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Part 44: My Best Friend

UPDATE 44: My Best Friend

See You Tomorrow

We're in the final stretch, everyone! Unlike previous days, there's very little to do in the evening of day three. We're mostly going to wrap up some loose ends, with the final loose end being this game.

Another memory... another thing that's faded away.

It's finally time for the party! Let's stop on in and see how things are going...

Hanging with the Boys

Not the most... exciting party but hey - it's definitely comfortable!

Hmph... And I guess it's true what they say...

Food always tastes better when you cook it yourself...

How true is that? I always think my food comes out worse than others cooking until I get outside confirmation. Though I did just recently make the BEST gumbo...

Heh heh... Just kidding... nerd. Anyways... Aubrey told me you were moving away tomorrow. That sounds kinda sucky, but I'm sure you'll be okay. Oh! My stomach's grumbling... I'd better start on this food before it's all gone...

It's nice that we... Munch... have a chance to celebrate with everyone before you head off for new horizons!

Just enjoy yourself and relax for now. Munch... We're in good company!

It's not a crazy ass party, but this fits much better. A nice quaint gathering with our friends before we leave...

Don't worry, we're not here to have another traumatic moment with Mari... Mari's grave is the final orange cat spot in the game. We're here to feed it a fish and be done with it!

And with that... we say good bye to the cat, and say hello to the final CD! We've collected everything for the jukebox!

Once you find any CD, you have to donate it to the jukebox... but once you do that you can play it at any point from the jukebox here or in Headspace! The Jukebox songs aren't on the OST, but thankfully someone was kind enough to both upload them all and give a nice graphic that displays the song name and what Rai says while the song is playing. My personal favorite is the Otherworldly CD, followed by Tranquil CD. Secret CD is good for different reasons.

Jukebox Songs

There's a song by Toby Fox on there! That may have been created back in 2015! You may have heard of him! There, that should get people to click on the link...

Now then... the park is it for us before we head to Basil's house. I told you the afternoon is sparse in things to do.

First off, gotta get our burgers!

KEL'S DAD: Sunny! Good luck with moving away tomorrow! Remember to visit every now and then... I know Kel is going to be lonely without you!

Awww, Dad... Stop it... You're embarrassing me...

KEL'S DAD: GAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Here's a lesson from your old man. As you get older, it's going to get harder and harder to make friends... So if you think you have a good one... it's important to cherish them. Friends can be for life, you hear me!

This is very true... Friends just don't come as easily since your weeks are dedicated to working... so you're tired and less able to spend time with others. Especially if you have children on top of that. Hopefully this group stays together...

MINCY: Hey, Kel and Sunny! I'm not drawing anything this time... I'm just sitting here and enjoying the breeze.

That's good! You've been working hard drawing all weekend. It's important to relax too.

MINCY: Y-Yeah... I'm still really anxious though. I hope my portfolio will be good enough to get into art school. Being an artist has always been my dream, but sometimes I get in my own way. Thanks for everything these past few days. I think I really needed it.

Huh? What did I do?

MINCY: Haha... It's nothing really, but... I guess... just telling me to keep going and stuff. I feel like I need a little push sometimes, you know what I mean?

Hmm... Not really... But I'm still glad I could help you out somehow!

No way! Is this really for us!? Wow, this is so amazing! I look better in this drawing than in real life!

Thank you so much, Mincy! You've made your #1 and #2 fans very happy!

MINCY: No problem... You two are such a funny pair. If everyone had friends like you, I bet the world would be a much happier place.

Wow... That's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to us... huh, Sunny?

We hope you get into art school, Mincy! Don't forget us when you become a famous artist!

MINCY: Haha... You don't have to worry about that... I definitely won't forget you guys. Not ever...

Mincy's storyline is just so good. I love it to death. I love this sketch just as much. Though we should go back and get an apology from Kel's dad because clearly Kel will be able to make friends for the rest of his life with literally any random stranger he meets.

Finally... all that remains is to check out the hangout spot.

So this is your hangout spot with your new friends, huh?

Yeah... so what?

Eh... Nothing really. Can't really blame you.

The lake's a little murkier now, but I remember we used to swim here all the time!

It looks the same as it always did... You just had lower standards.

Heh heh... Maybe so, maybe so. So... why did we stop swimming here again?

You don't remember? Mari stopped wanting to come here after the time Sunny almost drowned...

Oh man, I completely forgot about that!

Do you remember, Sunny? It all happened so fast... And even though we were already in the water, it wasn't us who saved you.

No, it was Mari... She dived in before we could even react.

I'll never forget that moment that she carried you out of the lake. And when you finally opened your eyes, she fell on top of you and burst into tears.

... I had never seen her that way before...

When Sunny jumped into the lake to save Basil, we saw an image of someone saving Sunny... it's easy to think that was Hero - since when Sunny wakes up that's the first thing he sees. But no, that was Mari saving him four years ago. That moment has definitely left an impression on Sunny... as you would expect.

This fading memory hit me the hardest of them all... dammit Sunny.

Hey Aubrey!

What do you want, Kel?

I've been thinking... We get into fights all the time, huh?

Yeah, we do...

But even after everything, we're still friends, right?

Yeah... I guess we are...

Maybe... I don't know...

Heh heh... Oh, you two... That just means that you two are really comfortable around each other.

I'm a little jealous you two can be so candid even after all this time. I think that's something really special.

Really? I was just about to say that I find it kind of annoying...

...Ugh... you're such an idiot.

And... That's it for Faraway Town. We can talk to some of the people we've met over the past three days... Sarah and her family are at Gino's Pizza, THE MAVERICK is at the bakery contemplating actually becoming a baker, Bebe is at the fountain waiting for THE MAVERICK despite perfectly good takeout Chinese awaiting her at home... but that's it. We're ready to meet up with Basil and finish our final night in this town. I spent a good 15 minutes wandering around town looking for any last minute things to do... Not just for the LP, but because I'm not quite ready for it all to end...

Is something wrong?

POLLY: Well... Basil is back home, but... He's not talking to me.

Oh no... Is there anything we can do to help?

POLLY: It's a bit hard to say right now. When Basil came back, he went straight to his room and locked the door. I haven't been able to get a word out of him since. Maybe he just needs some time alone... but... I don't know... I'm just worried. Could you guys try to talk to him?

Of course! We'll do whatever we can to help.

POLLY: Thank you, everyone... Feel free to come in whenever you're ready.

Polly makes it seem like going inside is the point of no return, but not quite yet. You can head inside and still leave if you need to.

Knocking on his door is the official "POINT OF NO RETURN". We will be locked until the credits roll! I hope ya'll are ready! Because I'm not.

Is there anything we can do to help?

We just wanted to let you know that we're here. Let us know if you need anything, okay?

POLLY: Sigh... Maybe he just needs some time to himself... I'm really sorry to bother you.

Don't worry about it, Polly... We've all been there before. If I've learned anything these past few days... it's that friends should be there for each other!

I just wanted to say that... I'm sorry for the way I've been treating you.

Will you please say something? We just want to know that you're okay.

Yeah... Last time we all made the mistake of leaving each other when we needed each other the most. This time... we'll stay together.

Polly... do you think we can sleep here for the night?

POLLY: Ohh... you are all so kind... Of course you can stay over! I think Basil would really appreciate that... I know it would mean a lot to him.


POLLY: Ahh. This is happening so fast! Okay then. Since Kel wants the couch, everyone else can have a quilt! We have a lot of those. I'll go grab them now.

Ow, that hurt!

Hey, Sunny... I know this probably wasn't the last night in town you were expecting.

But I just want you to know that even though you're moving away tomorrow... we'll always be friends.

Ugh... That's so cheesy, Hero.

Hey! I'm just saying what I'm thinking!

Heh, heh... Hero's always been such a big softie... Just like you, Aubrey.

Haha... It's nice to hang out like this again. I've been so busy with school and studying. I don't really have time to make friends anymore.

Well... You'll always have us... I guess.

See... I was right! Look who's the softie now!


But, yeah... It's true. I know we'll always be there for each other. Just like I know that Mari's still here with us too.


It would be nice to have a proper goodbye...


Yawn... Man... I'm getting sleepy.

Yup, that's Kel for you... That part of him hasn't changed a bit. Hey Sunny... Thank you for everything. It's probably been tough to leave your house after all this time... but I really appreciate you for doing it for us.

And, hey! Tomorrow's the big day! I hope you're not too worried about moving to a new place... If anything, you got us!

Hmm... Life gets better, huh...

Hey, Sunny... After you move away... You should like... maybe come visit once in a while or something.

Yeah! Then, we can all go out for some sandwiches! Or maybe we can all go to the park... or the beach... or just sit at home and watch TV... Who knows? We can do anything!