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Painkiller: Overdose

by Null Set

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Original Thread: Painkiller: Overdose- Hell is FPS Fanfiction


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Painkiller was a fantastic FPS released in 2004 to critical acclaim. Its fast-paced gameplay and fantastic level and weapon design cemeted its status as one of the best shooters ever made, even becoming known as the unofficial Doom 3.

We will not be playing this game. Instead, we'll be playing the abysmal second expansion, Painkiller: Overdose. And we'll be playing it blind.

Painkiller: Overdose is bad. Everything that made the original game good was thrown out the window, and what we wound up with was a Duke Nukem wannabe in a story rivaling Final Fantasy fanfiction for idiocy. Created by a fan modding group, it was picked up by Dreamcatcher and turned into an official expansion. The original developers had nothing to do with it, and it shows. I've played up to partway through the second level to make sure it works, but after that, I won't know what's coming.

Each level will receive a video of the playthrough, and a shorter, more informative video that compares the level to the original and gives a quick overview of the level yeah that's not happening anymore. Thanks to baldurk, videos will be available at high-quality from Baldurdash, as well as Viddler.

Fenbab pretty much sums it up.


Chapter I

Cataclysm (Viddler) with Psychedelic Eyeball and Blister
--Level in Review (Viddler)
--Opening cutscene (no commentary) (Viddler)
--Music (Viddler)

Japanese massacre (Viddler) with Psychedelic Eyeball and Blister
--Level in Review (Viddler)
--Music (Viddler)

Desert (Viddler) with Psychedelic Eyeball and Blister
--Music- Level 3 (Viddler)
--Desert Done Quick? (Viddler)
--Level In Review (Viddler)

Asteroids Part II Part III with Psychedelic Eyeball and Blister
--Viddler Part II Part III
--A Brief Aside: Asteroids (Viddler)
--Music: Level 4 (Viddler)
--Level in Review

Blister posted:

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Hey guys, Mechanical Hand is a bit busy, but he emailed me these links and said he hoped that you guys would enjoy them. They're pretty awesome if I do say so myself, please watch them, please please please.

Dead Marsh Part 2 Part 3 with Psychedelic Eyeball and Blister
--Viddler Part 2 Part 3
--Chapter I Boss
--Chapter I Ending (Viddler)
--Level in Review

Chapter II

Riot (Viddler)
Nuclear Plant (Viddler)
Animal Farm (Viddler)
Field Ambulance (Viddler)
Ragnarok (Viddler)
Chapter 2 Music Comparison

Chapter III

Haunted Valley (Viddler)
Village of the Damned (Viddler)
Studios (Viddler)
Loony Park (Viddler)
Air Combat (Viddler)
Sammael's Lair (Viddler)


dm_sphere (Viddler)
lets play painkiller yaaaaaaay
All of Belial's one-liners (Local Backup)
Blister plays overdose (Viddler)

Here's a review that I don't know what he was smoking when he wrote it.
Choice quote:

Dumb reviewer posted:

Music plays in the background and changes from map to map, the weapons sound accurate, the monsters sound frightening enough, and this all adds to the game's intensity. Belial utters a few comments here and there but nothing really more than that.


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