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Part 48: Memories

UPDATE 48: Memories


Well... either Sunny's dead or back in a dream. I guess we'll find out shortly...

Going in any direction will cause the area to reset at a different time. We want to do it one more time...

And then head north...

Well... Looking real good for "Dead" right now. Though if he somehow managed to snag a ticket to heaven...

The way home? Well... I guess we can go back and check...

Mewo? What are you doing here?


You found your way back home.

I don't know if I've ever said this properly, but... I'm sorry for causing you so much trouble.

When I gave you my Photo Album... I really did want you to have it.

But somehow... whenever I try to help... I always end up burdening you instead.

Even back then...

All this pain we've been feeling... The guilt in our hearts...

Even if you try to bottle it all up... it all comes out somehow.

It's hard to truly believe that... but...

The photos in our album... They're not just photos. They're real memories. Our memories! It's proof of our friendship!

The path to your future will open soon, but only you can decide what to do in the end.

It's not much, but... I'll be cheering you on.


It's time to head home... and time to end this.


Despite the tense atmosphere... the House is nice and is back to how Sunny remembers it. There's a lot of flavor text in this area. Like... a LOT! Everything you see has flavor text, so I'll show off the most interesting ones in the interest of time.

Yeah... those portraits of Omori being happy... *shivers*

The family portrait without the distortions... They all looked so happy... until... :smith:

It's understandable why Sunny doesn't want to see those smiling faces again.

I remember doing this for my sister on occasion. She had broken something and I would hear the shrill voice of my step mom getting upset with her from across the room, until I would say I did it and she'd just go "Oh..." :unsmith:

Oh God... don't remind me about the steak...

Sunny seemed to be a very socially awkward kid... but one who could really read people. That... could be important soon.

One good thing about adulthood - not being dragged to shopping by your mom.


Do You Remember?

No where left to explore... but here...

You've been through a lot these past few days. You must be tired...

We all make mistakes... You've been running from this one for a long time now. It's tough to own up to them sometimes, but you'll forgive yourself, won't you.

You can do this, Sunny. You've worked really hard to get to this point...

There's only one thing left to do now.

Know that I'll always be watching over you, okay? As long as you remember me, I'll be here...

Before we leave...

Gotta pet the kitty.

Now then, we can't forget - It's in the toy box.

The Toy Box

The toy box ended up being where Sunny hid the murder weapon... I wouldn't want to remember this room existed either.

We got what we came here for... it's time to go.

The light that was in the house has faded... and the piano is no longer playing, and the room is empty. Don't worry, there's no scares to be found, just depression.

Sunny warps to a road with a bunch of burnt out lights. The rain comes down quite heavily as well. What's this place called? Memory lane of course. As for why...

Treehouse: Here We Are, Together Again

Yes! I got just what I needed!

Uh-oh... My hand doesn't look so good.

Ah! When did you get behind me, Mari?

I just got here, silly! Here! I brought cookies for everyone.

Basil... Are you taking a photo?

Oh! Y-Yeah... Hehe...

Awww, man... Don't take a photo when I'm struggling like this!

Oh, don't be so dramatic, Kel! It's just a card game.

Huh? Another photo? And what's so funny anyway? Is there something you're not telling us, Basil?

Don't worry about it. You'll find out soon enough.

When the scene is over, we are free to leave... but why would we do that? We should enjoy the good memories while they last.

Tough luck indeed.

Shhh... Don't tell anyone, okay?

D-Don't look, Sunny... It's... It's too horrible!

Sigh... I'm going to lose, aren't I?

I keep thinking they're playing Texas Hold em, but how the hell does he have three cards!?

Oh, Hero, don't be so humble. You know your cookies are way better than mine!

Hey, that's subjective!

Mari's cookies... have much more love baked into them. I could eat them forever!

Oh! Stop it, Hero... You're embarrassing me.

Hmm, what do you think, Sunny? What should I do? Decisions, decisions...

The kids only got to spend about two months in the treehouse before Mari died... but Sunny made it live on forever in his dreams as the place the kids all wait at while he languishes in White Space.

This area feels like an abandoned part of Sunny's psyche. I wonder if he so throughly pushed down his memories that he's forgotten even the good memories and can't see through the fabricated ones he dreams of?


Yay! Thank you, Hero! Look at you, such a big strong man.

Awww... Not now, Mari... Haha...

WOO-HOOO!!! Nothin' beats a nice, juicy watermelon on a hot, summer day! Munch! Munch! Munch!

Hey, don't take a picture of me while I'm eating, Basil!

Ah! I'm sorry, Aubrey. I just thought you looked cute! I'll show you when it's ready.

Well... Okay, fine... I trust you, Basil.

Eww! Gross! Stop spitting seeds on me, Kel!

Haha, you have seeds all over your face!

Well... How about this then!?

Ewww, stop it, Aubrey... You're going to give me cooties!!

Hey, Sunny! Did you want to see the photo of Aubrey?

Aubrey is so cute, isn't she?

Getting to go to the memories of these photos feels so nice, especially after such a grueling past few hours. :unsmith:

Everyone has their own beach bag. Sunny's is boring but functional, Basil's is a bit too small but he likes it, Aubrey's fits her just perfect, and Hero and Mari have matching bags. The bags, and their towels, are all color-coded too. It's a very neat thing that I'm able to look at the picture above and know who's towel is who's without the game telling me.

I used to hide bugs in your desk all the time just to see your reaction! You were always so funny.

W-Wait... that was you!?

Oh... whoops... Am I in trouble now, Hero? Hehe...

The rain isn't coming down quite as heavy as before... still, there's more to see here.

Where We Used to Play

I guess it's just us three now.

Everyone must be feeling sleepy after such a big meal.

Thank you for cooking for all of us, Hero.

Awww, it was nothing... I'm just practicing a little. I'm glad you all liked it.

One day, you're going to be a world-famous chef and you're going to cook me lots of yummy food!

Huh? Wait! I am!?

Of course you are! I believe in you, Hero!

Well... If you say so.

I'm glad you're using your camera more now, Basil. You seem to be enjoying your new hobby.

Yeah! I guess it's pretty fun once you get the hang of it.

W-Wait a sec... There's something strange in this photo...

Sniff, sniff... HECTOR! How could you!?

Oh hey, little brother! Sorry, did we wake you up? You looked so peaceful sleeping there... Reminds me of when you were just a baby.

Hey, Sunny... Can I poke your brain for a minute? I really love cooking and all and Mari always says I'm really good, but my parents want me to become a doctor...

Follow your dreams, my man.

Haha... Maybe...

We're still young! We should dream big, right!?

Hmm, but yeah... My mom's going to have something to say about that.

And without Mari there... he quit pushing back against his mom's desire and is now trying to become a doctor. :smith:

Sorry, my thoughts are ruining the good vibes of this memory.

This could have been such a good shot... but Hector had to ruin the photo with his poop!

Sigh... Maybe I can cover it up with tape later.

You can see the tape on the photo in the photo album! This is the only time you can see the original uncensored photo with dog doo in it. Such are the wonders of memories.

The rain isn't quite as heavy as it was before. At least, it doesn't sound like it.


Basil, Basil! Take a picture of my new raincoat!

Oh! Okay! One sec...

Do you like it, Sunny? It's my favorite color... pink!

Ewww... pink is a gross color.

No, it's not, Kel! You're a gross color!

That doesn't even make sense.

Oh Sunny, that reminds me! Mari and I were talking about dying our hair together. Mari says she's going to dye her hair purple.

You wanna know what color I chose?

Wait... Are you saying you wanna dye your hair... pink!?

Ewww... that's weird... Why would you ever do that?

I don't know... I just thought it would be cute! Mari thinks so too!

Hmph... I'll never understand you two and your crazy ideas.

I think pink would look good on you Aubrey.

She looks good in pink, it's very distinctive.

Sunny says that he thinks that pink is a great color!

See, even Basil and Sunny agree... You're the one who's weird, Kel!

Psh... Whatever...

Yay! That settles it. One day, I'm going to dye my hair pink!

But... maybe not anytime soon... My dad is kind of strict about these things.

Hey, I know! Why don't we go to Hobbeez to check if they have any new stuff?

Remember that you can use more than one move and you'll at least be in the top 10% in Faraway.

You always ask to look at my photo whenever I take any pictures of Aubrey.

Do I... maybe... sense a little crush?

Hehe... Don't worry, I won't say anything! My lips are sealed.

With how strong dream Aubrey comes on to Omori, this wasn't really a surprise. It's still cute and makes me smile though.

The rain has definitely calmed down at this point... we must be getting closer to the end of these memories.

A Home For Flowers: Sunflower

Sunny is a bit camera shy... We all have those days, don't we?

Wow! This cake looks so amazing! You've really outdone yourself this time, Hero!

Yay... Thanks, Hero! I love strawberries.

Basil, Basil! What wish are you going to make?

Hey, you can't ask that, Aubrey! Or else... it won't come true.

Huh? Is that how it works?

Hey, you can't do that!

Hmm... a wish? Ahh... But what should I wish for? I have everything I could want right here!

... Oh, I know! Hehe... I think... I'll wish for... Just Kidding.

Aww... I want to know though...

Guys, if we don't hurry, the candles are going to melt! Are we all ready to sing?

Yeah, you bet!

Did you want to start us off, Mari?

Sure thing. Ahem... and a one, two, three, four...

Annnnd the LP is gonna get copywrite stricken now. Thanks gang.

Make a wish!

It's... snowing? At least, that's what it looks like.


No problem, Kel... You can thank me by doing a little better in school.

Uh-huh... You bet!

Okay, Sunny... It's time for you to open up your present.

It probably doesn't look like much... but we all had to save up for it together.

Yeah! Me and Basil even started selling cookies and lemonade in the summer.

And Mari and I took a job at the bakery for a while, if you remember.

And me? I had to deliver newspapers every morning for like three months... And you know how much I hate mornings!

We know this might be a lot of pressure, but...

It's been a while since you quit playing the violin.

And there was even that one time I caught you trying to play your old mini violin, even though it was too small for you.

Anyway... this was Basil's idea... but we all decided to pitch in for a really nice one... so... yeah!

We hope you like it, Sunny. This is from all of us to you.


It's your very own violin!

We hope you like it, Sunny... Go on and try it out!

We remembered... the smell of freshly baked cookies... the taste of watermelon... the feeling of sleeping in Mari's lap...

We remembered... the sound of falling rain as it hit our umbrella... Basil's smile as he was about to blow out his birthday candles... Sunny's wish for everyone to be happy... and the feeling of knowing all our friends believed in us.

You Must Carry On

After this point, it's going to be up to you.

You know... Before we met, I had a lot of trouble fitting in... Even after we all became friends... I always assumed you were going to leave me eventually.

But... when the others were busy doing things... you always seemed to have time for me. You would listen to me talk for hours and hours... I could always rely on you to do that.

People always tell me that I'm dense or that I'm kinda careless... but I'll always be here if you're okay with that!

This has been really hard for you.

But... you have to put a little bit of trust in us, too.

Just because you've done something bad... doesn't make you bad.

You've had to live with this pain for so long... and you've been keeping it all inside.

There's more good times to come. Life gets better... and you can be the one to make that happen.

Whatever happens next is going to be your call.

But we're here for you because you want us to be.

Whatever you end up choosing... We will always want what's best for you.

Keep us in your thoughts. We'll be cheering you on.

You can do this, Sunny! I promise to stick with you until the very end!

Yeah... I think we'll always be best friends. That's okay with you too, right?

No matter how far you push your feelings down... they'll always come back somehow. And what you do with those feelings... That will be your truth.

Hey, Sunny...

With all of Sunny's memories in tow, the words of support from his closest friends, and the knowledge of what he did... There remains one last task before us...

Don't worry... Everything's going to be okay.