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Part 46: Don't Worry, Everything Will Be Okay

UPDATE 46: Don't Worry, Everything Will Be Okay

I hope you liked Black Space, because... well, this isn't going to be quite as much of a mind trip, but it's still not going to be a blast.

We're starting on a high note here with this conversation... and I'm not really being sarcastic.

Picking up our third photo prompts the special photo album. As you can tell... there's going to be a lot of photos for us to pick up.

We've seen this picture before, are the faces distorted or scribbled over?

Well uh... let's... follow the retracting hair.

All the adventures we've had... all just entertainment for someone who's basically been on life support for four years. Sunny really didn't take Mari's death well.... :smith:


Sunny... is starting to bleed all over... or losing his skin. Whatever is happening, it doesn't look good.

In this case, the Something isn't the Something hunting us... it's just the feeling of dread. We'll need to find more photos first.

Every time we find a photo in this area, a hand appears and loses a finger. It uh, definitely catches you off guard the first time.

When Sunny walks around now, he has a trail of footprints in blood behind him. He also seems to be bleed more after each photo he grabs.

That's the last photo in this area. That hellish image of Mari is floating around over here... It's uh... as disturbing as always.

We actually saw that violin picture a long long time ago.

This is the picture Basil first saw that started the whole dream adventure. It flashes by so fast theres very little chance you'll see it or recognize it.

Bad Morning

We're back here... but this time, we have a light bulb that can light up this darkness. The question is... do we want to see what it could illuminate?

We saw this before in one of the holes that appeared after the black space keys were collected. What Sunny is seeing in the mirror every night.

But, I think we could use a rest. The implications of what we've seen so far... a break will be useful before we continue.

I hope you enjoyed that break, that's the last one till the end.

The Truth Of That Day (You really should watch this)

When we get to the gate, the game prompts us to put all the photos we've collected so far back in order. It really adds to the atmosphere and I definitely recommend seeing it in the video...