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Part 45: Something

UPDATE 45: Something

Well now... this is different. Sunny himself decided to step into his dream world... I wonder how Omori will take this.

About as well as you'd expect, honestly.

The sketchbook only has one drawing in it now... somehow the lack of disturbing artwork makes me feel more uncomfortable? That's a mean trick you've pulled on me game.

Omori does seem to be watching us as we walk around though. It's a bit worrying.

The Coral Branch told us about the lightbulb representing our conscious... so destroying this... could be bad. But Sunny needs to do this.



Without the protection of the lightbulb here... there's nothing stopping Something from outright invading this safe space.

Something will drag Sunny into the shadows every turn it gets.

Sunny's attacks do nothing, as they've done in all the Something fights to this point... speaking of which...

Who's ready for a boss rush? Sunny's going to need to face all of his fears to get to the root of it all. First were the stairs and heights... We'll have to calm down to get past this...

Then the spiders... We need to focus our attention elsewhere to see through this fear...

And finally, the water. We know that Sunny was scared from trying to jump from that statue... but, they also have something else in common... but to find out... we need to understand the root of Sunny's fears... We must persist further...

We need to calm down...

... and Focus.

Despite the fear we feel... these fears have to be faced. You can only run away for so long before those fears overwhelm you, as Sunny has found out. We must Persist through this.

We cannot yield or run away. We must persist.

We must Persist.

We. Must. Persist.

A light to shine on the darkness. Where we plan to go... we'll need it.

A Home For Flowers: Daisy

Heading south is just a big shining light. Considering where we are... let's avoid running towards a light.

Hmm? A photo? Been a while since we've seen one of those.

Jeez! Sunny I didn't get a chance to see it! Why did you put it away so quickly?

... Oh. That looks like a tree in the backyard. Maybe we shouldn't look at these after all...

Basil? What are you doing here?

I've always dreamed that you would come back for me...

But maybe it's too late.

The truth of that day will be hard to accept. When you see it... you have to stay strong.

And if you can...

There's still hope for us... because you're here. I believed in you and you came back for me... so please... believe in me, too.