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Part 75: BONUS UPDATE 5: Murder He Wrote

BONUS UPDATE 5: Murder He Wrote

When we discovered the truth that Sunny had spent 4 years trying to bury so hard, we discovered them through finding different photos scattered around a nightmare version of his home as well as various areas of black space. There is very little dialogue during this part, only a shadow of Basil and Sunny's Mom speaks during the entire ordeal. There is mostly ambience for a soundtrack minus an appearance of remina when going down the stairs. I personally think the entire section was handled absolutely perfectly, and even once I realized the horrible truth... walking up to that tree and being forced to face that truth feels as daunting as if I were Sunny myself.

However, there was a bit of cut content here - as to be expected. This is the big twist the entire game has been leading to, and hinting at. Obviously, it would be polished to a fault because this section can make or break the game for you. But the photos we see, used to have descriptions. And in fact, are still there on the live version but have been blurred to the point of they can no longer be recognized. As such, here are the descriptions for each of the photos:

Photo of a Wall posted:

You heard some scoffing from behind the wall, but paid it no notice. You were in no mood to focus. You were overcame. You were sick of everything. You know it wasn't a big deal, but you couldn't control yourself.

Photo of a Broken Violin posted:

Your precious violin lay shattered at the bottom of the staircase. You threw it in a rage. Your fingers were shaking in pain... practicing over and over... but you still make mistakes after mistakes. This was all a bad idea.

Photo of an Argument posted:

MARI was yelling at you. You couldn't understand what she was saying. She didn't understand you at all... She didn't understand that you just weren't good enough. The only thing you hold onto was your anger. This pain... was it her fault?

Photo of a Fight posted:

MARI blocked your path. She says that she isn't finished talking. She tells you not to run away... but why not? You did this all for her! Why was she yelling at you? You didn't understand...

Photo of a Murder posted:

You lose all sense and push her down the staircase.

Photo of Silence posted:

You watched MARI crush on top of your broken violin. The sound wakes you up to nothing but silence. You called out to her, but she doesn't answer. Your heart sinks into your stomach.

Photo of Panic posted:

It happened in an instant. You didn't mean to do that. Well, you did mean to push her, didn't you? It was an accident, right? You're not sure. You tremble your way down the staircase.

Photo of Desperation posted:

You call her name, but she doesn't answer. You sweep the bits of wood from her body. Nothing but scratches. You turn her around and see her face. She looks asleep... but then, why isn't she answering?

Photo of an Accomplice posted:

You pick up Mari and drag her up the stairs. She feels lighter than you think. She just needs to lie down in a bed... She just needs some rest...

Photo of Disbelief posted:

Your heart beats out of your chest. Your head feels fuzzy. You lose vision. You push the door to the bedroom open, and make your way to her bed. She's going to be okay, right? This is just a dream, right?

Photo of Anguish posted:

You call her name over and over, but she doesn't answer. You watch the light from the window cast a shadow over her face. She's expressionless. You sink your fingers into her arm, and break down into tears.

Photo of Guilt posted:

You want to scream for help, but you're afraid... you mumble to yourself... what if they ask what happened? There's no way you can tell them the truth. Who would be able to forgive him? Who would believe... that it was... an accident?

Photo of an Idea posted:

A whisper comes from behind you, but you ignore it. A cry comes from behind you, but you ignore it. You cover your face with your arms. This isn't real. None of this real. Why won't you wake up?

Photo of Hopelessness posted:

Everything appears dark. The shadows slither around you. You don't understand what is happening... Your head starts to feel fuzzy... You sink into a crevice in your mind... an empty white room.

Photo of Support posted:

Your shoulders feel heavy. A familiar voice whispers something unspeakable. Your eyes widen. It tells you to follow its lead. It says... it's the only way out... It says... that everything will be okay.

Photo of Betrayal posted:

You pick up MARI's body and lift it down the staircase. She feels lighter than you think. You feel multiple eyes shift their gaze to you. You keep your eyes toward the ground.

Photo of Hope posted:

You hear the sliding of a familiar door. A voice tells you to walk. A gust of wind enters the room as the light outside engulfs you. You keep your eyes toward the ground.

Photo of a Tree posted:

As you face forward, you listen to the crunching of the grass and feel the coolness of the wind. You hear the leaves in the trees riffle as the sun begins to set... but you try to ignore it. It's all just a dream...

Photo of a Branch posted:

You lay down MARI’s body and look up for the first time. Small rays of light shine through the cracks in the leaves. You relish in its beauty and savor the moment. You think... even if this is all real, if you keep looking at the leaves, that... everything will be okay.

Photo of a Rope posted:

You hear pacing, the crunching of the grass sifting back and forth. You think you see a figure pick something off the ground, but you’re not sure. You keep staring at the leaves overhead. Everything will be okay... You think... Everything will be okay.

Photo of Hands posted:

You hear shuffling. You hear dragging... and creaking... and pulling. Something is happening, but you refuse to look away from the leaves. Your head feels fuzzy again. You bite your tongue and attempt to wake up one last time, but it’s no use... You’re still here.

Photo of Legs posted:

As you and BASIL step into the house, you look back towards the trees and see it. The light engulfs it as it sways in the wind... For a moment, you feel at peace. You hate yourself for feeling this way. Is that all, then? Is everything going to be okay now?

Photo of a Lie posted:

You feel a cold hand clutch yours. You try to jerk away, but it squeezes back; unwilling to let you go. The hand drags you backward. You look up and see your best friend for the first time... BASIL. You see the tears falling from his tired eyes as he looks ahead. You suddenly realize that none of this is a dream. All of this is real.

Photo of Something posted:

Suddenly, BASIL stops. You look up at his eyes... but this time, they’re wide awake, staring at Something. You turn your eyes toward it as well, though you wish you didn’t. An eye meets yours. Your heart sinks into your stomach. You shouldn’t have looked back... You just... shouldn’t... have looked...