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Part 73: BONUS UPDATE 3: Spraying the Hive

BONUS UPDATE 3: Spraying the Hive

Just a quick update to show off winning the gang fight... as well as a small thing you can do in the park before you save Basil.

Do you notice that little thing nestled between the trees?

Yeah... for some reason we can disturb it and fight an entire hive of bees. That seems like a great way to get a trip to the hospital... Sunny is really trying to live it up after 4 years of being cooped up.

They go down in one hit and aren't likely to attack, though they do 15 damage if they do hit. You get an achievement if you fight them but uh, otherwise it doesn't affect anything.

Now then, this time we're going to use our pepper spray on the gang so we can win this fight.

No... This can't be happening...

How could we lose to just the two of them!? That doesn't even make sense!


Sigh... I wanna go home... Let's just get out of here.

You said it.

You coming, Aubrey?


Oh... Okay. Catch you later, then.

And it plays out exactly the same from there. You actually lose an entire conversation by winning the fight. Which is why I went with losing the fight for the actual update. I assume the devs didn't expect many people to find this route so they didn't put a lot of effort into new scenes for winning.