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Outer Wilds is an exploration game set in a fictional galaxy, that was released in May 2019. You find yourself caught up in a mystery, and you explore other planets for clues as to what's going on and maybe what you can do about it. It's all fairly vague, and up to you to find the pieces of the puzzle, and then figure out how to put them all together. And it stresses me out. And I am constantly re-evaluating my self-worth.

This game was recommended to me by my friend P0LARMic, who also recommended that I go into the game knowing as little about it as possible. Which is what I have done. Aside from knowing the name and knowing it might have something to do with space, I'm going into this with no other knowledge whatsoever.

An expansion to the game was released in late 2021, titled Echoes of the Eye. This DLC is pretty much more Outer Wilds, with all the mystery and vague clues and exploration and whatnot, and that's a good thing. The game itself has warned me that the DLC might be scary, so I will now warn you that the DLC might be scary.

End of Base Game Bonus Videos
- Doing Stuff with P0LARMic
- Finishing up Achievements

End of DLC Bonus Videos
- Doing Stuff with P0LARMic (Again)
- Finishing up Achievements (Again)
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