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Part 71: BONUS UPDATE 1: Anti-Social

Bonus Update 1: Anti-Social

Here's a quick update to show off some of the different ways the fights could go during our time in Faraway.

This one came up in the thread, but what happens if Sunny doesn't attack in this fight? After all, the fight ends early because Sunny stabs Aubrey for uh... reasons.

You're going to have to spend the fight using Sunny to either heal Kel or just guarding, a single attack will end it - so you have to go out of your way to do this. That there's anything different at all is a testament to the devs.

Beating her this way gets you the victory screen at the end of the battle.

Aubrey! Why'd you back away?

Sunny... He has a steak knife...

What!? C'mon, we gotta get you out of here!

Ugh... You'll pay for this.

The scene then plays out like normal, Kel still takes the knife away even saying the same thing. Not too different, but still neat the devs thought of it. So... what happens if you lose?

They gave up and said "just stab her already." :v:

While you can't lose to Aubrey in her fight, you can go ahead and lose every other remaining fight. Including this piss-easy fight against Angel and Charlie. The others require some healing to win, so you can lose quite easily if you don't have any bandages or first aid kits. If you lost this one, you're just bad :colbert:

Me and Charlie are victorious, as predicted! Master would be so proud of me.

Ugh... This is what I get for going easy on a kid.

Huh? What was that!? Don't be a sore loser, Kel! We won fair and square! Didn't we, Charlie?


Okay, Angel, it's time to be serious now. You need to tell us where Aubrey is. We're done playing games!

Yeesh... Such a party pooper... No wonder Aubrey tells us to stay away from you.

Hey, this is serious business, Angel! Serious adult business! You don't want me to get adults involved, do you?

Sigh... No... Okay, fine. I'll tell you what I know, but you won't like it.

And this is where the paths converge. The game doesn't let you get locked out, but it does dunk on you a bit for losing. I think that's why I was so shocked nothing happens if you lose to Aubrey.

After losing the first fight, it's SO much easier to lose the rest - as you can see.

And then the conversations are the same. A little boring, but losing to THE MAVERICK is embarrassing enough. The devs didn't want to rub too much salt into this wound.


Come on, Kim... We gotta go home. It's almost time for dinner and Mom's gonna be really mad if we're late.

Shoot... Let's get out of here.

She... She took something really important from Basil.

I get that you guys are friends and stuff... but... even you gotta admit that Aubrey goes too far sometimes.

Please... We're just trying to help a friend.

... ... ... ...

Huh? Aubrey's at... church?

Hey, don't look at me! You're the one who wanted to know. Also, if she asks who told you, tell her it wasn't me! Say it was Mikhael or something.

Come on, Kim... We gotta scoot... You know how Mom gets when we're late.

Yeah, yeah... I hear ya... Let's go...

Last part there was repeated but everything prior to that is all new. This is the only fight on day 1 that is better to lose than win, in terms of story. It's much more interesting story wise for Kim to tell us when she didn't have to, than when she feels like she has to because she lost. You also get an achievement for losing, so I feel the devs agree with me.

This is the only difference if you lose to Aubrey at the church. Also check that damage Aubrey did to Sunny... yowch.

That's all for day 1 differences we didn't get to cover at the time. Next time there's a mini-update, I will show off all the emotion portraits. I was hoping to show them off in game organically, but it hasn't worked out to my liking.