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Part 50: Episode 49: Orca

Now that Aya's tackled the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, it's time for us to get back to killing those power generators.

I really am fond of these transitions. You go from a lush, green forest into a dark, mechanical closet just by stepping through a door. It's easy to get caught up in the scenery of the Neo Ark, and this helps to remind you that the Neo Ark is just a big, massive lie. Kind of like seeing beyond the clean and orderly test chambers in Portal.

We have a set of stairs before us, and a chain-link fence that blocks us from returning to the room with the first Generator.

Before we go upstairs, we want to check out this little nook for goodies.

And loud machines, I guess

: What is this machine? Like the howling of wild animals...

At the end, we find this little dead end with a wooden crate in it.



Well, that was dumb, so let's head up and get this shit done.

"Hey buddy"

So, this is the second Mitochondrial Generator. He is larger than the previous one, and thus, Aya has more to say about him. That is how writing works, you see.

: A vast number of mitochondria, acting as one with an ANMC. Tenaciously clinging to life... Abjectly fearing death...

: And with the barrier up, I can't get to the real foe beyond...

Well, avarice is bad, so...

Let's kill this sperm whale looking motherfucker!

The actual fighting this time around is actually...exactly the same. The Generator will regenerate any damage you do it near instantly until we take out the console powering it.

Again, the Generator's only defense is these impotent turrets we deactivated previously. Again, I kill them anyway because I am a bloodthirsty lunatic.


Done and done.

seriously, like a pink free willy


And that's that for the Generator brothers.

What could it be?

Oh, it's a Bonus Item! We snag ourselves a free Ringer's Solution here, which is a full heal for both HP and MP.

By the way, Aya's not done talking.

: "Gentle days free from pain... Automated injections of comfort. So happy was I... So useful... It's not my fault..."

: A vague existence that is betwixt and between, neither here nor there...

"betwixt"? really?

: Peel back the benign surface to find a festering tumor of greed. If you do nothing, you will lose nothing. A craven way to live...

Finally got to use that Liberal Arts Degree for something, eh Aya? C'mon, we have more 'festering tumors' to shoot in the face.

We did a plot important thing, and thus more Hot Zones appear. If it wasn't for the fact that I have automatic shotguns and magical lightning at my disposal, all this fighting might start to get boring.

As it is, though, I can shoot fireballs with my mind, so bring on the combat, baby!

I really, really wish some other survival horror game would give the player cool abilities beyond just shooting. Dead Space gave you that Stasis thing that was fun, but imagine if in Resident Evil 6, Chris just suddenly had Mass Effect style telekinesis. Sure, it wouldn't be scary, but damn if it wouldn't be fun as hell!

Anyway, with the Neo Ark cleaned out, we need to head back upstairs and find out what that barrier was protecting. Plus, I need to hit up the armory and reload like whoa.

But first, we have a cutscene!

It's a bit hard to tell, but the window reflects a familiar figure as he lumbers across the room.

This console does...something! And that activates a shiny new FMV

Hanging in the freezer, we find the cast of Operation: Raccoon City.

The lights turn on and the machinery beeps.

Golem #409 spills his milk, but is not programed to cry over it.

Hell of a way to wake up, but I suppose everyone needs their coffee. Their weird green coffee injected directly into the brain stem.

The Golems shudder and awake, because it is a school day and it has not snowed.

"Mornin' Frank."

"Mornin' Dave."

And slowly but surely, the Golems lurch out of the freezer, and off to...I dunno where they go, because they don't actually appear anywhere in the Shelter yet.

So, outside of the FMV, Aya is completely unaware that shit just got tactical, and continues on her way.

I headed into the Laboratory to unload about of my excess loot into the item box there, then noticed that I was running low on Firefly Shells. Well, buying them from Douglas is the only way to get my hands on them at the moment, so I made a quick (not that quick) run back to Dryfield. While there, I made a bit of an...impulse buy.

Yeah, the Flamethrower was fun, but I've got a small stash of grenades sitting around in item boxes and well...I decided it's time to blow some shit up!

Anyway, let's wrap up this update with a call to HQ. I'm sure they'll want to know that I murdered everything in the jungle underneath the Mojave.

: An electromagnetic field of that size? ANMCs? That's a power of an entirely different magnitude.

I was gonna make a joke about Rupert giving us fighting advice this late in the game, but it's actually kind of endearing. The dude is so desperate to be back in the fight that he's throwing out basic tips in a last ditch attempt to be as helpful as he can. Next unholy abomination I take out is for you, Rup.