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Part 63: Black Space 2

UPDATE 63: Black Space 2

Just stepping out of Black Space for a bit to stretch our legs, get a bit of fresh air and reminders that not everything has to suck (so long as you live in denial).

After we first saw the scene with Mari and Basil at the picnic spot, these footprints appeared outside of the treehouse. We had no reason to go in, besides the minor stop to pick up a present from Abbi.

Now though, it's time to follow these footprints back into White Space and see where they lead.

Somewhat surprisingly, the footprints just disappear. Well, I guess not that surprisingly - Omori would never allow outside influences into White Space after all. But, well, something in here has changed and we don't need a knife to see it.

Welcome Again

That's right, the laptop in White Space now acts as a door to Black Space and vice versa. Welcome, truly this time, to Black Space in all its glory! Last time we were in Black Space, it was a lot more of a linear story place more equivalent to a haunted halloween ride where you get told story and get a bit of the ol' brain matter spooked. This time, Black Space has become a hub area that leads to other parts of Black Space. You want story? You want spooks? You want weird shit? You have to go willingly search for that shit this time. There's literally a massive area that's completely hidden away within another massive area that hides away several things from you. The Hikikomori route can be a little underwhelming for me, but Black Space 2 is ready and able to meet the hype naturally placed on its shoulders.

Remember when I said I would partially regret not going through all the doors during Black Space 1? Yeah, they still stay here forever... but they're just locked and can't be opened. So they clog up the area and make it harder to know which doors you can go in.

Let's start here, and make our way around. There are 5 doors in total, with one of the areas having already been explored last time.

We've already been to the Weathervane area, so we'll be leaving shortly... but if this is your second time visiting this place, something... changes...

Our friends change into... drawn creatures? Or at least, caricatures of themselves. It's the only thing that changes here when you come back a second time, and I believe the only thing that changes from a second visit anywhere in Black Space.

As before, there's only one way out of a Black Space 2 area - stabbing oneself. So get used to the sight of Omori gutting himself, if you haven't already :shepface:

This door is on the right side of the picnic blanket in the middle - right across from the weathervane door.

It's the second area of Black Space 2 - The Cloud Walkway. You can also get here by using the telescope in Sweetheart's castle. Doing so will place you right here, though when you stab to leave you go back to Sweetheart's castle instead of Black Space. Not sure which is worse.

These creatures are called... the faceless. They don't speak and just stand tall and look creepy. The Omori wiki says this place is "A home for the Faceless, eagerly awaiting the return of Omori." I'm not sure if whoever wrote that is implying that Omori is part of them or what. Maybe someone just trolled it and the rest of us don't want to look stupid and just nod and say of course that makes sense, because nothing I've seen backs that up.

Well hell, we're already in hell! Let's do it!

Oh... well that sucks. Let's go somewhere else.


Pluto does look like he's crying, but there's also the fact that he looks like the Moon Mascot from the second Futurama episode.

I am glad Omori is making sure to remind himself about stranger danger.

Leaving will make Loomy chase after us, but don't worry! Omori knows how to handle strangers!


Alright, time to try this teleporting toilet out.

Not So Empty House



The Cloud Walkway is fucking weird, man. You can't talk to Kel, who's swimming around in the pool. But interacting with the pool will let you collect $20 every time you click on it. Which would be useful if it wasn't a dream.

This is a door over on the right side, I... don't remember collecting any keys but hey, an unlocked door is fine with me!

Black Space 2 really loves its doors within doors thing. It's about 10 doors in before we finally can get to see som-


The Cloud Walkway is really fucking weird man.

It's not always easy to tell if you can just walk out of an area or if you need to stab yourself to get out. For the most part, unless you're in the main part of the area - there's an exit out of there.


Sure... Omoli...

... There may be some people who think this game doesn't belong in the pantheon of earthbound likes and let me tell you, the fact the humor can be lisa-tier at times would put it up there alone. That's not even getting into the story.

This box is all alone in the far western part of the map, looked over by a faceless and... it's a pretty important box.

Three little lines... that manage to really hit home. Prior to this, there were a lot of hints the parents knew... but this just outright confirms it. The only question is did Omori ever tell them the whole truth or just let them think whatever? I'm... pretty sure I know the answer. :smith:

Finally, this door is the last thing to see here in this... really weird place. Let's head on in.

Room For 4

Yeah sure okay, we're on a tropical island as depicted by an 8 year old. That sun is quite dope though.


:rip: to crab. You truly were a friend.

Okay, that's it for the Cloud Walkway. Let's get the fuck out of here.

Heading to the third area of Black Space 2 is the upper right most door. There's two more doors that can be used up here and both are to the left of Omori. The rest are locked Black Space 1 doors.

Come and See

We land in a forest... We land in a lot of forests don't we? This forest is called The Black Forest, or the Lost Forest, if you're feeling particularly fancy.

... :stare:

There's a Kel running around in the forest that literally runs too fast for the dialogue box to show what he says.

Not sure I really want to investigate this mirror... they're terrifying enough in the real world, much less in Black Space.

They play the hide and seek song from before, but it's super slowed down. It doesn't sound too creepy, which is a plus to me!

Uh yeah, sure?

The red hands just flee from us, they did that in the red space too.

Afraid of a blow dryer? It's not that scary.

As you would expect, Omori can only walk instead of run after eating that entire steak in one bite. Can't run on a full stomach!

I love... squares for dinner! It's my favorite dish! Right behind circles!

Hi Kel! Bye Kel! This appears for only one frame, by the way.

... Black Space 2 is really fucking weird sometimes. I'm sure everyone was expecting more Lisa the original and not Lisa the painful.

The radio plays a slightly distorted version of the Last Resort theme... and then begins to play a weird sound...


Oh no, not this music...

Oh good, the walls are closing in. I always hated this dream.

... Were you getting comfortable looking around here? This thing doesn't talk it just... stares. Going back leads us into the middle of the forest.

Heh! That sign can't stop me! I can't read!

I don't know why but this always creeps me out, even though it's literally just "There's something scary behind this door."

I really don't want to win anything here.

Definitely didn't want to win this either.

When we left the area without finding the mirror, it resets it back to it's old spot. I hope it's not too mad at us...

Hey remember Fade? The song that plays in almost every creepy spot?


Yeah that one, go ahead and play it at 1/4 speed because that's what the game is doing right now and it's the soundtrack that I'm pretty sure is in the waiting room of Hell. I hate it!

...Let's get out of here.

So this is going to be a little bit confusing, but bear with me a bit. Because we just went into the Black Forest on the right side, and now on the left side...


... Is also a forest, that may be black. Welcome to Black Forest... part 2. Or Lost Forest 2, if you're feeling super fancy. We're not out of the woods, just yet.

You can start swimming and swim through the terrain and walls. It's not a glitch, it's part of the game.

...Omori... you haven't... been doing psychopath shit... right...?

We found another bowl of squares! Two more and we get a bowl of cubes :rimshot:

This area is mostly empty, none of the... eyeless figures can be talked to.

Look familiar? These forests were what I was teasing in the last update from Sweetheart's castle. Some parts of Black Space feel like they are nightmare zones, and others feel like they were once part of Headspace and got corrupted. The Black Forest definitely feels like the latter.

Hmm... Okay maybe it is a nightmare zone.

This is really cool though, being able to see the final key hole spot in Black Space proper is quite good. It makes sense too, the final key was the closest to piercing the veil Omori keeps over Headspace.


This area... is a minecart course? There's a bunch of faceless in the middle that can't be reached with the minecart going around and around. There are little creatures all around that are constantly being spawned and run over by the mine cart. These creatures are actually called "Little Ones"! The game files call them "Little Basils"! I wonder why they're being run over and over again while they shriek in terror!

I really wasn't looking forward to this area. Welcome to the Black Playground! It's... not pleasant here!

Pinata guy is having fun, at least. Something interesting is that the Faraway park theme is playing, even if it is slowed down. You wouldn't hear that theme in this route of the game so you wouldn't even know that it's a messed up version of itself.

Ah, this unpleasant looking sliced open head of Omori looks perfect for us to interact with!

Thanks, I hate it!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the only other head that can be interacted with in the park.

And it's just Omori's friends running away from him for all eternity. Lovely :smith:

That's it for the Black Forest... and well, all forests. We've only got one more major area to explore left, but it's got a pretty significant side area that... may or may not have been saved for last.

The final door is located on the top - in between the two Forest doors. This place... is going to be quite familiar.

The final major zone of Black Space - The Docks. We've been here before, on our first trip to Black Space. We jumped off from a high point and landed in the space below. That was one of the two ways to visit Black Space 2 in the Sunny route. The other was by riding the boat that decapitates Basil a couple times - which leads to the Weathervane area. The Docks... are a lot closer to the Black Space experience we... love.

The cooking pot leads to this kitchen, because of course it does. Let's... hope that's actually Hero standing in front of the stove and not some creature inhabiting Hero.

I was just about to cook something up but I'm missing some important ingredients. Why don't you find some and bring it back to me?

The blow dryer made me scoff... but this actually does creep me out. Maybe it's because I've got a fear of deep water compared to forests which do nothing for me. Either way, we're heading back out there to find some ingredients so nightmare hero who's a dream version of the real hero Omori hasn't seen in four years can cook us some imaginary food.

Something I find quite interesting was the Fish Lady appearing here and taunting Sunny. Especially considering how difficult it is to reach Black Space 2 on the Sunny route. She doesn't show up on this route since Omori never meets her, as far as we know anyway.

While I'm not sure what Omori seeing himself in the bath is supposed to represent... I do know what that sliding glass door means...

Theres a very loud fog horn that plays every 10 seconds or so while in this area.

After a full minute of swimming north, we finally reach land... with a dark well. Welp! Time to swim back and not go in there!

Another full minute of climbing down before we finally reach the bottom of the well... which is just two beds in a room. Or, well, a dungeon more like.

The right bed can't be interacted with, but the left reveals a ladder taking us even further down. What... could go wrong?


Just like the last time we were at the docks, there's a second area attached if Omori dives in. There's actually no door on the bottom this time, since that's a Sunny route exclusive.

There is this door, though.

This door regrows the spider web every time you cut it down. But after nine slices... it finally stays cut.

Hmm... this is less than ideal.

This little house is the last part of the Docks left to explore. There's a secret entrance to the docks from Big Molio's TV. Remember that super weird room with Ye Old Sprout in the middle? That leads here, funnily enough.

Stardust Diving

Well that is a jarring ass change. Excuse me while I take care of this whiplash I just suddenly got.

Man I wonder who took this kid's pillow, it could be anyone...

Ah, there it is. Let's just go and gr-

Uh... I guess not.

Thats... a bit creepy. Is this the beta version of the Junkyard? Do dreams have beta versions?

-ab it and bring it back to the Veggie Kid.

Too bad we can't tag her in right now.

I didn't like this place before, but sprout moles that just walk around saying Omori is definitely the line I'm going to draw in Black Space.

To the left of the clearly means nothing tree with a noose is a key that cannot ever be reached... and there's a gate just to the south of us that can never be unlocked.

Heading back to the field of Little Ones are the ingredients we need for Hero! Let's bring it back to him so he can make some ■ ■ ■!

It's a real item as well, but they can't be used for anything so they just stay there in your inventory forever... and yes you can take them back with you into Headspace.

And speaking of Headspace, that's it for Black Space 2! There's nothing else left to see! Nope! We're done! Time to continue! Bye bye!! See ya next time!!!


Welcome... to the Red Maze. The final area of Black Space 2. This definitely takes inspiration from Yume Nikki more than any other part of Black Space.

Because this is definitely a red maze in the same vein as Hell is from that game. There are two main things we """want""" to see in here, which can be hard to do because of the maze like structure of this area. Even if you know where you want to go, you're still likely to wander around for a bit. It's also a bit hard on the eyes to stare at for a bit, I've found.

Omori cannot run in here, so he's slowly plodding around in this hellish environment.

After a while, you are guaranteed to see one of these toasts floating around. It's highly advised to avoid them until you've seen everything in here first. Just trust me on this. They move pretty slowly so it's not hard to outmaneuver them.

Here's the first of the two ladders in the Red Maze. If you're playing along, this is where you get a sandwich or something because you're going to be here a while.


See this room? We're going to be going down this ladder for a looooooong time.

On the 20th floor, you can find Daddy Longlegs... it's been quite a while since we've seen him.

And he just tells us to go back, probably good advice to be honest.


On floor 40... is the toy box. You can't interact with it, but that's the toy box. Or you can be like me and miss it, go back up the ladder only to discover you can't go back up floors... you go back to the beginning and have to trek down again :suicide:

Finally, on floor 42, we finally reach the bottom... which is just a bunch of black empty space.

Well this sucks, you can't even walk off the screen or anything, you're just stu-


"FUN" Fact! There used to be a bug that if you stabbed yourself in that room, that face would be stuck on the screen for the rest of your save file, unless you came back here and stabbed yourself in that room again.

The only other thing to see in here, besides the toast, is a ladder leading to the eye room we saw when we stared into the doll at the Last Resort. That doll does not lead you here, the devs had some decency, but it is in here if you want to see it again. But since we've already seen it, let's go ahead and mess with this toast before we leave.

Touching any of the toast floating around in here causes the lights to go out, and for all of the toasts to turn into... a girlish figure that looks like she's hanging.

Being anywhere near her causes Omori's health to slowly drain at about four per second.

The drain goes a lot quicker if other girls show up. They will all try to hone in on Omori's location so it shouldn't be long before they all arrive if you stand still.

After enough damage is done... the girls... transform... as well, the area gets even darker. It becomes really hard to maneuver if you're trying to find anything in here. Meaning the easiest way out of here... is stabbing yourself.

Here's the final form of the hellmaris that appear here. It may not seem all that creepy as a still image, but these things feel really inhuman while moving.

There's also this form when they attack. They also have a shriek they make while attacking. It's great! I hate it! Get me the hell out of here!

The hellmaris cannot kill Omori, they just leave him at one HP. I guess even these creatures are too strong for Omori to shield the psychological trauma from Sunny's mind.