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Paradox Games - Kingdom Come

by Fintilgin

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Original Thread: KINGDOM COME: An Epic Paradox Mega-Game 1187-1954 A.D.



"Now that the city was taken it was well worth all our previous labours and hardships to see the devotion of the pilgrims at the Holy Sepulchre. How they rejoiced and exulted and sang a new song to the Lord! A new day, new joy, new and perpetual gladness, the consummation of our effort and devotion drew forth from all new words and new music. This day, I say, will be famous in all future ages. This day, I say, marks the justification of all Christianity, the humiliation of paganism, and the renewal of our faith. 'This is the day that the Lord hath made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.' For on this day the Lord Revealed himself to his people and blessed them."
-Raymond of Aguilers on the capture of Jerusalem


"Of the life of man the duration is but a point, its substance streaming away, its perception dim, the fabric of the entire body prone to decay, and the soul a vortex, and fortune incalculable, and fame uncertain. In a word all things of the body are as a river, and the things of the soul as a dream and a vapour; and life is a warfare and a pilgrim's sojourn, and fame after death is only forgetfulness."
-Marcus Aurelius


I. Introduction and Baldwin IV 1187-1193 A.D.
The Alexandrian Crusade. The birth of Prince Charles.

II. Baldwin IV 1193-1205 A.D.
Assassination attempts, civil war, and Charles reaches manhood.

III. Baldwin IV 1205-1217 A.D.
The conquest of Egypt, more civil war, the Death of Good King Baldwin.

IV. Charles I 1217-1229 A.D.
Love affairs, bastards, and various evil Italians.

V. Roadside Romance: An Interlude, 1229 A.D.
In which the wicked get their comeuppance.

VI. Charles I 1229-1245 A.D.
Schizophrenia, Mongols, More War, and the Death of Charles the Conqueror.

VII. Archambaut the Bastard and Louis I 1245-1265 A.D.
The Judgement of God, Civil Wars in Egypt, Adultery, and the Invasion of Cyprus.

VIII. Louis I 1265-1280 A.D.
The Great Crusade against the Mongols. Imperial Glory.

IX. The Despised King Girard I 1280-1296 A.D.
Chaos, Civil War, and the Death of a Tyrant.

X. Baldwin V, Conradin I, Guiraud I 1296-1325 A.D.
Baghdad: Killer of Kings. Prosperity under the virile Emperor Guiraud.

XI. Martin I, Baldwin VI 1325-1354 A.D.
Peace, mountains of gold, and inbred children.

XII. Anselm I 1354-1366 A.D.
Bookworms, love, and crippled children. War with Byzantium and the claiming of the Crown of Persia.

XIII. Anselm I 1366-1399 A.D.
The Plague Years.

XIV. Martin II, Baldwin VII, Laurence I 1399-1453 A.D.
The Pax Jerusalem. The end of the Middle Ages.


XV. Laurence I, Anselm II 1453-1475 A.D.
The Renaissance begins. Centralizing power in the Kingdom. The conquest of central Arabia.

XVI. Anselm II, Laurence II, Baldwin VIII 1475-1515 A.D.
A New World discovered! Protestant heresies! Storm clouds over Persia!

XVII. Baldwin VIII, Baldwin IX, Guiraud II, Martin III 1515-1552 A.D.
The invasion of Persia. The liberation of Ethiopia. Big guns and stylish hats. The chicken bone of destiny.

XVIII. Anselm III, Balian I 1552-1595 A.D.
Saints, Prophecies, and Betrayals: The First Byzantine War.

XIX. Baldwin X, Baldwin XI, Louis II 1595-1629 A.D.
The Second Byzantine War. Colonies in Madagascar. The invasion of India. The Third Byzantine War. The Fourth Byzantine War and the forging of King Louis the Bold.

XX. Baldwin XII, Baldwin XIII, Charles II 1629-1681 A.D.
The Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Byzantine Wars: In the grim darkness of the past there is only WAR.

XXI. Baldwin XIV, Godfrey I, Queen Ioulanda I 1681-1733 A.D.
War in India. Liberal revolts. The forbidden love of Queen Ioulanda and General Gumpenberg.

XXII. Laurence III, Martin IV 1733-1762 A.D.
Democracy is born in Nicholia. The Great War with Rum. A power play by Ming China.

XXIII. Martin IV, Laurence IV 1762-1788 A.D.
Triumph in India. Liberal revolts and slow modernization. More independence movements in Nicholia.

XXIV. Baldwin XV, Archambaut II 1788-1802 A.D.
The birth of Prussia and the Fall of Rum.

XXV. Archambaut II, Laurence V 1802-1836 A.D.
War against Georgia. The total triumph of Christ in Arabia. The Bill of Rights and gradual liberalization of the Kingdom. Laurence V takes the throne.

The State of the World: 1836


XXVI. Laurence V 1836-1845 A.D.
Railroads spring up. Colonies in Antipodea and tension with Leon. The Partition of Georgia. Liberal revolts.

XXVII. Laurence V 1845-1854 A.D.
The Russian invasion of the Silk Road. The colonial humiliation of the Scots. Colt rifles for Jerusalem.

XXVIII. Laurence V 1855-1867 A.D.
War in China. The annexation of Tripoli. Realist artists gain fame and prestige.

XXIX. Laurence V, Queen Ioulanda II 1868-1881 A.D.
War in Antipodea. Ironclads. The German war of independence. Nobles triumph over ambitious capitalists. The first Great Nicholian War. The Crusader Queen takes the Throne.

XXX. Queen Ioulanda II 1881-1891 A.D.
The conquest of Scottish Antipodea. The Great World War against Russia.

XXXI. Queen Ioulanda II 1891-1901 A.D.
A new Constitution for Jerusalem. Airplanes, electricity, and colonial Africa. The death of the Crusader Queen.

XXXII. Martin V 1901-1909 A.D.
The colonization of Africa. Voting rights expanded. The Great Game in India.

XXXIII. Martin V 1909-1936 A.D.
The Twenty Years War. The rise of the Fascists. King Baldwin XVI.


XXXIV. King Baldwin XVI 1936-1937 A.D.
Storm clouds gather. An alliance with Orleans. Rebels in Africa.

XXXV. 1937 - 1974 A.D.
Mccullough's War. The invention of the atom bomb. XA-1005C. Armageddon.




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