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Original Thread: Catch the Fever! Let's Play Patapon!


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Patapon is a musical strategy RPG developed by Pyramid and published by Sony in early 2008. It's played by drumming different beats with the PSP's face buttons for different commands. Wikipedia can explain it better than I can, I suppose.

Wikipedia posted:

The player controls a tribe consisting of infantry, ranged troops and cavalry. Initially, the player's forces consist of only a few spearmen named Yaripon but as the game progresses, more units, greater warriors and more powerful weapons can be obtained. The army is commanded by beating rhythm combos on four different talking drums. Different combos tell the player's group of Patapons to do various things such as advance, attack, retreat, and defend. Keeping the rhythm going and not missing a beat puts the army in Fever mode, which increases its combat abilities.

I'll do what I can to get the viewers involved, if you guys want to decide what I use each mission. If it's something stupid I might have to say no, though. I'll probably do a lot of off-screen grinding for money and materials and stuff, since I know no one wants to see me play the same level four times. But enough talk from me, let's get this show on the road.

If you want any other hosts up, tell me and I'll work on it. For now it's just Viddler and Youtube since GameVee's busted though. I'd suggest watching it on Viddler, since Youtube isn't very good quality.

Please tell me if you have any suggestions or criticism, I'd be glad to change anything I can.

Our deity's name has been decided to be Neil.

Game music rip is here. There isn't an official soundtrack as far as I've been able to find. (Local Backup)

Our Troops

Hatapon is our banner bearer. He leads our troops. He stays generally in the middle of the army so he's protected, and if he's killed then we immediately get Game Over.

Yaripons are our spearmen. They throw spears at enemies ahead of us, obviously. They have decent range, pretty good damage, and can take a bit of a beating. Yaripons are made with a combination of a meat and wood.

Tatepons are our general melee fighters. They have shields and an axe or sword, and excel at defense. They're always up on the front lines leading the army. Tatepons are made with a combination of meat and an ore or rock.

Yumipons are archers. They have huge range and fantastic attack power, especially in fever, when their damage is TRIPLED. They don't have a lot of health though, and they take more damage from fire attacks. Yumipons are made with a combination of wood and stone or ore.

Kibapons are horsemen. They attack by charging our foes with lances. In fever they do a ton of damage, have a very large range, and knock back enemies, but when not in fever they're nearly useless. Kibapons don't have a lot of health, either. They are made with two ores/rocks, and you can only have three.

Dekapons Are big, powerful, and slow. You can only have three of them, like Kibapons. They can't use helms so there isn't really a whole lot of use for normal ones other than the fact that they're horribly expensive (250 ka-ching for just a regular one). They use large hammers to pound our foes. Dekapons are made with an alloy and a meat.

Megapons are ranged attackers that use a horn and shoot sound at our enemies. They do ridiculous damage, but are the most expensive unit. Fortunately, they're worth every ka-ching. Megapons require an alloy and wood.

There are four drum hits, one for each face button of the PSP. We'll see them all as we go, right now all we have are Pata and Pon. Hitting four drums to a rhythm does a command. If you try doing something that isn't a command your patapons know, they'll get pissed off at you and won't do anything. I'll be adding more commands as we get them.

Pata Pata Pata Pon (Square Square Square Circle) - Advances Forward. That's about all there is to it really, in Fever you move further I think.
Pon Pon Pata Pon (Circle Circle Square Circle) - Attack! In Fever your attacks do more damage and have more range.
Chaka Chaka Pata Pon (Triangle Triangle Square Circle) Defend! Tatepons bring their shields up and take far less damage, ranged attackers shoot their attacks directly in front of the army.
Don Don-Don Don-Don (X XX XX) Triggers your current miracle's sequence. Must be in fever to use this.
Pon Pata Pon Pata (Circle Square Circle Square)Retreat! All of your patapons run to the left to dodge attacks. Works great on bosses.
Pon Pon Chaka Chaka (Circle Circle Triangle Triangle) Charge up! This makes your next command more effective, and makes patapons do different things for attacks.

Charge Effects
Yumipons fire more arrows.
Tatepons charge forward and do an uppercut-style attack.
Dekapons slam the ground and stun enemies.
Yaripons, Kibapons, and Megapons act as if they are in fever even if they are not.

Special Units
Gekolos (Yellow) gets an attack boost and resistance to fire.
Pyokola (Red) gets a minor attack boost and increased movement speed, I think.
Tikulee (Blue and Spiny) gets an attack speed boost.
Mofeel (Purple and Rounded) gets a large defense boost, but is weaker against fire.
Mogyoon (Purple with Horns) gets a VERY large attack boost, but attacks much slower.
Barsala (Green) gets a universal stat boost, with no downsides. I prefer Mogyoons because they get more attack though.

Fan Art

by Shaezerus
found by ScotchDK
found(?) by Karma Guard
found by Dominic Hokage
found by Dominic Hokage
by kitkat_skye
by Karma Guard


Intro YouTube Viddler
Tutorial/Level 1: Patapons Come HomeYouTube Viddler
Patapolis 1YouTube Viddler
Hunting on Patata PlainYouTube Viddler
Escape From ExileYouTube Viddler
Zigotons Strike BackYouTube Viddler
The Battle For Zigoton Fort At Dodon BasinYouTube Viddler
Gong The HawkeyeYouTube Viddler
Ancestral Guardian (Dodonga Fight)YouTube Viddler
Secret JuJu At Lostdon (Majidonga Fight)YouTube Viddler
Desert CrossingYouTube Viddler
Zigotons AttackYouTube Viddler
Giant Beast of the Deplorable Desert (Zaknel Fight)YouTube Viddler
Battle For Heave Ho OasisYouTube Viddler
Gong ReturnsYouTube Viddler
Zigotons Attack...AGAIN!?YouTube Viddler
Convoy EscortYouTube Viddler
DespairYouTube Viddler
Sandy ParadiseYouTube Viddler
Guardian of Knell (Dokaknel Fight)YouTube Viddler
Ray of HopeYouTube Viddler
A World of OozeYouTube Viddler
Door of PromiseYouTube Viddler
Battle! Mt. Bachikoi FortYouTube Viddler
Lord of the Mountains (Gaeen Fight)YouTube Viddler
Legendary Night SkyYouTube Viddler
Awakening at Gaeen Ruins (Dogaeen Fight)YouTube Viddler
Meden KidnappedYouTube Viddler
Gong Vows To Fight (Final Battle with Gong)YouTube Viddler
Search For a Lucky StarYouTube Viddler
Volcano Guardian (Ciokina Fight)YouTube Viddler
Claws of Guchoppa Ruins (Cioking Fight)YouTube Viddler
Crossing Zigoton TerritoryYouTube Viddler
Facing Gate Ghoul BabanYouTube Viddler
Zigoton QueenYouTube Viddler
Kharma's Pet (Shookle Fight)YouTube Viddler
Guardian of the Dark Palace (Shooshookle Fight)YouTube Viddler
Final ShowdownYouTube Viddler
Servant of Darkness (Final Boss)YouTube Viddler
The End.YouTube Viddler
The CreditsYouTube Viddler
Tree minigame (Pan the Pakapon and Ubo Bon)YouTube Viddler
Farming Minigame (Fah Zakpon and Pop Bean)YouTube Viddler
Mountain Minigame (Kom Kimpon and Rumble Thump)YouTube Viddler
Cooking Minigame (Rah Gashapon and Simmer Slurp)YouTube Viddler
Smithing Minigame (Ton Kampon and Fwoosh Famoose)YouTube Viddler
Final Gong Battle, MELEE ONLY.YouTube Viddler
Every item descriptionYouTube Viddler
All Bosses, Overpowered Army YouTube
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