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Painkiller and Battle out of Hell

by Null Set, Psychedelic Eyeball, baldurk

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Original Thread: Painkiller (PC): Battle out of Blowjob Deli. (Video LP)


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And Painkiller, I mean, Jesus...I was under the impression that id had run gothic environments right into the ground, and that I would never be surprised by such scenes again - that was a hasty assessment. Add to that huge - and I mean Serious Sam, huge - bosses that not only tower over the player but have lost no apparent detail or quality in trade for that scale. Perhaps most shocking was their deft utilization of the Havok 2.0 physics engine, which made me yell words like "holy shit" directly into the ear of the man giving the presentation... -Tycho, Penny Arcade

Painkiller, on release, received decent reviews, but wasn't a runaway success; reviewers criticized its "lack of substance in comparison to modern shooters." Whoever said that is an idiot. Painkiller is from the DOOM and Quake school of games. There are no bullshit physics puzzles; physics is for making limbs fly about in massive explosions of gore. Fetch quests? Allies? Yeah right, if it moves, shoot it.

Painkiller is in the same bucket as Serious Sam and the original DOOMs, in that it serves as an antidote to fancy-pants complex modern fpses. There are no stealth elements, no key hunting, no escort quests, no dorky support characters dribbling in your ear, no mission objectives besides kill everyone. It's just you, some guns, and the entire population of Murdertown between you and where you need to be. It's pure genocidal fun, which many fps developers these days seem to think is beneath them... -Yahtzee, Zero Punctuation

Basically, Painkiller is awesome and if you haven't played it you're missing out. It's $9.99 on Steam, go get it.

So how will this LP work? The big draw of Painkiller is that it throws its toys at you and then steps back and lets you play how you want. Want to nuke everything with hordes of rockets? Pin guys to walls? Whip out a blender and slice and dice to victory? Doesn't matter, do what you want. There will be three of us playing, alternating between videos.

Null Set will be playing on Nightmare (the hardest initially available difficulty) and fighting all the bosses; I'll also play on Nightmare but not fight any bosses because I'm lazy and baldurk will play on Insomnia (the normal difficulty).

The only difference from Insomnia to Nightmare is that enemies do more damage, and friendly fire hurts more (i.e. blowing yourself up like an idiot). Between the three of us, you'll be able to see three different styles of playing the game.

Each level also has a challenge. Completing the challenge unlocks new Black Tarot cards, which give you bonus abilities or status effects that you can set before starting the level, assuming you've collected enough gold. We will be completing each level's condition.



Battle out of Hell is the official expansion to Painkiller. Released in November 22, 2004, which is about 6-7 months after the original, it brings a brand-new 10-level single player campaign while adding some new maps and game modes for the multiplayer mode (even though no one plays multiplayer at all). Each level explores new locations that weren't found in the original, while adding many new and unique enemies to make your life painful, as well than 2 brand new weapons to make their lives painful. BooH must be installed over Painkiller to work, as it's not a stand-alone expansion like Painkiller Overdose (uggh).

To be fair, saying it's brand new would be pretty misleading since essentially, BooH just bring you levels that were initially part of Painkiller, but were cut out either for length or quality purposes. The levels in this expansion are mostly not of the same quality than the original game, as some levels are plagued by rather bizarre design decisions, some of the maps don't flow as well or don't play as well. With that said, Battle out of Hell still remains a pretty fun and engaging game, even though it can get rather frustrating at times, as it's a much harder game than Painkiller.

Anyway, contrary to the Painkiller LP, we won't be taking turns playing the game as we previously did, since baldurk and Null Set just don't really like the game enough to do it. As with Painkiller, I will be playing the entire game on Nightmare difficulty, getting all the tarot cards as well than finding all of the secret areas.


A list of all videos can also be found here.

Introduction (Viddler)
Chapter 1 Level 1 - Cemetary (Viddler)
Chapter 1 Level 2 - Atrium Complex (Viddler)
Chapter 1 Level 3 - Catacombs (Viddler)
Chapter 1 Level 4 - Cathedral (Viddler)
Chapter 1 Level 5 - Enclave (Viddler)
Chapter 1 Ending (Viddler)

Chapter 2 Level 1 - Prison (Viddler)
Chapter 2 Level 2 - Opera House (Viddler)
Chapter 2 Level 3 - Asylum (Viddler)
Chapter 2 Level 4 - Snowy Bridge (Viddler)
Chapter 2 Level 5 - Town (Viddler)
Chapter 2 Level 6 - Swamp (Viddler)
Chapter 2 Ending (Viddler)

Chapter 3 Level 1 - Train Station (Viddler)
Chapter 3 Level 2 - Abandoned Factory (Viddler)
Chapter 3 Level 3 - Military Base (Viddler)
Chapter 3 Level 4 - Ruins (Viddler)
Chapter 3 Ending (Viddler)

Chapter 4 Level 1 - Castle (Viddler)
Chapter 4 Level 2 - The Palace (Viddler)
Chapter 4 Level 3 - Babel (Viddler)
Chapter 4 Level 4 - Forest (Viddler)
Chapter 4 Level 5 - Tower (Viddler)
Chapter 4 Nightmare Ending (Viddler)
Chapter 4 Trauma Ending

Chapter 5 Level 1 - City on Water (Viddler)
Chapter 5 Level 2 - Docks (Viddler)
Chapter 5 Level 3 - Old Monastery (Viddler)
Chapter 5 Level 4 - Hell (Viddler)
Chapter 5 Ending (Viddler)

BooH - Introduction (Viddler)
BooH Level 1 - Orphanage (Viddler)
BooH Level 2 - Loony Park (Viddler)
BooH Level 3 - Lab (Viddler)
BooH Level 4 - Pentagon (Viddler)
BooH Level 5 - Dead City (Viddler)
BooH Level 6 - Leningrad (Viddler)
BooH Level 7 - Colloseum (Viddler)
BooH Level 8 - Underworld (Viddler)
BooH Level 9 - Stone Pit (Viddler)
BooH Level 10 - Shadowlands (Viddler)
Booh Outro (Viddler)
BooH Bonus Level - Developers' Castle (Viddler)

Painkiller Race - Part 1
Painkiller Race - Part 2
Painkiller Race - Part 3


Bridges are Blister's worst enemy... somehow. (Viddler)
The Nvidia logo opening screen
Chapter 2 ending - Editor's Cut by Blister (Viddler)
"Painkiller" music video
Alastor just punched me into the skybox!
Painkiller: The Making of Painkiller



The contest is simple, and anyone can enter, even if you don't have Painkiller. Design, in any medium you wish, something that was cut from Painkiller. It can be anything; an enemy, a weapon, even an entire level if you're that crazy. Entries will be judged by Null Set, Psych, and baldurk on how well it fits Painkiller. If you showed it to us without telling us you made it, would we believe it was actually cut?

The prize? A brand-new copy of Painkiller Black Edition from! You'll get the original Painkiller game and Battle out of Hell, along with the soundtrack, manual, high-resolution concept art, avatars, and wallpapers!


By unanimous vote, dexplosivo is the winner with his "Saw Blade Acid Reflux Shooter" . We thought yours was unique enough that it could have conceivably been in the game, and it looked like it would be a fun weapon. Congratulations!

Since you said any medium would count, I'm hoping shitty MS Paint proof-of-concept works.

To start with, your ammunition:


Combined in perfect harmony to make:

The Saw Blade Acid Reflux Shooter.

Primary fire: The idea behind the weapon is that while the shuriken lightning gun is a nice weapon, it doesn't have the visceral oomph some of the other guns have. The shurikens just hit the guys and stick to them. This shoulder-mounted motherfucker decapitates and dismembers the hordes chasing you with two-foot wide sawblades, leaving bloody gibs in your wake. When I imagined it, the blades would cut in all kinds of angles, not just horizontally, so you get a nice, varied display of destruction instead of just chopping guys in half at the waist or neck -- though that would happen too.

Alternate fire: Acid that acts both as a "flamethrower"-esque damage over time weapon in the short range, and sticks to the ground to cause damage there as well. Useful for corridors of charging enemies, and ideally you could also be able to use it to corral larger groups in to tighter packs for the...

Tertiary fire: All the best weapons have a tertiary fire -- the painkiller's shooting blender of doom, the shock rifle combo, and so on. Like peanut butter and jelly, the tertiary fire delightfully combines the two ingredients here to make a saw blade that spews acid along a horizontal plane, causing massive damage to packs of enemies while consuming copious amounts of ammunition. Melty chemical death combined with visceral decapitation is a winning combination in both life and Painkiller.

kjetting gets an honorable mention for "unnamed pigeon/dynamite gun". That one made us laugh the most, but didn't quite fit the contest as well as the winner. Good show! (you don't win anything)

This gun actually almost made it into the game, but was scrapped because the developers couldn't find a cool sounding name for it.

And in last place is Popo, for his "Honey/bear gun". What the fuck, man? What possibly possessed you to think that a bear gun was a good idea? YOUR GUN IS BAD AND YOU SHOULD FEEL BAD. As the price of your shame, you win a copy of PAINKILLER OVERDOSE. Play it and consider the many things you have failed at in life, the most recent being this contest.

A piece of classical engineering;

A replacement for the minigun/rocket launcher with added internet grade humour. When the bear is launched the barrels of the bee gun open up like a flower. I feel this is very symbolic of the beauty of a finely made gun (not that this is one of them.)
It follows Mega Man's Mega Buster "stick your arm in" design and 4th dimensional ammo for complex reasons.

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