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Out of this World 1 & 2

by Thello

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Original Thread: Let's Play Out of this World 1 & 2! [Video]



Hi everybody. This is my favorite game of all time, so I hope I do it some justice. Let me know how the commentary is.

If you've never heard of Out of this World, it's a game built entirely by Eric Chahi. Besides the actual distribution and the addition of music, this was a one-man project, though you'd never know by looking at it.

If there's enough interest, I'll also do a playthrough of the much-maligned sequel. If you're thinking "hey, didn't Yahtzee already do a thread about Flashback?" you've got the wrong game in mind. Flashback was semi-inspired by Out of this World, but had no involvement from Chahi. Heart of the Alien is the true sequel, which while not personally made by him, had his go ahead.

Chahi's games (this and Heart of Darkness) aren't for everyone, since they can be pretty unforgiving unless you know exactly what you're doing. A lot of the puzzles are frequently solved by dying beforehand. The version I'm playing is slightly easier, but I'll be sure to include a death reel at the end.

Intro & Level 1 Backup
Prison Break Backup
The Caves Backup
Alien Stronghold Backup
The End Backup

Heart of the Alien, the "official" sequel to Out of this World. It was made independently of Chahi, but with his permission. It's often viewed as a disappointment though it's not a bad game by any means. This time Lester moves into the backround and you play from your alien buddy's perspective. He's armed with a neato whip instead of a gun, so the gameplay changes somewhat in that regard as well.

Introduction & The Caves (fixed audio) Backup
The Prison Backup
Let's Make Things Explode Backup
The End Backup
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