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Original Thread: Father & Fun: Let's make my dad watch me play Outlast!



What is Outlast?
Outlast was released in September 2013 by Red Barrels Games, a company known for no other games. They started strong! You play as Miles Upshur, whose name is obviously an anagram for "Rush Impulse" or (more likely) "Uri Humpless." Upshur is a journalist who follows up a tip to investigate a spooky psychiatric hospital in the Colorado mountains. In the first of many bad calls, he arrives late at night. Alone. The player can't fight, he can only run, hide, and rely on his camcorder's battery-draining night vision mode to survive. So while it is a survival horror game, I like to lump it into a subgenre I think of as "hide and death," similar to Alien: Isolation and the original Clocktower game.

There is a DLC prequel called "The Whistleblower" which I do not currently plan on tackling. And Red Barrels just officially announced a sequel! By the way, I'm playing on PC.

What is Father & Fun?
This is a project inspired by my dad ("Shecky") retiring. My dad's pretty awesome, but he's always been pretty anti-video game; he blames my being introverted on these games. But now he has too much free time, and a life coach encouraged me to pursue Let's Plays (wtf? okay!), so my dad is out of arguments! I decided we'd start with Outlast because it's Halloween-time, and the game was compelling enough to get Conan O'Brien hooked. It also helps that my dad worked in the new business for a couple decades... he will hopefully be sympathetic to our suicidal protagonist.

This is definitely babby's first LP, and I expect a lot of criticism. Just go easy on Shecky please! He's got a bunch of cool stories, it's just a matter of him getting used to the Let's Play experience (we both sound like morning radio DJ's in episode 1, with the fake energy). I hope to do more Father & Fun projects, so my goal is to blitz them to hold dad's interest. The episodes won't go beyond 20 minutes or so. This will not be a completionist run, though my understanding is that there aren't many secrets or anything in this game.

As for spoilers, the game's 2 years old. But I also fantasize about having one of those Let's Plays where people get excited and buy the game... it's on sale for $5 until this Monday, 11/2. So if you think you're posting a spoiler, just be judicious with your spoiler tags. This refers to both Outlast and Whistleblower. Enjoy!


Episode 1 - They have absolutely no respect for library books

Episode 2 - These chains were made for walking

Episode 3 - Whole lotta sloshing going on

Episode 4 - So secure you can't even open the door

Episode 5 - Thank you, Rick Scott

Episode 6 - You're not stoned at all

Intermission: The Family Plays (tabletop) Splendor, part 1 (with music) or without music
Intermission: The Family Plays (tabletop) Splendor, part 2 (with music)

Episode 7 - It's also getting a little bit more disgusting

Episode 8 - We don't reeeally need to see his tush

Episode 9 - HA! ... I'm sorry

Episode 10 - You'd wipe yourself with the New York Times, or whatever

Episode 11 - Hey, here comes Murray!

Episode 12 - He's crazy and he has a bat, so he's...

Episode 13 - Or is it Memorex?

Episode 14 - Maybe it's because he doesn't have any pants on

Episode 15 - I remember, vaguely, the Magic Schoolbus

Intermission: Intermission: Let's Play Papers, Please, part 1
Intermission: Intermission: Let's Play Papers, Please, part 2

Episode 16 - Do Not Turn The Valve

Episode 17 Finale - All Documents And Notes

Fan Art

Espresso Steampunk:


Since Rick Scott is practically a co-star in two of our videos, here is a link from the thread that may put things in perspective.

Politifcat: Rick Scott 'oversaw the largest Medicare fraud in the nation’s history'


This is the Conan O'Brien sketch that inspired me to put my dad through Outlast. But be warned, it contains spoilers up through Episode 9 of this LP.



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