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Part 1: Day 1: Resonance

Day 1: Resonance

Watch the opening video here!

Turn-ons: Shooting, surfers, Grey's Anatomy
Turn-offs: Wimpy men, animals, anything that's oozy

But not too much fun. It's an opera, not Chuck E Cheese's.

I use this line on all my dates. It... it doesn't work that well when you decide to stay in.

We finally gain control and Aya goes running into the theater, like a proper lady. Good thing she ran, because the opera just started as soon as she went through the door.

I think Eva has only one eye.



Oh right. That curse thing, too.

The royal elite guard, stopped by a light shove from an effeminate man.

Eva starts to sing, bringing the house down with her heated performance. Which you can see in all its glory by clicking this underlined hyperlink right here. Or you can just see some highlights.

Eva's attention gets drawn to Aya

making her eyes glow and form little holographic Ayas with her mind.

Whoops! The hologram overheated!

And another one!

This is the best play EVER!

Aya starts to think this isn't a part of the show.

Everyone runs for their lives in a panic.

But get set on fire anyway.

Let this be a lesson to you: If you're in a burning building, escaping will only make the fire angry.

There is nothing I could possibly say to make that picture any better than it already is.

And the diva does a little pose in celebration of her pyromania.

Only Aya and... err... Man were spared.

Ha ha! You got bodychecked by a girl!

I could pull the same tired Silent Hill jokes out for this, but I'm sure we're all thinking it anyway.

Maybe they can use CELL phones! oh god I'm sorry I'll never do that again

I'm suddenly aware of my skin. At any rate, THROWDOWN!

Welcome to battle mode. Like most Final Fantasy games, you have an active turn bar that slowly fills up. Once it does, you get to do something. In this case, I'm about to shoot Opera Lady. You get a number of bullets per turn, which can be upgraded depending on your gun. You also have a limited number of bullets, but that's not a big worry as just about every animal in the city carries around a spare clip for you to borrow. The little wireframe field around Aya is her gun's range, which is also upgradeable. I'll go into a little more detail about gear and upgrading at a later update. For now, she gets 2 shots per turn.

The rest of the battle is spent running back and forth avoiding these beams.

Aya goes SSJ and gains magic power. No, really. She now can use Parasite Energy, which is basically magic that slowly recharges over time.

You mean I could set people on fire with my mind too?

Oh, okay then.

I'll be seeing this white screen a lot. You'll be seeing this white screen a lot. You will share my pain.

It's a little girl on an operating table.

Even Aya hates those white screens.

Sorry, I just remembered this amusing little joke I found on a popsicle stick.

And Aya gives chase. A good time as any to take a little break.

Next time on Parasite Eve: Friendly pets, and dead clowns.