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by Sundowner

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Original Thread: We're gonna need a bigger favela.. Vamos jogar Papo & Yo!



About the game
Papo & Yo was originally released in August of 2012 for the PS3 marketplace. It's a 'fantasy adventure' game. At it's core it's a puzzle based platforming game. It was later released for PC in April of 2013. The plot is a re-telling of creative director Vander Caballero's childhood. It was made under Sony's 'Pub Fund' initiative. The Pub Fund is Sony's attempt at helping indie teams make fully fledged games and get them released on the PSN and potentially elsewhere by giving them an upfront advance of up to $500,000. This initiative has also spawned games like Guacamelee and Dyad which had it's own recent PC port release!

It's quite a short game, clocking in at maybe 4 or 5 hours on an initial playthrough. It's very linear and doesn't have a lot of choice or decision making. I'd definitely suggest going in without prior knowledge of the plot as it begins to get heavy towards the end.

About the LP
I feel voice commentary is not conducive to the feeling and tone of the game and have opted to use subtitles. This is my first subtitle LP so it is as much a learning experience as it is an excuse to not overshadow the games amazing visuals and audio/music. The game is broken up in to 5 chapters and each segment (i.e. when we unlock a new area) has it's own unique title. I would have followed the game's own labelling but I felt the LP would be too disjointed and the videos would be a lot shorter if I did that. Instead, I'll just break each chapter in to a few chunks usually within the 20-30 minute range. The subtitled commentary will be more apparent in the first chapter but after that it will probably be cut back a little as I don't want to pull the eyes away from what's going on. There are a lot of nice details to this game and some of the puzzles, be it their solution or outcome, are unique and interesting. I'll only interject when I feel it's absolutely necessary.

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