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Original Thread: I'm a biology major because of this game! Let's Play Parasite Eve! [VLP]


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What is this?
We're going to be playing Parasite Eve, a game released on September 9, 1998 in the States. It was developed by Square, who I'm sure you know are the creators of the never-ending Final Fantasy series. The game is apparently a sequel to a Japanese book.

Who are you guys?
-Fake Derek

What's with the thread title?
The title of the thread refers to DONT DO IT, not me. Make fun of him.

What can I expect from this LP?
First of all: DONT DO IT loved this game when he was younger, so he has quite a bit of knowlege about it. The rest of us have little to no experience with it. Therefore this isn't quite a blind run, but it's close. Definitely don't expect a lot of information. Second: this game has a lot of dialog. And no voice acting. As such, we will try to go through it at a reasonable rate so that you can read along. Or you can be cool like me and not read it at all! Lastly, we will be doing some off-camera level grinding at two points in the game (not too much, though).

How often will you be updating?
We will be following the Sunday/Wednesday update schedule that we have grown to like. Each update will be 2 videos, either 2 episodes or one 2-part episode. Naturally, we reserve the right to change the update schedule if needed.

What's this about a contest?!
If you've watched episode 1 part 2, you heard me spew out some quick info about a contest. We've had a couple people tell us that we should get a group name for the 4 of us, so we've decided to make it interesting. You have until our next recording session (Friday, January 15) to submit in the thread your idea of a group name for us (ignore the email thing I said in the video). One submission per person, please. That Friday, we will pick our 3 favorite submissions and after that you all will vote on the winner. For now, just focus on coming up with a clever name for us and get it posted by Friday. We look forward to hearing your ideas!
Update: Contest somewhat abandoned because we're lazy.


Episode 1
Part 1: Rats 'n Wegame
Part 2: Parrot Room? Prtrm? Proom? Wegame
Episode 2
Part 1: Let's Watch Parasite Wegame
Part 2: I'm Kickin' this into Turbo! Wegame
Episode 3
Part 1: Dinosaurs, Mitochondria, Robots and Wegame
Part 2: Drama for Wegame
Episode 4
Part 1: Not Actually Episode Wegame
Part 2: The Planet's Dyin', Fernando! Wegame
Episode 5
Part 1: What's with Horror Games Ripping Off Movies? Wegame
Part 2: Cliffhanger Ending! Wegame
Episode 6
Part 1: Let's Play Resident Wegame
Part 2: Sorry Wegame
Episode 7
Part 1: Felinoid was Wegame
Part 2: Wegame
Episode 8
Part 1: Big Trouble in Little Wegame
Part 2: Wild MITOCHONDRIPEDE appeared! Wegame
Episode 9
Part 1: Giant Enemy Wegame
Part 2: Tensions Running Wegame
Episode 10
Part 1: A Child's Wegame
Part 2: Let's Play Dino Wegame
Episode 11
Part 1: The Fall of Hans Wegame
Part 2: Knights of the Wegame
Episode 12
Part 1: Who You Gonna Wegame
Part 2: Fuck Wegame
Part 3: ...What? Wegame
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