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Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 2

by Tasian

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Original Thread: Tapping Double Time for Love and Government, it's Ouendan 2!


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- Game Information -

Are you in a major dilemma, and your hope is all but lost? Have you reached your limit, and the world keeps piling on the pain? Simply can't take it anymore? Put down that Linkin Park CD! All you need to do is to yell one word with all your heart:


Cue the Cheer Squad, rushing in with one goal in mind: motivate you through the obstacle! With the length of just one song, you will enjoy a happy solution to your predicament!

...What? You think this is strange or funny? Don't jump to conclusions, it could happen to you...  if you win a contest. 

A cheerleader's work is never done in Moero! Nekketsu Rhythm Damashii Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 2:

Moero! Nekketsu Rhythm Damashii Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 2? You're telling me that the title is that absurdly long?
Yes. Don't think about it too much, you'll be happier that way.

What does one do in this?
Every stage has a song playing with markers appearing on the bottom touch screen. One uses a stylus or stylus-like object to tap, slide, and spin those colored markers to the rhythm of the song. With enough well-timed touches, one will achieve glorious victory and much honor!

Wait a minute! That sounds exactly like the last game you did!
You are absolutely correct. Veterans of the first Ouendan and Elite Beat Agents can skip the tutorial and start playing instantly. However, I'm gonna underline this because this is really super major important: This is not a bad thing. The game has more catchy songs and wacky stories than you can shake a Soup Cat at, and it's a bit more challenging, in my opinion. Also, there are improvements to enhance the overall Ouendan experience: the ability to skip the intros and endings for the chewy gameplay center, saving your best playthroughs, and a secret or two that just might blow your mind! Out of the trio of tapping games, this one is my favorite.

So, during your break, you focused on improving your Japanese translation skills, right? ...RIGHT?
Yeah, I realized that I may have screwed up the translation just a tad from the first LP. However, I studied really hard and I can safely say *ahem* "Me hablo Japanish por favor. Me gusta ramen y powering up hibachi merci beaucoup!"

That's... that's great.
Darn tootin'! You know what's also great? Getting to know your friendly neighborhood Cheer Squad Members through privacy-violating biographies! (You can also click on their portraits for sexy full body shots)

- Characters -

The Cheer Squad

Even though 6 years have passed, they are the same group of screaming men and scantily clad women we all know and love.

Name: Hajime Tanaka
Position: Corporal
Synopsis: His Cheer Squad position was essentially purchased by his wealthy family, but that doesn't mean Hajime hates his work. He just likes to take the dancing slower than the others. He recently got a promotion (and a shiny new hat) because he donated solid gold hairbrushes to the rest of the team.
Secret Quirk: At night, he's been secretly training to throw his hat like a boomerang.

Name: Ryuta Ippongi
Position: Captain
Synopsis: The frontman of the Cheer Squad, he has the most recognized hair in Japan City. His natural talent for dancing and screaming has made him a very popular member, especially with the ladies.
Secret Quirk: By order of the Japan City Barber Council, Ryuta always carries a pair of diamond edged, laser sharpened scissors.

Name: Kai Domeki
Position: President
Synopsis: This big guy is the highest ranking member of the Cheer Squad. No one has surpassed him in the power he displays with every cheer. One time, he danced so hard, his shoes exploded... literally. There was a giant fireball and everything.
Secret Quirk: 4 years ago, Kai discovered that he can't take off his hat, but he dares not tell anybody. He's now waiting for his hair to completely dissolve it away.

Name: Atsushi Saito (eyepatch) and Ittetsu Suzuki (mohawk)
Position: Supporting Backup
Synopsis: The underdogs of the group, they have two main objectives: "Follow the lead dancer" and "Shut up." They are a little depressed about their rank, but the Cheer Squad has a really good dental plan, so they manage.
Secret Quirk: They use a complex system of kite strings to remain perfectly synchronized to the head cheerleader.

Name: Sayaka Amemiya
Position: Cheer Girl - Leader
Synopsis: Starting her professional cheering career barely in her teens, she is easily the most experienced cheerleader in Japan for her age. She also trains the other Ouendan in yoga and mental exercises. Sayaka has a sixth sense for detecting people in trouble, making her the "radar" of the group.
Secret Quirk: Whenever someone shouts "OUENDAAAN", Sayaka says "BEEP!" and her ponytail points straight toward the direction of the person.

Name: Aoi Kanda
Position: Cheer Girl - Brains
Synopsis: She has graduated at the top of her class in Theoretical Cheering and Latin. When she is not working with the other girls, Aoi is constantly researching on the cause of her clumsiness and why boxes tend to collapse in her presence.
Secret Quirk: Each of her pom-poms has a 1.4 GHz processor installed.

Name: Anna Lindhurst
Position: Cheer Girl - Beauty
Synopsis: One of the top cheerleaders in the United States, she came to Japan to immerse herself in its culture, which she loves. Even though Anna sticks out a little, she's becoming used to Japan City life.
Secret Quirk: She occasionally keeps in contact with her younger sister back in America. That in itself is not strange, except the "phone" she uses is a badge with a star on it. Hmm...

The Encouraging Nobility

A high-class club of cheerleaders that sailed all the way from Britishland. They are looking to be Japan City's premier choice for inspirational shouting and dancing.

Name: Shinta Kikuchi
Position: Knight
Synopsis: The newcomer to the Nobility, he is still learning the ropes on the formalties of cheering. This makes him not as quick as the other members, but he is honored to be part of this elite group.
Secret Quirk: He sleeps with a stuffed, er, emblem. You know, like a stuffed animal, but it looks like the EN icon above.

Name: Hayato Saionji
Position: Lord
Synopsis: Earning several honors from his studies of music at Oxford University has caught the attention of Kaoru, who personally invited him into the Nobility. Dancing and cheering are second nature to him, and he strives to further the ideals on which this club was founded.
Secret Quirk: He spends 2 hours a night combing and applying conditioner to his eyebrows.

Name: Kaoru Kiryuin
Position: Prime Minister
Synopsis: One of the most respected interpretive dancers in Britishland, he is an inner-circle member of the "High Order of Motivation," a royal secret society. His lineage can be traced back to the Middle Ages, where his ancestors performed as screaming minstrels to anyone, regardless of their class. He enforces a strict "no facial hair" policy to the entire club.
Secret Quirk: He has won several cosplay tournaments with his uncanny resemblance of Castlevania's Alucard.

Name: Tsuyoshi Moriyama (glasses) and Kenshin Sugita (not bald)
Position: Squires of Inspiration
Synopsis: Servants of the Nobility, they handle the mudane tasks of the club. They were originally hired just for butler duties, but they have quickly caught on how to cheer. Now, they are able to serve their masters through backup dancing.
Secret Quirk: The other members like to rub Tsuyoshi's head for good luck. Kenshin accidentally superglued his eyes shut.

Name: Rin Shirosaki
Position: Cheer Maiden - Leader
Synopsis: She was appointed by the "High Order of Motivation" to lead the royal Cheer Maidens, and for good reason: her scores on the Cheer Aptitude Test (CAT) have yet to be topped. She is heralded as the "next evolutionary level of all things enlivening." Her origins are shrouded in mystery.
Secret Quirk: Rin fancies herself as an alcohol connaisseur. In fact, she originally did not agree to go to Japan City until she was informed about the beer there.

Name: Honoka Kawai
Position: Cheer Maiden - Cuteness
Synopsis: She used to work at her family's cookie shop in Switzerland, attracting customers with her "Choco-Chip Yum-Yum Dance." Rin, who was vacationing there at the time, was impressed by her potential and asked Honoka to join the Nobility. Although she misses her home country, she could not be happier cheering with the group.
Secret Quirk: She is throughly convinced that her bunny doll is alive. She even purchases two tickets when going to a movie.

Name: Reika Minazuki
Position: Cheer Maiden - Intellectual
Synopsis: She was abandoned as a baby on the steps of the Motivational Manor one dark, stormy night. Reika originally was raised to perform secretarial tasks for the Nobility, but she felt this wasn't enough. Reika became a Cheer Maiden to pay back her benefactors.
Secret Quirk: While normally a well-mannered and cultured individual, she completely loses her sanity while driving any vehicle. The other members named this phenomena "Reika Rage."

- Videos -

Name: Tsuyoshi "Feathers" Hanada (Yup, same guy from the first Ouendan)
Age: 24
Lucky Symbol::
Occupation: Uninitiated Japanese Man
Experienced With: Filling Applications, The Subway Station 100m Dash, Rejection
Cheered by: Hajime Tanaka


Game Music: Zenryoku Shonen
Original Version: Zenryoku Shonen by Sukima Switch

Name: Yuria "GuavaMoment" Satake
Age: 16
Lucky Symbol::
Occupation: High school student
Experienced With: Singing, Babies, Stopping Pig Attacks
Cheered by: Shinta Kikuchi


Game Music: Real Life Real Heart
Original Version: Real Life Real Heart by Kaela Kimura

Name: The Sumo called "HitTheTargets"
Age: 25
Lucky Symbol::
Occupation: Underground Sumo Wrestler
Experienced With: Eating, Dealing With Little Children, Working With Animals
Cheered by: Ryuta Ippongi


Game Music: Okuru Kotoba
Original Version: Okuru Kotoba by FLOW

Name: Shintaro "Fermata" Kuroiwa
Age: 29
Lucky Symbol:
Occupation: Doctor
Experienced With: Independant Medicine, Veterinary Services, Electrical Repair
Cheered by: Hayato Saionji


Game Music: POP STAR
Original Version: POP STAR by Ken Hirai

Name: Wrestler Handle of "Blackbelt Bobman"
Age: 29
Lucky Symbol:
Occupation: Ex-Professional Wrestler, now a "disciple" of a certain famous person...
Experienced With: Violent Gardening, Violent Fishing, Playing With Fire (Violently)
Cheered by: Kai Domeki


Game Music: Go my way
Original Version: Go my way by Hitomi Yaida

Name: "Sylphiel" the Monkey
Age: Around 14-18 years?
Lucky Symbol:
Occupation: Toy Monkey
Experienced With: Creating Childhood Memories, Navigation, Getting Dumped (Garbage Dumped, That Is)
Cheered by: Kaoru Kiryuin


Game Music: Monkey Magic
Original Version: Monkey Magic by Orange Range

Name: Karizou "Animeluva1" Moriyama
Age: 37
Lucky Symbol:
Occupation: Hair Stylist
Experienced With: Fancy Cuts With Clippers, Advanced Shampoo Techniques, Dueling
Cheered by: The Cheer Girls


Game Music: Julia no Shoushin
Original Version: Julia ni Shoshin by The Checkers

Name: Santarou "ATP Synthase" Zaiko
Age: 36
Lucky Symbol:
Occupation: Shoe Salesman
Experienced With: Foreign Market Sales, Infomercials, Testing Shoe Limits
Cheered by: The Cheer Maidens


Game Music: VISTA
Original Version: VISTA by Going Under Ground

Name: Momotarou "Opendork" Okayama
Age: 74
Lucky Symbol:
Occupation: Crazy Old Man
Experienced With: Befriending Animals, Boat Rowing, Demon Fighting
Cheered by: Kai Domeki


Game Music: Shonen Heart
Original Version: Shonen Heart by Home Made Kazoku

Name: Christine "Wanton Spoon" Kamogawa
Age: 43
Lucky Symbol:
Occupation: Professional Blogger
Experienced With: Romance, Extreme Roleplaying, Hallucinating
Cheered by: The Cheer Maidens


Game Music: BANG! BANG! Vancance!
Original Version: Bang! Bang! Vacance! by SMAP

Name: Masashi, known as "The White Dragon" online
Age: 10
Lucky Symbol:
Occupation: Elementary School Student
Experienced With: Photography, Papercrafting, Explosives
Cheered by: Kai Domeki


Game Music: Glamorous Sky
Original Version: Glamorous Sky by NANA starring Mika Nakashima

Name: Gorou "Alley Viper" Ookami (Not pictured: His mentor known as "May Contain Peanuts")
Age: 24
Lucky Symbol:
Occupation: Construction Worker
Experienced With: The Japan City Park Area, Local Baseball Games, Getting Into Hairy Situations
Cheered by: The Cheer Maidens on Hidden Mode


Game Music: Kibun Joujou
Original Version: Kibun Joujou by mihimaru GT

Name: Takuya "Corndog Maestro" Matsurida
Age: 6
Lucky Symbol:
Occupation: Kindergartener
Experienced With: Wet dreams, Recurring Character Usage, Appliance-based Weaponry
Cheered by: Ryuta Ippongi


Game Music: Bambina
Original Version: Bambina by Hotei Tomoyasu

BONUS: CrazyMLC clicks for love and government! Google Video

Name: Mana "Blind Catharsis" Shiratori
Age: 16
Lucky Symbol:
Occupation: Amateur Ice Skater
Experienced With: Drawing Power From Memories, Enhancing Performance Techniques, Funerals
Cheered by: Agent Chieftain of the EBA


Game Music: Believe
Original Version: Believe by AI

Names: Matsuko "Coughing Hobo" Shirokane (buckteeth), Kazuyo "Al Baron" Aoyama (glasses), Tamao "Crazy MLC" Mita (purple hair)
Age: 50, 53, 48
Lucky Symbol:
Occupation: Middle-Aged Obsessive Fangirls
Experienced With: Close Quarters Combat, Bicycle Chases, Borderline-Supernatural Love Powers
Cheered by: Kaoru Kiryuin


Game Music: Music Hour
Original Version: Music Hour by Porno Graffitti

Name: Soushi "Kulex" Yamada, Kousuke "Aerobic Robot" Yamashita, Mamoru "Yegor" Fukai
Age: 36, 35, 37
Lucky Symbol:
Occupation: Novice Giant Mech Engineers
Experienced With: Programming Intelligence, Tweaking Engines, Power Boosters Installation
Cheered by: Cheer Girls, Hidden Mode


Game Music: Zoku
Original Version: Zoku by Kishidan

Name: A Text Data Packet labeled "Crumps Brother"
Age: Unknown
Lucky Symbol:
Occupation: Cellphone Text Messenger
Experienced With: Letter Assembly, Satellite Surfing, Homing Technology
Cheered by: The Cheer Maidens


Game Music: Samurai Blue
Original Version: Samurai Blue by ZZ

Name: Ice Storm of Doom
Age: Seasons don't fear the Reaper
Lucky Symbol:
Occupation: Ender of Life
Experienced With: Causing Pandemonium, Property Damage, Tasting Great With Snowball Syrup (I like Tutti-Frutti)
Cheered by: The Cheer Girls, but...


Game Music: Countdown
Original Version: Countdown by HYDE

Name: The Sun
Age: Around 4.57 billion years
Lucky Symbol:
Occupation: White Dwarf Star
Experienced With: Planetary Gravitational Pull, Hydrogen Fusion, Being the Source of Life
Cheered by: Everyone on Earth!


Game Music: Sekai wa Sore wo Ai to Yobunda ze
Game Music: Sekai wa Sore wo Ai to Yobunda ze (Uncut Version)
Original Version: Sekai wa Sore wo Ai to Yobunda ze by Sambomaster

Let's Fail Ouendan 2 - The Collection

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