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Part 2: Central China: September 3, 1937

We're making good progress in China, and should have no trouble capturing Shanghai before the year is out.

A line of troops is being set up to contain the enemy forces that retreated from Nanking. This will let us keep the pressure with the main force on Shanghai. The remainder of the forces in the south will do as much as they can to clear forces all the way to the sea.

Allied Turn 4: Sep 3, 1937
Day, Fair (Dry)

Only one attack is made by the Chinese, but it is a devastating bomber strike that eliminates our mountain guns.

Axis Turn 5: Sep 10, 1937
Day, Fair (Dry)

We exact our revenge on the unprotected bombers.

Although Nanking is still too dug in to attack directly, we are able to surround it and push back any relieving forces.

Meanwhile our other units form a weak line all the way to the sea, in order to cut off retreat routes.

Advancement in the south is slower than expected, as we struggle to finish off the infantry in the hilly region northwest of Nanchang.

Allied Turn 5: Sep 10, 1937
Day, Fair (Dry)

Chinese rockets try to scare off our reconnaissance cars, but they do not inflict any real casualties.

Attempts to break out of the encirclement of Nanking also fail.

Axis Turn 6: Sep 17, 1937
Day, Cloudy (Dry)

After repeated assaults wear down the defenders, Nanking surrenders at last.

We've managed to cut off Shanghai from the rest of the country. Reducing that pocket is still going to involve a lot of fighting.

Not all resistance is eliminated in the south, but our army is making its way slowly eastward.

Allied Turn 6: Sep 17, 1937
Day, Cloudy (Dry)

Concentrated attacks out of Shanghai force our cavalry to pull back from the airfield before the entire unit is lost.

Axis Turn 7: Sep 24, 1937
Day, Cloudy (Dry)

We've managed to capture the airfield at Nanchang, and that should help us finish off the few enemy troops that remain.

The pressure on Shanghai increases as we begin to approach from the southwest.

It appears that most of the Chinese forces were positioned to defend Nanking and Shanghai, as little remains elsewhere.

Allied Turn 7: Sep 24, 1937
Day, Cloudy (Dry)

The Kihei on the outskirts of Shanghai are pushed back to the Yangtze.

In the south, a ferocious assault from the Chinese infantry forces us to retreat into the highlands, but leaves half of their number dead.

Victory Level: 460-488 (Defeat)

With Nanking secured, we're on the verge of victory. The next month should allow us to tip the balance of victory decisively in our favor.

Unit Spotlight

This time we get to see our first really good unit, though it's not the first one listed here.

Sumida Model P (Type 90 or later) Armored Car
PG Name: Type 93 Sumida Type: Recon
Effective Date: 7/36
Value:4 Cost:48 Spot:3 Move:7 MM:Wheeled Trans:Naval Fuel: 40
Init:5 SA:4 HA:1 AA:0 NA:0 GD:7 AD:2 CD:2 TT:Hard Ammo:4

Unlike the Type 92 'armored car' (which was a tank), this was an actual armored car. It saw heavy use during the invasion of China, especially around Shanghai. One of the main variants was designed with the wheels set in a way that allowed for travel on railroad tracks, where it could reach speeds of over 60 km/hr. It seems the design really only made it usable in areas with good quality roads or rails, and it did not see much action around the Pacific.
As for which vehicle this actually is, there were several similar vehicles, but the 'Sumida' name suggests the Model P (see the link for a further explanation).

In-game analysis: Other than the fact that it's cheap, there is no real reason to get this unit. The Type 92 Recon is equivalent or better in all aspects. This thing's best role is putting down infantry or other soft targets, and it's not all that great at even that. But it is less than half the price of the Type 92 for the same scouting power. If you need inexpensive scouting, or are fighting an opponent with no armored vehicles, then maybe it is a good addition to the auxiliary. Usually you can afford something better.

Mitsubishi G3M [Type 96] (Nell)
PG Name: G3M Nell Type:Tac Bomber
Effective Date: 7/36
Value:21 Cost:252 Spot:3 Move:8 MM:Air Trans:No Fuel: 153
Init:4 SA:7 HA:6 AA:7 NA:8 GD:9 AD:8 Ammo:4

The Nell was the result of the Navy wanting a bomber with the same range as a reconnaissance aircraft. A 'medium' bomber was thus produced and adopted in 1935. This plane had the distinction of being the first bomber to cross an ocean on a combat mission (against China). One thing the Nell was severely lacking was armor, and it did not take very many hits to knock one down. Initially the plane was expected to rely on its decently high speed to escape, but by the late 1930s the plane's top speed was no match for newer fighter designs. By 1943, most of the Nells had been shifted into non-combat roles.

In-game analysis: This is a remarkably well-balanced unit, all told. While the Nell doesn't have any particular role it excels at, it has decent numbers at every point. It's kind of a workhorse unit, especially given the price, and serves admirably until better, more specialized planes become available.