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Part 64: Leave Again

UPDATE 64: Leave Again


And that's it for Black Space, Black Space 2... and well, Headspace as a whole. We're done with Omori's dreams and exploring his... very damaged psyche. As always, there's only one way out of White Space and back to the real world.

I'm never going to get over Something always being there when Omori wakes up.

There's very little to do, even on the final night in the real world. Leaving the comfort of the dream world just reminds us how lonely this world really is.

Ahh, another reminder of how much I hate this. I'd really like to see Sunny in this mirror again :smith:

Hmm... is there a light on in that room now? There's nothing else to investigate in the rest of the house so let's check it out.

Oh... I could have sworn there was something here, but I guess not.

The red glow has come up quite often. Even in the flashbacks Sunny had, there was a red glow surrounding the tree. I don't know if that was because the sun setting had created that glow or it's just Omori feeling like he deserves to go to hell.

Oh... that doesn't look pleasant.

There isn't even the option to get a "There is nothing here" box anymore. There really is just nothing here now. If we had opened the door for Mari, a HellMari appears and chases Omori for a bit up the stairs before disappearing. Really, be grateful I didn't open the door.

...Not that this is much better.

And... here it is. Once we've gone into the piano nothing at all room, we can head back to bed and decide if we want to visit White Space/Headspace one last time or wake up tomorrow morning. We've truly done everything there is to do in Headspace so... it's time for one last sleep.

This ending is going to be a bit familiar... It's the Leave ending all over again. The Leave ending is the neutral ending you can get from both routes. It's kinda a boring ending in itself, but it is interesting that both routes can wind up here despite the very different circumstances you arrive here in.

Mom doing Omocat a big favor and not making her draw a sprite for her, how considerate of her.

It's been a while since I talked about the WTF value, mostly because there isn't as much that value affects as was both hoped/thought. However, a max WTF value of 13 turns the movers into shadow creatures like the stranger. I'd honestly prefer it if this was just how Omori saw people and Sunny at least still saw them as people. Thankfully, this LP is the canon playthrough so it's now official that Omori sees all people this way :colbert:


And just like the last time we saw this ending... the credits play over the sound of sirens in the background. Basil never got to see Sunny again, and would have been just as likely to kill himself since his Grandma becoming critical was the reason he had a breakdown. The leave ending with Sunny at least had a ray of sunshine in that Sunny got to at least try again with a new life. Maybe with that and some therapy the kid turns out alright. But Omori... it's going to take a whole lot more to fix what's wrong with him.

Just like before, there are more than one endings for Omori to get. But there's just one more to see this time. Don't worry, everything will be okay.