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Part 27: Previously on Parasite Eve

credit to my sister, who is awesome

: Heya, kids! It's yer ol' pal, Rattigan Johansen here to give youse da scoop on da story so far!

:Afta da mess back in Ol' New York, Super-Cop Aya Brea left da NYPD ta try ta put her new-found mutant powers ta good use.

: She joined MIST, a fancy-schamncy secret government agency dedicated ta huntin' down Neo-Mitochondrial Creatures. Y'know, freaky monster like yours truly!

: Aya got called in ta deal wit a crazy monsta mash at LA's Akropolis Tower! Like a mall, but at da top of a Skyscraper. No, I dunno why dey would build sumthin' like dat, but dey did. And now dere's monsters in it.

: See? Monstas out da ass in dis place!

: While doin' hero-type stuff, Aya encountered dis guy! Dis guy is bad news! He's crazy, and threatens ta blow up da whole building if Aya don't stop 'im!

: It, don't go so well.

: Instead o' gettin' fired, since she can shoot lightning outta her hands, Aya gets sent off on 'er next job. Crazy monstas are terrorizin' a small town in da middle o' nowhere, so it's up ta her to find out what's da dealio, as da young folks say.

: Dat's our Aya!

: Along da way, Aya met a guy named Douglas and his dog, Flint. Douglas is a tough ol' schmuck, and is survivin' against da monstas with no trouble. He don't know where da monstas are comin' from, but he's willin' ta help Aya by sellin' 'er cool guns an' stuff. Aya's fond o' guns, so Douglas is her new favorite person.

: She also meets dis goober. Kyle is a private dick investagatin' da mess in Dryfield fer a client. He seems ta think dat da monstas are comin' from some mysterious ol' fallout shelter in da middle of da desert. He don't know much about da place, except dat some military types bought it a few years back, an' ain't no one heard a peep from 'em since.

: While tryin' ta dig up info on dis clearly important shelter, Aya run into dat evil jerk from da tower! He doesn't tell 'er too much, and instead challenges 'er to a fight!

: It, don't go so well.

: Aya has a strange dream about some spooky li'l girl in a mysterious facility. But dis happens ta her all da time, so it's probably not important.

: Aya an' Kyle decide to stop dickin' around Dryfield an' go scope out dat shelter, but some nasty mutants wreck up her car! Don'tcha just hate it when dat happens? I mean, I can't drive anyways, what wit da court rulin', but I imagine it'd be quite inconvenient!

: After some game paddin', Douglas gets his ol' truck runnin' and agrees ta let our heroes drive it out into da desert towards a hive o' monstas. Hope he's got some good insurance! He tells Aya to head back ta her hotel room ta get some rest before headin' out. She agrees, cuz da producers insist on a shower scene an' it's in her contract.

: Also, Aya can call down lightnin' an' crap thunda. Jus' sayin'.

: An' dat's what happened last time on Parasite Eve 2! Stay tuned for da continuing adventures of Aya Brea. And until next time, rememba...

: Dere ain't no one more handsome den Rattigan Johansen!