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Original Thread: LPing in the 80's: Lets Play Oniken & Odallus



Who? What? What are these games?

Joymasher is a gaming company based in Brazil, mainly focused on making indie platformers for the PC. In 2012, they made a game that went wildly under the radar known as Oniken. A few years later, they would go on to make Odallus: The Dark Call. These games channel a lot of inspiration from both 80s anime and gaming at the time and add their own little bit of flair and delightful engrish, and I couldn't help but fall in love with this small company's ambition to make such simple but entertaining games, so I decided to LP both their games.

How's this LP going to work?

Super quick post-commentary LPs with ThornBrain and BigTUnit from TheStrawhatNo providing blind commentary to show how ludicrous these games get. Oniken will be hosted on TheStrawhatNo, while Odallus will be hosted on my channel. Oniken's gonna be a 100% no-death run, while Odallus is going to be a 100% completion run.

Oniken's gonna come first since its a super quick LP. Odallus soon after with a 100% completion. After that, I plan to link some heavily edited streams of Odallus Veteran Mode (aka Master Quest) as per a request for that in the LP request thread. If there's demand, I might attempt Oniken Hardcore Mode.

About this Game

Oniken is Joymasher's first official game to be released in a commercial setting. In Oniken we take on the role of Zaku, the most dangerous gei-mercenary that exists in this post-apocalyptic era. Zaku was hired by a millitary team to lead a resistance against the robot army known as Oniken, and lord knows he gets the job done. Gameplay wise this game takes inspiration from games such as Ninja Gaiden and Contra, while the design direction lifts a lot from Fist of the North Star and MD Geist.

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