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Part 21: Chapter Ten - Part 1

Chapter 10 – Part One

After a brief respite, Artemiy woke up in his hideout, ready for a new night. Before heading to Notkin for the daily map, Artemiy read the sole letter that he received during his rest.

Letter from Aglaya Lilich. On your foreordained sacrifice.

I know about this particular custom of an equivalent sacrifice. In order to preserve somewthing precious that is not meant to be preserved, one must sacrifice something of an equivalent value.

What sacrifice are you fated to carry out? No one knows. However, you ought to be very careful. In these days, a great deal of people lust for widespread destruction. Many will try and set you on a false path and to crush and destroy things with your own two hands.


To say that no one knows what Artemiy's sacrifice will be is probably not entirely true. Both Kapella and Oyun have hinted that they know more than they let on. Still, Artemiy won't be finding out anytime soon.

It seems that the soldiers set up more emplacements and checkpoints in the night. Hopefuly, it will make streets safer, although that might be hoping for a bit too much.

In any case, the Cannon continues to menace the Town – any amount of checkpoints set up by Army will not quell the anxiety brought own by such an obvious existential threat to the Town.

Kids were as gloomy as ever, though it seemed that their numbers remained steady in the past few days. Between experience in dealing with the fever and fewer conflicts between the gangs, these kids' odds of survival seemed to be going up.

True enough, the price of the map wasn't raised tonight and, just like he usually did, Notkin promised that the payment will go towards keeping the scouts healthy and equipped. Artemiy paid the price and looked at the map.

Six districts were infected overnight – just like yesterday. At least, the spread of the fever didn't grow. It was time to head to the Theatre, just as it always was. Thankfully, the routine won't last for much longer.

If one were to trust the letters and the words on the wind, the decision will be reached in three days' time. Artemiy, for one, was certainly glad for such a set deadline – knowing that such things are out of your hands does have a way to bring calm to one's troubled soul.

Of course, all the talk about the end of this affair in three days could very well be hogwash fueled by superstitious folk. Artemiy couldn't do anything but to stay the course and keep on keeping on. Until there are questions to be answered, there wasn't much point in stopping, either way.

Some poor chaps weren't able to enjoy the show tonight. The corpses were looted clean, but they did leave Artemiy some things that he could use. Nothing goes to waste, of course.

I have received orders to destroy every building in the Town and to shoot anyone who survives the barrage.

The boisterous Colonel was being rather... well, boisterous tonight.

The Army always appears when the situation becomes irreparable, but I am a person who defies tradition. I know that, throughout all this time, there were people in this Town who were capable of averting the catastrophe. We will only target things at the behest of a healer who will have the best evidence to support such a decision.

Perhaps, it's best not to target anything at all?

The voice was quiet and meek, but it was definitely Dankovskiy's voice.

If we don't target anything, then the consequences will be most dire. You want freedom of choice? Then, choose! Either an artillery barrage or a single precise shot – it's all the same to me. Whatever the decision will be, we will sort this bedlam out.

REEL 12: The Masks' Nightly Attractions - Night Nine

With the Theatre visit being done, Artemiy didn't have much to do except to bum around the Town until morning.

It did occur to him that Adherents started to get sick at a reliable rate of one a day, so he decided to check on the Town's greatest to see if anyone got sick in the night.

Sure enough, there was a casualty in the night. Surprisingly enough, it was Alexander yet again. The fellow had a penchant for being in mortal danger from the fever. Artemiy had powder boxes to spare and Klara asked him to try and preserve her adherents too – the course of action was clear as Artemiy handed Executor the little box. As before, the fellow protested and, as before, Artemiy quickly shut him up and sent him on his way.

The rest of the night was uneventful, and Artemiy managed to catch a quick nap at Kains' estate in the early hours of the morning. When he came out, it was slightly after 7 A.M.

Coming out of Maria Kain's house, Artemiy noticed that he has a new letter in his pocket. Annoying jerks started simply stuffing it into his pockets instead of leaving them somewhere visible. With a groan, Artemiy opened the envelope.

Bachelor uncovers the mystery of Udurg.

I've made a fantastic discovery. I believe that I know now whom your Father had mind. Come, and I will tell you who your Udurg actually was.

Quite a bold claim. Artemiy was quite curious to find out what young Oinon had to tell him.

Between the cheery statistics and the repeated claims of the forthcoming end, a bit of real progress would help put a mind at ease.

I've heard about the riddle you've been struggling with. So – you believe that your Father bound you by an obligation to preserve a being of a higher order. An abhuman entity given a bodily form, yes?

A bit too intellectual for my taste, Oinon. I can barely understand the words you're using.

Come now – don't mock me. If I were to compare that to your ancient philosophy... So – how about it? You don't happen to believe that your Father meant something... very complicated instead of some Steppe dinosaur? A strange sort of happening that can only be marked by... Ugurd, was it? It was something like that...

How do you know all this?

I've spoken... with a Mistress.

Which one? I don't believe there are any trustworthy ones in the Town. Not yet.

Artemiy was more skeptical of Kapella than I thought him to be.

Even Kapella?

Even Bachelor was surprised, it seemed...

What do you think you know about these matters, Oinon?! You can't possibly believe the same things that I do!

That may be true, but you are underestimating me in vain. Much time has passed since I came here. I don't view the Order with the same skepticism I did in the past. I know that your chimeras are quite real. I simply happen to have my own point of view on them. It's a bit... simpler, one might say.

I certainly hope that that point of view helps you sleep better at night. Your “simplicity” won't help me, that's for sure.

My ideas can help set you on the right path, can they not? Or you aren't interested in my conclusions?

So far, Artemiy didn't seem to be that interested in them, but he was going to hear them regardless.

Very well. Speak.

So... it seems that I have unwittingly found that which you have been looking for this entire time. I stand on the precipice of a great discovery...

Well... why did you go quiet all of a sudden? Speak.

And now, I'll play it a bit dirty. I believe that there is a very old... archaeological plate under this Town. A place where the ancient shepherds were carrying out their rites. Back, when the Abattoir was twice as tall as it is today.

If the Abattoir went as deep as Oyun claimed, it would, indeed, have been much taller thousands of years ago.

Well? So what?

I want you to learn the precise location of this place from the Elder and to mark it on the map for me. It's not too much to ask, now is it? I only need him to tell me under which district it's located. Do that for me, and I will tell you my version. I believe that it answers a number of your questions.

...Why are you trying to impose conditions on this exchange? I would have done it solely for the sake of our friendship. You wound me, Oinon.

Despite the widespread sarcastic use of the phrase, Dankovskiy did indeed wound Artemiy's sensibilities.

You have to understand, Artemiy – I'm in a desperate situation, too. I've tried every option I had before me. I have no other way to gain the information I need. You know, I could also tell you the information that you could use to neutralize the Colonel. Or, perhaps, you actually want the Town to be destroyed?

No, but I don't imagine that you can help me in preventing that.

You are mistaken. Blok trusts me, and not without a good reason. I, in turn, trust you – not without a good reason, as well. You are the only person in this Town on whose honesty I can rely.

What about the Elder's honesty?

Little Victoria told me that he cannot lie. Just like herself and other... folk with a great deal of responsibility in this Town.

Hm... It might be true.

Help me, Artemiy, and I will help you. Get me this tiny morsel from the Elder. If he doesn't answer... then the Colonel will have no recourse but to turn everything into a smoldering ruin.

He might not, of course – if Artemiy is the Healer to whom the Colonel will listen, then Dankovskiy might very well become entirely irrelevant. Still, Artemiy would help. For multiple of reasons – old times' sake being one of them.

Fine. I will.


Bachelor believes that the Elder knows the key to the main riddle of my Father's legacy.

Of course, Artemiy was going to visit the Elder today, anyway.

The smarmy git promised Haruspex some answers in exchange for service, and Artemiy was not about to turn that opportunity down.

It didn't mean that Artemiy had to like Bachelor's duplicitous behavior, but it's not like it caused too much harm, aside from turning Haruspex into a more cynical man.

The Bachelor was correct, though, in wishing to dig deeper into the Abattoir. These halls were ancient and it's very likely that the road towards finally defeating the Fever lay in its depths. It's rather funny that the Bachelor believed that he was the first one to consider that possibility – it's not as if Artemiy has been digging in that direction for the past three days or so.

The gloomy jerk has been definitely expecting Artemiy. In fact, he looked downright impatient!

The rumour has been confirmed. Last night, several of children of Bodkho have betrayed the Order. They stole the sacrificial blood from Suokh's flesh and fled, leaving behind the depths and hacking off a pound of Boos Turokh's flesh from themselves. You need to find them and you need to kill them.

How did they betray the Order, exactly? What is the nature of their betrayal?

Whomsoever carries such blood out of the womb of the House of Bodkho is ripping of bits of Mother Suokh's flesh! They have revealed their sharpened knives and cut themselves off from the meat of Boos Turokh! They are no longer a part of the Order! They are permitted to die.

Why did they steal the blood?

You ask too much, son of Burakh. I believe that you wanted to ask me a single question today, did you not? One that is worth a thousand others, no? Don't waste your tongue on useless words.

How am I to find them?

They left a foul trail behind themselves. You will hear it when the spirits will speak with you. Until you return the blood, you will hunger. Do not dare to swallow a single breadcrumb or it will all be for naught.

Hunger? Why should I be starving, exactly?

You will feel the smell of blood much better while starving. In hunger, you need to kill them. Hunger cleanses you. Food will taint you. One should not return the sacrificial blood with a full belly. If that were to happen, the blood will be tainted and won't bring us any good.

More complications – it's as if the Elder was trying to kill Artemiy. Funny, that.

Where are they, then?

I'll give you something to drink. You'll want to eat something right away. You will feel pain. Go to Rhaga's Mound and fall asleep there. Fight the hungry spasms of your stomach. Sleep until the Spirit shares with you the scent of their crime. That is when you will find them. Return to me after you killed them.

What is it that you're giving me?

This will cleanse your insides. In order to return the blood, you must be clean. Do not dare to eat anything. If you eat anything at all before returning, then you best not return at all!

Give me the drink, then. I will be back soon.


I ought to fall asleep on Rhaga's Mound in order to get information on the escapees from the dead spirits in my dreams.

Even Artemiy's journal note seemed to acknowledge the rather crazy and far-fetched nature of Artemiy's quest. Still, Artemiy accepted the drink and, just like the Elder said, he felt the hunger right away.

It was only five minutes, but the hunger pangs felt as if Artemiy was starving for days.

The mound, thankfully, was not too far away from the Abattoir itself and, soon, Artemiy was where he needed to be.

This seemed to be the place. Artemiy laid down on the cold stone and closed his eyes. Soon enough, he heard the whispers.

Whatever the “Spirit” said, it was between him and Artemiy. Nonetheless, three marks appeared on the map, as well as a note in the journal.


Spirits of the dead appeared at Rhaga's mound. They whispered in the ears of the Dreamer the location of the worms that hid in the carcass of a dying Town.

The three marks appeared on the location of the Herb Gatherers' yurts – temporary tents used by the Steppe folk. Artemiy visited some of them over the days – these places would, indeed, be a good place to hide. The first tent was quite near the mound – Artemiy hurried there.

Sure enough, there was a butcher at the yurt. Artemiy came up to the fellow to question him.

Be warmed by Suokh's warmth, Oinon...

Show me what you've carried out of the Abattoir.

What do you need it for? We carried it out for ourselves.

I want to know where you took it from.

If we tell you, will you leave us alone?

This gave Artemiy pause, but only a small one.

Yes. It's a deal.

You won't get the blood for the Udurg from the Earth. If you cut the growth that has been burdening the Udurg for many years, then you'll get all the blood you need from the wound.

What was the Butcher talking about? He obviously has something particular in mind, but he didn't seem to be willing to say more... It was time to perform the Elder's task.

Good. Prepare to die.

The butcher didn't react very quick, but he did die quite quickly. The Worm and his Herb Bride didn't seem to be at all phased by what they witnessed. If an Oinon such as Artemiy killed the fellow, then they were sure that he deserved it. Soon, Artemiy was on his way to the next yurt.

This conveyor belt went all the way from the Abattoir to the Train station. The machinery would routinely break, but it still allowed the meat to be loaded onto the trains in a relatively quick fashion.

Of course, the assembly line has been standing still for the past week. Now, only this giant monstrosity thoroughly occupied the train station.

These chumps weren't the friendliest lot, and Artemiy was in quite a hurry since he was quite literally dying from hunger. He didn't tarry here for long.

The second butcher was warming himself near the fire. Artemiy didn't imagine that the Butcher would have anything to say that the first one didn't and opened fire. He, of course, imagined correctly.

The Herb-Gatherer was about as phased by this display of violence as the first one.

The Steppe Swamps are quite vast, but Artemiy was making good time on the account of his impending death.

This butcher felt quite at ease with Artemiy around – a fact that allowed Artemiy to refrain from wasting precious bullets.

If the third Herb-Gather had something to say, he certainly didn't let it show.


To punish the defilers and apostates is a task worthy of a Servitor. Now, I can return to Elder Oyun and bring him the happy news.

Artemiy certainly got into the business of killing these defilers – in fact, he got a bit too much into it for my taste. In any case, the hunger seemed to have abated for now. Artemiy was so hungry that he decided to have a bite. The butchers didn't have the blood on them anyway, so there wasn't anything for Artemiy to defile with his filled belly.

It's funny that Artemiy noticed this before, but the marks on the diseased houses had a funny property to them. I mean, he obviously noticed the marks, but there was the fact that they always looked like giant claw marks on the walls of the buildings has been eluding him until now. It was a rather unsettling realization.

Amid these troubling notion, Artemiy received another letter.

Kapella's Invitation.

I need your help yet again. It is more of the same – a friend is in peril. Meanwhile, I'm strictly forbidden from going outside!

Great – not a day goes by without Artemiy's Adherents getting mixed up in something dumb. It's just more busywork for Artemiy at this point.

Artemiy was still going to go to Oyun first to get this whole “Hunger” business fully finished.

Why do you vainly risk your life by standing before me, Kinsman?

I have found and killed the Butchers.

Not one of them has escaped?


Tell me what you wanted to know. Ask me a single question. Choose wisely.

What creature did my Father have in mind? Who is the Udurg that is marked by this Tauro?

This being is everything you see around us. Earth and the Settlement that has been nurtured by it, from the Abattoir, the House of Boos Turokh and Bodkho's Vein, to the river Gorkhon. They are inseparable at this point. The Town will not survive without the Earth that feeds it and the Earth will not live without the parasite that feeds it. Now, you know.

While useful, this was still rather vague.

Could... could you be a bit clearer?

The Town is dying, you fool. Your Father knew that the Town will be engulfed by a murrain. He wasn't thinking of the people, the tiny parasites on Boos Turokh's hide, but about the Udurg – the one who is so great that the moon morphs its crescent to greet the brother who has spread his flesh across the Earth!

What sacrifice will I carry out?

You will find that out tomorrow if you complete the next test, Kinsman. Do not be in such a hurry.

Very well – I will come.


I wonder what Bachelor has to say about all this...

While this wasn't exactly an answer to the Bachelor's question, this could allow Artemiy to coax the Bachelor's ideas on the matter of the Udurg out of him.

He will either confirm what the Elder said or offer a theory of his own. In any case, it is a win-win for Artemiy. It's not like he had the opportunity to ask the Elder the Bachelor's question or anything. When all he gets is one question, his own takes the priority.

At the end of the day, if Daniil was going to play dirty, then Artemiy wasn't going to shy away from doing so, either.

What do you have to say, Artemiy?

The Elder told me about the Udurg. It is the Town itself.

Is that precisely what he told you?

Yes, I believe so.

My version is entirely different from that.

How so?

I believe that the one marked by Isidore in his will is none other than Simon Kain. A friend of your Father's. A superhuman. The creator of this Town, the architect of habitable worlds.

But that's absurd! An Udurg cannot be a human. It is a body that contains within itself an entire world.

Every person is, in a manner speaking, an entire world. Moreover, Simon deserves, more than anyone else I know, to be referred to in such a manner. He was much more than a simple human. Besides, do you really think that we should be talking about him in past tense?

Ah. There it is again, the Simon-is-not-actually-dead-somehow stuff.

I don't know about this...

I want to know what Olgimsky's daughter – Kapella - thinks about my version. I also want to know what Katherine Saburov – a person whom I entirely unable to visit – thinks about it. Ask these women, Artemiy. They will answer you.

And what, pray tell, should I ask them, exactly?

Ask them if Simon can be an Udurg. Just a yes or no will suffice. They are... quite tricky. It feels like they know things about us... many turns ahead of the current play. This knowledge, however, lacks something... concrete. It lacks detail. They see far, but don't see much. They will, however, understand what I'm talking about.

Very well, Oinon. It's not that hard to ask.


Whom will the Mistresses – little Kapella and dying Katherine - mark as Udurg?

Truth be told, Artemiy very much hoped that they would debunk Bachelor's theory. Him being right would only serve to sow doubt in Artemiy's mind and that is something that Artemiy could very much do without.

It's good that Daniil sent Artemiy to Kapella, though. He needed to visit her and Artemiy could tentatively trust her judgment. She wouldn't lie to him, either – whatever she will say will be the truth of the matter.

You'll help me out once more, right? We have some bad news yet again, not that I'm surprised or anything. Everyone who must survive until the end is in danger one way or another...

Who is it this time?

This time, Klara visited Mishka and now Mishka wants to go outside! She came to her and did something foul. Now, Mishka worries and I can feel it.

So... what happened, exactly?

I don't know! Maybe, it's nothing... I know that Mishka is in a great deal of distress right now, and she isn't one to scare easily. In fact, she can scare anyone herself if she wants...

What do you need her for, anyway?

When Mishka grows up, she will replace Katherine. She knows how to listen to the Earth. She will make a good Earth Mistress – with her, no Rat Prophet will get even close to tainting anything! Mishka is clean.

So it seems that Rat Prophet had something to do with Katherine – an interesting tidbit, though not relevant to the current happenings.

Very well. I'll visit her at some point.

Who will feed the doll?

Mishka worries and is raring to go outside. What could it be that made her so worried?

Obviously, Artemiy still had questions for Kapella.

Kapella – can an Elder lie?

I... I don't know. I think that he can't. If he doesn't want to tell you the truth, he will simply avoid the question itself.

Is he dangerous?

Very! Just by talking to him, you're risking your life at every moment. I think that he's simply waiting for a good chance to finish you off. He isn't brave enough to do it on his own, though... He's waiting for permission...

Good. I'll keep that in mind. Answer me this – can it be said that Simon is an Udurg, a higher being?

I wouldn't say that about him in particular. After all, he was born human, and Udurg and a Human are two different things. Now, if Simon were to undergo a second birth and his spirit would inhabit a new body – a perfect, giant body that could contain within itself other people, then yes! Absolutely.

So... that's a yes. Godammit.

Is such a thing even possible?

It's doubtful... But, theoretically? Yes – it is. You are speaking of our myths and beliefs, aren't you? The entity that we call an Udurg right now is not the same that our Steppe ancestors had in mind. Now, when we speak of an Udurg, we speak of an idea.

An idea?

Well, a cult, for example. Or a large family. But all that is incorrect. An Udurg is, above all, a body or a torso. Understand? If Simon became a ship that people could ride into a better life and he would carry them there while being alive, then he would become an Udurg.

But... there aren't any creatures like that and there never were...

Even if there weren't any like that in the past, maybe they will appear in the future? Who knows...

Everything is possible...

Of course, the answers weren't at all satisfactory. In fact, they were entirely terrifying. Not only did they make the possibility that Bachelor was correct a reality, but they also cast doubt on everything that Artemiy worked so hard to uncover in the recent days. At the very least, it meant that Artemiy could no longer trust himself.

While in this turmoil, Artemiy received yet another letter.

Letter from Tychik's Daughter.

We still have not killed the prisoner because he swore that he had some terribly important news to relay to you. It's about the bull who showed up near the Bone Pillar.

Written by the order,

seal attached, Mother of the Bulls.

There was a bit of serendipity in all of this – after all, Taya was also a Mistress, in a sense. Artemiy could ask her what she thinks on the matter of Udurg.

First, of course, he'll have to visit the gloomy Saburov residence. Perhaps, the fact that Artemiy saved her husband's life not once but twice would make Katherine a bit cheerier?

Not a chance, of course.

What do you want, Ripper?

I want to know the identity of the Udurg that was under my Father's protection. Speak and be truthful!

I can't tell it to you straight...

What? Why?

Because I cannot lie when it comes to the details... My lips cannot say a premeditated lie... Riddles and vagueness afford me a certain... freedom.

Can you tell me something, at least?

Only the general details of this fairy tale... The one, whose existence you are trying preserve and the sacrifice that you need to carry out in order to do so are mirrored. Find out the identity of the Sacrifice and you will know the marked one.

Tell me of the Sacrifice.

I know without a doubt that your Sacrifice is a woman. A beautiful woman. A woman who loves you... Is that enough for you?

Who could it be? Ospina? She did confess her love for Artemiy some days ago, but that is probably not it... Is it Aglaya? It's probably Aglaya. Of course it's Aglaya. Of course it is.

... What does that have to do with it anyway?

A Sacrifice must be equivalent...

Does that mean that my Udurg is a human?

There are people who are more than people... And now, leave me be. I'm afraid of your presence. You smell of blood.

Fine. Farewell.

It doesn't mean that she is right. Or truthful. She is quite batty, after all... And why would Artemiy be in a position where he'd have to sacrifice Aglaya? He doesn't love her, not really... Or is it not yet?

Artemiy should have just told the Bachelor to bugger off with his theories. All they've done so far is heap confusion on his poor, tired head.

There were sick people in need of help while everybody is waffling around in indecision – it is a time for action, while all Artemiy is doing is saddling himself with more doubt. Not much to be done about it now, but it would have been good to not have ended up in such a position.

Curious – the letter didn't lie. Vlad is still alive. Quite interesting, considering that an Executor posted by the door to Vlad's wing of the Olgimsky residence swore up and down that the place belonged to the dead. Maybe there is still time to save the poor sod?

Have you seen the bull yet?

What bull?

Ah...You see how the little people scamper around? Near the Bone Pillar, a dying Aurox has appeared... They say that the Elder killed the last one, don't they? That means... hah... that means that he didn't quite kill him, now did he? Or what is it, then? Could it be... something supernatural?

Vlad's speech was strange and had a very... viscous quality to it. It seemed as if he was drugged – it's possible that the Order made him drink copious amounts of Tvyrine before the execution.

A sign of some sort, perhaps?

I don't know, I don't know... Ask her, the little torturer... Just be careful! Could it be a trap? Elder Oyun, you know, is locked in a fight with you... He could plan all sorts of things... It could be an ambush...

Thank you, Boos. Your advice was valuable.

You know, I'm calm. I am glad that things turned out this way...

Goodbye, Boos.

Just as resigned as he was before, even after a day in captivity. Artemiy turned to Taya to find out more about this strange new arrival.

Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello!

Oh dear – rather hyper today, isn't she?

What bull is the prisoner talking about, Mother?

A Higher one. You've heard about the Higher ones, right? A very important bull! He appeared quite suddenly! It's for you. Go and check it out. You need to figure out what to do with him yourself. Ha-ha!

You shouldn't laugh about such matters... Where is he?

An empty patch of land near the Bone Pillar – a place where a very sharp bone sticks out of the ground. They say that it doesn't grow from within, that it's a broken piece. Suokh got her leg stuck in that place and it broke off when she tried to pull it out! That's why every Shabnak has little bones sticking out instead of feet!

Do you have any advice to give about this?

Nope, I won't give you any. The answer to the question that you want to ask me is “Yes, of course!”. By that, I mean “Of course, he is needed.” I mean, “needed alive, but you don't have to get him off of it.” Now, think.

Quite the riddle you've got there...

Enter Boos Turokh

A miracle took place near the Bone Pillar, or so they say. A strange place for a miracle... They told me that it's a favorite execution spot, too... Shall I go and check it out?

Not before asking Taya the important question, you won't!

Do you know a particular word – Udurg?

Oh, I sure know that word. Can't speak for others, though! You shouldn't ask everyone you meet about it. They'll give you such advice... You'll never make heads or tails of it.

How do you know whom I've been asking?

The Land is full of rumours, Burakh! My sentries have been telling me all about it.

Tell me – can it be that Simon Kain is an Udurg instead of a man?

Simon Kain? How can you say that he is human? He can be absolutely anything, really! Udurg or not Udurg – I don't know. What I do know, however, is that he is the one who grew a tumor on the body of the Udurg. That's how my Dad said it, too - “ The Old Man grew a tumor on the body of the Udurg.” So here.

How did your Father know this?

Dad? Oh, Dad knew everything! He even knew how to read and write.

So, did Simon grow a tumor on his own body?

I didn't say that! Dad didn't say that, either...

What did he do, then?

He, of course, didn't grow it on his own. He got help. Dark Nina, mainly... So, one Udurg is killing another one? It's very possible. Two heads on one neck will never be in agreement, or so Notkin likes to say.

You speak in riddles, Mother. Perhaps, you could say it a bit clearer?

If you want clearer, then I'll lie. You want me to lie?

You know what? Fuck it.

Fine – lie!

It's you!

You're not funny, you know that?

Artemiy really needed a break from all this annoying bullshit. It isn't going to be a long one – there simply isn't any time left for that, but it will be one nonetheless.