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Part 57: Cold and Empty

UPDATE 57: Cold and Empty

Now that Basil's back, the flowers are back in bloom. Basil will be tending to them so they won't be dying anymore. How he does this from his spot on the picnic blanket, I'm not sure. But I do not question the ways of the gardener.

Basil's house is back to normal now, though there's no music here. It's eerie, it's like someone's watching us with a smile on their face, it's kind of eerie. But nevermind that, there's presents for us! We've got a Tulip Hairstick, a Rose Hairclip, a Cactus Hairclip, and a Gladious Hairclip. The Tulip gives 50 HP and more EXP, The Gladiolus increases attack and luck by 10 as well as doubles hit rate, the Cactus gives 15 defense and 15 HP, the Rose raises every stat by 5 except for health and juice - which it raises by 15. These are all phenomenal items that will make the endgame a bit easier to handle. The Flower Crown still stays on Omori though, most heals are percentage based and he needs the juice for his expensive abilities.

The forest itself has nothing new for us, though there are some new things for us here in the pier area.

This area is crawling with shadow creatures now. There's two different types of creatures here to fight.

Say hello to Salli. She fights exactly the same as the other shadow creatures. Being at level 50 means a couple attacks knock them out, and of course, they finish off the battle by apologizing.

This version is named Cindi. I don't think we're ever actually given a full explanation for what these creatures are exactly. But my personal theory comes from what the voice tells us after we defeat Humphrey. They were previous imaginary friends/denizens of Headspace that ended up triggering a memory of Something and so Omori shut them away. And now when he sees them, all he can see is that they remind him of... Something.

Lovesick 80,000 Years

Moving on to Otherworld, we've actually got a few things to do here. Like this guy with a quest marker over his head.

PINKBEARD: Have you seen my son? His name is Capt. Spaceboy, but I'm not sure what he goes by nowadays... There's always something going on with that birdbrain...

SPACE PIRATE CHIEF: It's lookin a little grim, captain... He may be gone for good this time... but... I did find these.

PINKBEARD: Huh? What's this? Batteries? I asked you to find my son... and you brought me BATTERIES!? This won't help me find Capt. Spaceboy!

SPACE PIRATE CHIEF: Huff... Sorry, Captain. I'll keep lookin! Even if he is a pain in the butt sometimes...

Hmm... batteries... didn't we need to find some batteries a long long time ago? Well, let's take em and continue walking around.

Heading into the secret Junkyard entrance, we can find Pluto just hanging around over here.

My dream of owning a transportation station has taken me all around the universe... But it is still nice to come back home every now and then. Sometimes, I miss my friends... like the Earth here.

The Earth and I go way back. Before we were confined to this Solar System... we soared through galaxy after galaxy, decimating everything in our path. I still think very fondly of those times.

I was not expecting this backstory for our planet. And here I thought it was just a boring temperate landscape world. Who knew it had a wild side as a kid?

What's that Earth? Hm... I see. The Earth tells me that she has been keeping watch on your journey. She says that your growth has inspired her, and... that she wishes to challenge you to a battle.

Oh, well this is sudden. But sure, let's go ahead and finish this I suppose.

Then the Earth and I shall team up once again! Prepare yourselves, children. Victory will not come easy!

Pluto & Earth


Pluto teaming up with the Earth to tag team us could be difficult... if we weren't max level. That said, I do make some basic mistakes due to me going in blind and being a dumbass.

Because the Earth LOVES making everyone depressed. Which, yes, I did live through the past year as well and can confirm this is true (as were the years before that). But when you're setting up your angry party, that's not ideal. The Hikikomori route likes to make boss fights engage with the emotion system a lot more than the Sunny route. Which is cool! You get a more interesting and engaging RPG system and in return... Sunny doesn't get redemption. Fair trade to me! :smith:

Pluto fights exactly like in the first fight. Nothing has really changed except being tougher. Pretty much the same for the Earth as well, except before it would only target one member with sad instead of a full party depression party. Because of this, the Earth is a priority target in comparison to Pluto.

Here's the red hands attack in action. Omori literally tries to erase the enemy. He's quite good at it too! Just ask Mr. Outback!

... And here's the Earth's ultimate attack we were so fortunate to avoid on our first encounter with it. Still not that bad though, but that's mostly due to being a bit overleveled.

It's been a while, but run and gun Kel is still God-tier.

With the Earth gone, Pluto is a big pushover. Thanks to the Earth, we even have full energy to deal a power of dream friendship on Pluto and knock him out quick like.

It seems that the student has surpassed the teacher. I always knew this day would come... but perhaps not so soon. Thank you for humbling us, children. Our time in the universe doesn't last forever. Even at my age, it is important to continue to learn and grow. Yes! That is what it means to be alive! Go forth, children... and shine as bright as the stars in the galaxy! There are many that believe in you. More than you know!

So ends Pluto's arc. He liked fighting us to the end. Also flexing. Also, transportation companies. Too bad about the planetoid status in 2006.

Nothing else new to see around the Otherworld... but we did, finally, get those batteries we need to turn on that damn fish. Let's finally do it!


Not the most intuitive way to open a door, but it did cross two to-do items off our list.

SXH... Space Ex-Husband? Seems like we've found his trail. Hopefully this teleporter doesn't lead to our untimely death this time.

And hey! There's another item knocked off the list!


It's been so long since I got to do that... feels so good. As expected, it's a wrong key... but we need to collect them all anyway. For uh, reasons. Only a Y and a Z left anyway.

Here's how the hangman is starting to look... I think the Something eye is on the wrong side, from what it looks like.

Oh wow, another joke board.


I'm a little upset about this because I already took care of the Weeping Willow quest prior to this, so we don't get to see her reaction to this joke. I'm guessing it's the same as the others but eh, never know.

I turned on every fish in the room in the hopes that the devs didn't think about this and it would cause a cacophony... but they reset the song every time you click on a different fish. Damn you Q&A team!!

Anyway... let's leave the igloo.

Remember to be Patient

Definitely still on the right path... though this place feels incredibly lonely out. Just this lone igloo in a field of snow.

This area is HUGE! It has to be the biggest place in all of Headspace, and has to rival a black space area or too in terms of size. Damn near all of it is empty too. There are two things of note to find here, if you don't mind literally scouring every corner of the map for them.

There's a nice cozy little fire for the kids to warm up by somewhere... I want to say in the South-west portion? It's incredibly hard to tell with literally no landmarks around where this is.

And then somewhere in the North-west section of the area... why, it's the penultimate letter and key -


...Oh... That didn't seem good.

You may point out that this is basically a completed Hangman at this point and... well, I guess from Omori's point of view it is. But we know the one thing that's missing to make it complete...

Regardless, heading all the way to one side of the map (it does end eventually) will let us actually proceed with this place.

Been a while since we got to see the new area graphic. It does feel somewhat comforting.

And what a mountain it is! We've got a bit of a climb ahead of us to reach the peak.

The snowbunnies that were around the snow cone place can be found here. They don't chase you down which is just great... Just to go on a tangent... it would be nice if the game did more encounters like these bunnies. Retracing through parts of the game and encounters will track you down despite being 40 levels behind me. Sweetheart's castle is a nightmare to traverse after you beat it because you lose the masks so all the guards chase you down and move as fast as you do! They will travel to the end of the map to fight you too, it's annoying as hell. It's just more annoying when you know the game has the capability to stop this already coded.

Down on the first level, is this little cave we can explore real quick.

The cave introduces us to sliding ice... joy of joys. It's not too bad... except for one part. The watermelon contains a tenderizer - Hero's ultimate weapon. It also teaches him tenderize - which does crit damage to a foe and reduces their damage. This is actually quite good and worth having as a 4th ability on Hero. It's quite good for an early round move, when healing isn't a thing you need to worry about yet. Sadly, I legit did not see that I got that ability and never used it... my shame is great.

Heading back outside and up to the next level... we find uh... this... thing?

White Surf Style 6

It's a snow pile! They're kinda cute and mostly harmless. They die after about one round of attacking from the whole team. Mileage may vary if you aren't max level. They like to attack by throwing snow. The battles here also use the snow battle theme we heard like 50 updates ago near the snow cone place.

While wandering around, you can find these cracks in the snow, and if you step on them...

You fall into the cavern below with the Tenderizer. There's one of these cracks on each level... and I'm going to step on all of them. Why? Because what if they didn't lead here, but this was the crack that led to some huge secret? :shepface:

Anyway... back up on the second floor we can find a snowball in that blue melon. The snowball has the most attack of any of Kel's current weapons, but has 200 less speed than the chickenball... so we stick with that. However, getting this item does teach Kel the snowball skill - which attacks an enemy and inflicts sad! It's a jackpot skill to get on Kel, since it means I can take the sad skills off Omori and put on more of his attacking skills.

... Both of these lead to the same cavern... stare at this screenshot for 2 minutes if you want to mimic the loss of my own time to these traps.

If nothing else, there's these penguins for us to find here :3:

Up at the top level of this part of the mountain, we can find a snow cone ticket... and a snowcone machine! We also find two cracks here (guess what they do). There's also a snowflake flower next to the snowcone machine that will either tell you that you feel a little better, healthier, bubblier, etc... They don't do anything as far as I can tell though.

Because snow owns as a kid. School gets canceled, you can go play in it all day, your family's likely all home too. It's the best!! Meanwhile, as an adult, you still have to go to work in it... pipes can freeze, you have to plow it, drive in it, the kids are home... its the worst!!

The next area has another little sliding ice path to get across... they thankfully haven't made them into a puzzle yet... YET.

Been a long time since we had a nice picnic with Mari. And this time, we get to enjoy Basil with us!

Brrr... Is it a little chilly up here or is it just me? It doesn't look like this place sees many travelers...

Seems like somewhere you would only go if you wanted to be all alone.

Wow... Isn't the snowfall pretty?

I mean... I guess it's pretty... Snow is fine once in a while, but I'd never live anywhere that snows all the time!

Think of all the shoveling...


H-Huh? Oh... It's nothing!

Sorry... It's kind of silly.

I don't know why... but snow makes me really sad.

Awwww... Don't be sad, Basil! We're all here for you!

Yeah, I mean... It's okay to be sad sometimes... but you can always confide in us!

Hehe... Thanks, everyone.

Don't worry... I know I can always tell you guys anything.

Well... ALMOST anything...

These turtleglobes all have some kind of image in them... I think they're old memories that Omori's got stored away deep. Though, we don't ever get to see if that's true or not.

As much of a winter fan as I am, this last winter really tested that. Mostly because I guess I'm old now and the cold fronts would bring a bunch of health problems for me... damn, can't believe I aged :smith:

Also hey, do you remember those tentacles? We'll be finding out what those do somewhat soon. After first seeing one in the literal first update, we're really close to using one!

This poetry is pretty mediocre, you'd think a brooding space captain could at least spin a good tale.

Right above the picnic spot with Mari is a Pluto travel point. Makes it easy to come back here later... or leave now if you aren't up to snuff yet. Though if you're having trouble with the snow piles I don't know how you got past Humphrey.

These make me feel so nostalgic for memories I don't even have... damn. Though the two or three times it snowed was cool because my house was on top of a hill and it was quite warm underneath the covers :unsmith:

These messages are starting to become desperate. Space Ex-Husband really wants us to stay away... but hey... look what I see over there in the corner!

It's the last mirror! We've seen them all now...

More Than Just a Dream


And over here is the final telescope! Lot's of finals going on right now...

Nothing really to see except some nice art, which is always fine with me. The artwork in this game is fantastic, I know I've said that a lot already but it bears repeating for the billionth time.

More easy sliding ice puzzles. These feel like they were included for contractual reasons than to be interesting.


Oh hey, didn't know Omori was a Dr. Who fan.


Say hello to the Snow Angel. Despite the intimidating appearance and music, they aren't actually too rough to fight.

Granted, I didn't know that at the time :v:

There's a couple of items we can collect in this area, but for the most part it's just an empty land to let you fight the snow angels - who only appear here. A bit strange.

A wrinkle has been added to the sliding ice puzzles, and we now have to push the presents to get past this area.

I had no plan and got past it easily. Like I said, these sections feel like someone really just wanted sliding ice puzzles here.

... Okay, I spoke too soon. Welcome to the room of hell. Are you ready for this? It's gonna be quite terrible...

Thank God that's over... that's the last of these puzzles, it's good that they end on their best one. I actually did go back and forth here over and over because I was like "Wait... is that really all there is to it???"


We've managed to reach the peak of the mountain, not too bad of a journey for our heroes.

I'm pretty sure literally everyone told you that Sweetheart would be a problem, you ain't got anyone to blame but yourself I'm afraid.


Seems like somewhere you would only go if you wanted to be all alone.

Well, sounds like the perfect place for Space Ex-Husband then.

Hooray! You've almost made it to the top! How are you all feeling?

No... worries... Mari...

Yeah... We're... just... fine...

Ahhh! My ears are popping again!

Kel, I t-told you already... It's the elevation...

Y-Yeah, stop complaining, Kel! We're all feeling it too!

I... I'm not complaining. I kinda like it! It r-reminds me of when you finally get the water out of your ears after swimming!

Ah... Swimming... Sun... Heat...

H-Hey, guys... L-Let's go somewhere warmer next time.

We do need to check up with the Oasis Desert and see if anything's changed there, so sure Aubrey!

Err... Hey... It's... uh... Capt. Space Ex-Husband now, right? You don't... look so hot...

Yeah... It's so chilly up here... Are you... like... okay?

Oh, me? Worry not, children. My heart is frozen. I am pure. I am cold, like ice. I feel nothing. I will never feel anything ever again.

Oh no... He's even worse than last time...

Capt. Spaceboy... Come on... Let's bring you home.

Capt. Spaceboy? Who's that? I am nothing. I am pure. I am cold, like ice.

Sigh... He's never going to listen to us at this rate... What do we do?

Isn't it obvious!? We have to beat the snow out of him... just like last time! Come on, guys! We can do this!

W-What!? Are you sure? There must be another way...

Hmmm... Normally I wouldn't agree with Kel's methods, but at this rate he's going to freeze all alone up here! Sometimes you need a little tough love...

That's what I like to hear! Don't worry, Capt. Spaceboy! We'll save you!

Space Ex-Husband - BLIND

Click this one if you want to experience what it's like for someone with only 2 brain cells to do this puzzle fight.

Space Ex-Husband

Click this one if you want to see someone come back ten minutes later, mad as hell at looking like an idiot.

:siren: You Can't Go Back :siren:

So Capt. Spac- Space Ex-Bo... SPACE EX-HUSBAND is a puzzle fight that plays around with the emotion system in very interesting ways. Which is one of the few ways you're able to make late game fights interesting at this point, especially for someone who's max level.

Space Ex-Husband is currently in his neutral form, while in this form he cannot be damaged by anything - except for rubber bands, oddly enough. The only way to get him out of this form is to change his emotion... but you can't just change his emotion on a whim... you need a certain... trigger.

And there lies the gimmick of this fight. After every turn or two, Space Ex-Husband will talk about a memory he has and then you can change his emotion... but only one emotion will work. That emotion is based off the memory, so in this case, you can make Space Ex-Husband sad.

...Or I can continue to not understand what's going on for this fight for another 5 minutes. Let's fast forward to when I figure it out accidentally.

And now we can start doing some actual damage to the divorcée. Also check out that sprite, Space Ex-Husband's sprites in this battle are top notch and are getting their own update because they're that good.

After a turn or two, the space captain will revert back to his neutral state and force you to change his emotion again to damage him.

And this is the point that I finally, FINALLY, get it and realize what to do.

None of the memories themselves are vague as to what emotion they will evoke in the captain, though I did legitimately figure this out accidentally and that made it worse because I then didn't know how to redo it for quite a while. Funny to watch in one of those frustrating "OH MY GOD JUST DO THIS" ways though :v:

Sniff... Sniff... Ohooooo.

Capt. Spaceboy... How are you feeling?

Hey... I hope I'm not the first one to tell you this, but... Maybe it's about time you let go of Sweetheart and started to enjoy the finer things in life!

Yeah! You got better things to worry about... like your crew! You're a space pirate, for heaven's sake!

My... crew? Ah... yes... my crew. I nearly forgot... How horrible of me... They must be so worried... I should go back to them...


See kids? Beating people until they experience emotions again can work... I guess... What is the moral here, anyway? Love bites? Sweetheart sucks? Yeah that works, let's go with that I suppose.