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Part 49: Omori

UPDATE 49: Omori


Omori (You really should watch this)

Omori (But if you don't watch the video, at minimum PLEASE click this)

We've got one last person left to convince, Sunny's alter ego - Omori. Omori will be utilizing every skill that made him powerful, every ability that made him overpowered to fight with. It will not be an easy battle to win alone. But if any battle mattered, it's this one.

Sunny comes with three new abilities for this fight. Allegro is the equivalent of Omori's Hack Away, and will strike Omori three times - this costs 19 juice, however. Encore allows three turns of no juice usage. Cherish... well, you'll see.

Using encore is a very good idea. Allegro can only be used twice otherwise - once if you don't have the seashell necklace.

Omori is going to be using his trusty knife for this fight... as well as our favorite abilities. He starts early on by just using stab, but he can start using much worse soon.

Allegro can deal anywhere between 30 and 70 damage per strike, while a regular attack does about 50 - 100. It's always better to use Allegro, but sometimes you can really strike a jackpot with a regular attack.

Omori has already had enough of our shit and busts out Hack Away on us. Basically matching our own use of Allegro.

Despite dealing some heavy damage to us... we're able to take him out with a little patience!

... Remember when I said every ability? I meant... every single ability. Including THAT one. Sunny lost his own use of persist for this fight... so we're fighting on Omori's turf and he... does not want to lose. This will not be easy or simple.

Omori gets access to an ability we never even saw. It does 4 strikes of damage to Sunny, completely negating our own healing... we're going to need help to make it through this.

Friends.... Friends are supposed to be there for each other...

It's alright, Aubrey... I promise from now on, I'll always be there for you!

Yeah... I promise too... We should all be here for each other!

Sunny! Don't worry about Aubrey! I'll keep her busy... Just go help Basil!

Hey Sunny... Thank you for everything. It's probably been tough to leave your house after all this time... but I really appreciate you for doing it for us.

I hope you can find some peace... or you know... some happiness.

There have been a lot of things that were unsaid these past few years... and painful memories that we kept to ourselves.

But even through all that... I'm relieved that we were still able to become friends again. I'm happy that we're all here... so that we can face this together.

Last time we all made the mistake of leaving each other when we needed each other the most. This time... we'll stay together.

Maybe one day... things can go back to the way they were before.

You'll forgive yourself... Won't you... Sunny?

My only daughter... is gone. And you... you are my only son. I can't... lose you as well.

Stay away... You are not my son...

It's been so long, but I still miss you more than ever. I'm... I'm sorry I wasn't there.

I'm just... really sorry...

Sunny... Why? Why did you show up now?

Where were you when Mari died? WHERE WERE ANY OF YOU!?

Eventually, Mom and Dad ran to our room and rushed over to hug him and calm him down...

But they... completely ignored me... Heh, heh...

When Mari... When Mari fell...

You... You couldn't have done it. It was something behind you... wasn't it? You're a good person, Sunny. I know you're a good person!

When something killed Mari... When something ruined all my photos...

I didn't say anything... I didn't want people to think it was you, Sunny.

Do you remember, Sunny? It all happened so fast... And even though we were already in the water, it wasn't us who saved you.

No, it was Mari... She dived in before we could even react.

I'll never forget that moment that she carried you out of the lake. And when you finally opened your eyes, she fell on top of you and burst into tears.

Mari really loved you, Sunny. You know that, don't you?

I'll keep you company, so you're not alone. I know you really hate that.

You remembered... the feeling of sleeping in Mari's lap. It felt more comfortable, because you knew that, no matter what... Mari would always keep you safe.

I know I shouldn't have come... It just gets a little lonely without everyone.

It's not my place to say anymore, but... I hope you're still there... Sunny... I really miss you.

There's only one thing left to do now.

Know that I'll always be watching over you, okay? As long as you remember me, I'll be here...

Goodbye... little brother.