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Original Thread: HALLOWEEN HALLOWEEN HALLOWEEN (Let's Play Oogie's Revenge)



Thanks to KC Green of Gunshow fame for the header!

Surprised aren't you? I knew you would be! You don't need to have another worry about Silent Hill this year. Consider this a vacation, guys - a reward! It's VoidBurger and Kamoc's turn to take it easy! I'll see that you're comfortable.

There's a Nightmare Before Christmas GAME?

Released by Capcom on October 21st, 2004 in Japan and a whole YEAR later in America and the UK, The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie's Revenge is a action-adventure game set one year after the events of famous 1993 "claymation" flick, The Nightmare Before Christmas. Yes, the video game came out over ten years after the film. (I suspect it has something to do with Kingdom Hearts, which came out in 2002 and featured a Nightmare Before Christmas level.) Critics rightfully complained about its boring, repetitive combat, samey-samey fetch quests, and VERY irritating music and sound effects. But don't worry, I'll be replacing most of the annoying music with alternate music pretty early on, before the music really starts driving people.... batty.

Oogie's Revenge is surprisingly faithful to the spirit and mood of the film. Capcom recreated Halloween Town very well, using pictures of the original set and even movie concept art for reference, it seems. Many of the original voice actors reprise their roles for the game, also. Too bad the game is so annoying.

If you haven't seen or don't remember the movie very well, you should watch this video and I'll sum it up for you.

Without further ado, let's play The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie's Revenge!

Nice Work, Bone Daddy by Alex Rosetti (new battle theme)
Troublesome Trio by Alex Rosetti (new Oogie's Boys boss theme)
Fa La La Wah-Ha by Alex Rosetti (new battle theme)
Trash and Rebirth by Alex Rosetti

TyreForHyre helps me impart trivia with :nbc101:

miscellaneous14 robs our souls, then our hearts.

Geop bestows upon us the first gif of the thread!

GeneralYeti pimps their pumpkin!

jameson9101322 gifts a .gif

TyreForHyre gets swingin'.

Arkannoyed says that things got a little heavy in this game's sequel.

Wow. Much RedTeam. So fanart.

ElTipejoLoco uses forensic technology to decipher what Jack used to look like.

dijon du jour knows how to allure.

All work and no play makes @BeaPeaBear a skullboy.

'Tis the season for a Jack Hunt! Here's some of the best, weirdest, shittiest Jacks out there.

100Dachshunds posted:

Wacky waving arm inflatable tube man!

Wa11y posted:

Found this at my local Home Depot. The saddest Skelington!

clockwork chaos posted:

I'm pretty sure this is unofficial merch - a tshirt my dad has had for like five years. Apologies for the shitty phone picture.

GirlCalledBob posted:

I always completely forget it's NMBC related, but my grandma got me this jumper a while back for Christmas or something:

I think it might actually be offical merch, but the labels are tiny, it's hard to tell.

Meis posted:

Jack Hunt has found an imposter Jack hiding in Clinton Cards!

Pesky Splinter posted:

Spotted this walking past a cookie-decorating shop:

General Ironicus posted:

Jack is shilling for conventions now:

SgtSteel91 posted:

Found Jack chilling at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Gann Jerrod posted:

I wanted to show off the caramel apple that you can get at Disneyland.

The Divine Orator posted:

FOR SALE: 1 Jack Disco ball (orange), slightly dented w/scratch damage. Small overheating problem. Free to anyone who can pry it out of this sewer manhole. We've tried everything!

TwoPair posted:

Hey, it's fine, Jack's proven in the past that he's more than willing to work any season. Push it as far into November as you need.

Hirayuki posted:

Tuxedo Ted posted:

I think he's actually repainted Christmas merch. Check out the mittens.

jameson9101322 posted:

He screams like a wet cat when you rip his head off...adorable.

Silly Voodoo posted:

Gilchrist, you hack!

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