it's just attack and heal. Well, Sunny has skills, but only 2 are going to be useful here.

Prepare to see this screen a lot. I play very conservatively in this fight and have Sunny use persist quite a bit, mostly in response to that very unlucky turn one wipe I had - I didn't save and had to redo the Tower of Rubble.

Aubrey has a move called Home Run that has the chance to OHKO an enemy. I do not know if it can work on Recyclepath, but even if it could I wouldn't use it on him since that'd make the fight dull. Home Run takes up all her juice but if it works is a great way to get rid of one of these dumb minions.

Once you get one, or both, of the cultists down, Sunny needs to be encouraged to get his attack up and then focusing so he can do 2.5x more damage on his next attack. Focusing does not heal Sunny, and he's at risk if he gets targeted of dying if he doesn't use persist. So there's a very delicate line of being defensive and aggressive in this fight and going too far in one direction can be bad for you. There's only so much juice or healing items you can bring into this fight. Especially when the minions can infinitely respawn.

It no joke takes like 2 minutes for Sunny to land his first hit on Recyclepath. Everyone else is doing between 20 - 30 damage, this is why it's important to keep Sunny on the offense, as much as I want to just have him persist every turn.

It's worth noting that Sunny's skills will always go first, followed by any ally who uses a healing item. So normally, Kel goes first, then any enemy, then Aubrey, then Hero, and finally Sunny. This is a very important order to remember while fighting.

Here's a nice good shot of the Recyclepath without any of his adds hanging on and ruining the sprite.

At this point, you've gone under half health and he's just two good hits away from death. Keep at it and he'll go down.

We are destined to reach the trashless world... Has the holy bin forsaken us? No... I must have misinterpreted its message. The holy bin makes no mistakes, after all. It is I who must have been wrong... Wait... I understand now! The holy bin must be telling me that there is no trashless world! We can only make the most of the world that we live in... Yes... Come brothers and sisters! The trashless world is not up in the sky, but on the ground that we stand on! We must make this our trashless world together!

Look dude, we just want you to move your pile of trash off our hideout spot. Also maybe stop with the cult stuff, it's a bit creepy.

Sunny... uh... Sunny?

Hey, you alright? You've been staring into space for like five minutes now...

Haha... What were you daydreaming about, Sunny?

Your expression... It was so peaceful.

Oh... it was all a dream. I guess that makes sense. Even if it does sadden me a bit... at least we all got to experience the collective delusion together. :unsmith:

Continuing to talk with the neighbors, Headphones kid actually mentions that he knew Brent and Joy... which is pretty neat... but talking with either of them doesn't let you reconnect them or anything. So it's neat but pointless, sadly.

The Artist wants us to find Angel who... wait a minute, you gave him money? Oh... oh no...

Welp, I hope you didn't like Angel. Because he's not going to be alive much longer.

Huh... Errands? What errands? Oh, crap! I forgot I was supposed to buy some art supplies for her this morning! Uh... Uh-oh... So that's why I had that money in my pocket... Oops...

Dude... you're a dead man.

Hmm... Should I bother going back home then? Is it even worth it at this point? Gah! No, if I keep running away, it'll only make things worse! Come on, Angel! You have to face your fears head on! ONWARD, ANGEL! YOU CAN DO THIS!! FWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

Now his name truly is appropriate.

ARTIST: He's... He's in a better place now... Just kidding... He's just standing in the corner there in the time-out. Maybe next time he'll think twice before he uses all my money to buy trading cards!

ARTIST: Just... hold on to it for a few days or so before you give it back to him. Heh heh... that should teach him a lesson.

It may take a couple days before he's ready to move again... much less play with cards.

Sarah and her family will be going to Gino's tonight... the two lovebirds are watching a movie... well, one of them is and the other is fast asleep. I'll let you figure out which is which.

Can you believe we first met this people only two days ago? Granted, that was 30 updates ago... jeez.

PIGTAILS LADY: If you're here for the party, I'm sorry. It's still a little bit early...

Oh shoot... that's our bad! We'll just come back later!

Hm? Sniff... Huh? Do you guys smell that? It smells like something is burning...


PIGTAILS LADY: Actually... Um... You guys wouldn't happen to know how to cook, would you? I might need a little help with dinner...

You need help cooking? Well, today is your lucky day! My brother Hero is an amazing cook! He'll definitely be able to cook something right up! Heh heh...

H-Huh? I-I will?

PIGTAILS LADY: Oh, thank you! Please... come inside!

No worries. We'll help you out! Won't we, guys? Won't we?

Oh... Alright then... Come on, team. I'm gonna put you all to work!

Huh? W-Wait a sec... Even me!?

Yeah, of course! We used to cook together all the time when we were kids, didn't we?

PIGTAILS LADY: Thank you so much! Feel free to use any ingredients! I don't have a lot, though...

Don't worry... I know we can make something delicious! Let's get to work!


PIGTAILS LADY: Oh, hello Sean! Our new friends were just helping me prepare dinner for tonight's party!

CHECKERS GUY: Well... It looks like you guys are doing a great job! I'm done setting up outside so let me help, too!

PIGTAILS LADY: Yay! Now all of us can cook together!

PIGTAILS LADY: Thank you for all your help again. You're all such genuinely nice people!

Any time! Thanks for trusting us with your kitchen... We really enjoyed cooking with you guys!

Yeah, this was really fun! Can't wait to eat everything at the party tonight!

CHECKERS GUY: We'll be waiting for you!

PIGTAILS LADY: Take care of yourselves!

Man, we're making friends all over town! Sunny hasn't left his house in four years and makes an impression on everyone after three days!

Get this, the cookie-cutter house that looks like the rest... looks like the rest. Shocking, but you had to see it to believe it. Now then, let's head next door and see if the third time's the charm for the dude trying to fix that leak.

GRUFF GUY: H-Hey... It's you guys again... Did you all come because you were worried about me? Sniff... That's so thoughtful of you... Come in! I think I really have it this time! I can feel it in my soul!

Please dude, call a plu-

GRUFF GUY: I can't believe it... It's fixed! It's really fixed! I'm so happy, I could cry! You're amazing! Beyond amazing! Phenomenal even! How can I ever repay you!?

It's... uh... It's nothing... Don't worry about it.

GRUFF GUY: Sniff... Everyone... Thanks for being here for me through this hard time... You know, I have a son and daughter just about your age. Their names are Vance and Kim! Their mother and I separated when Kim was just a baby... I don't see them as often as I'd like, so I make sure to spoil them with candy when I do! Heh heh...

Oh, you're Kim and Vance's dad?

GRUFF GUY: I sure am, and proud of it! Even if they're always getting into trouble... at least they take care of each other!

Haha... Yeah... that's good...

GRUFF GUY: Anyway, I think it's about time that I enjoy some drip-free rest and relaxation! Thanks again, guys! You're always welcome here!

I'm surprised he sees them so little when they live two blocks away. Must have been a real bad divorce... granted when your home could be condemned by the state at any minute...

Kim and Vance's Dad also gives us another CD! We've just got one more left to collect...

Lastly... our travels today have been long but there's something we need to do at the church before we can call it a day.

You didn't think we'd forget Mincy, did you?

There you go again with that pencil and paper! You never stop, do you, Mincy?

MINCY: I guess, I don't! Haha! I'm all fired up... That's all... Just trying to get all that artistic energy out before it goes away.

MINCY: One of them looks like a slightly different shade though. I wonder why that is...

Oh, I know why! I used to come here when I was a kid, so I was there when they were replacing them...

I... uh... heard that the old window got broken when a kid accidentally threw a baseball into it. Probably should have aimed that better...

Err... I-I mean... I'm talking about the kid! Not me... Heh heh...

MINCY: Hehe... You're such a bad liar, Kel. Don't worry. I won't tell anyone. I'd never snitch on my #1 fan. I kind of like it anyway... It makes this place unique.

Haha, yeah... I guess it does, huh?

I really enjoy these Mincy conversations, and the only thing I don't like about them is that if you miss one, you can't get the rest. So if you've gotten all of them, but forget this one - you won't get the one later this afternoon.

Now then, there's only one other person we are here to see today.

No, not the gravekeeper... Mari.

Hey Mari... It's me again. Sunny, Kel, and Hero are with me this time.

Do you visit Mari's grave a lot, Aubrey?

Yeah... I try to, although some days it's a little hard. You guys visit sometimes, too... don't you?

Every now and then. But maybe I should have visited more often... Hey Hero. How are you feeling?

... I'm okay. I'm glad we're all here to see her.

It's been so long, but I still miss you more than ever. I'm... I'm sorry I wasn't there.

I'm just... really sorry...

Hero... You don't have to be so hard on yourself.

Yeah... We're here for you if you ever need us.

Heh... Thanks, guys... Don't worry about me too much, okay?

:siren: :siren: By Her Side :siren: :siren: